10 Online Sources for Your Chemistry Homework

chemistry homework help

Greetings of love and peace, dear readers!

How is work or academics? Can you guess the topic for today?

Nope, it’s not about mixing chemicals to cause massive explosions; today’s topic is about 10 online sources for your chemistry homework.

Buddy, you’ve come to the right place, for I will list online sources to help you with your chemistry homework. I will also provide you additional tips.

This will be the flow of our guide:

  1. Reasons why to use online sources for your chemistry homework
  2. List of 10 online chemistry homework help sources
  3. Fact Monster
  4. Chemik
  5. Khan Academy/YouTube
  6. Google Scholar
  7. Chem 4 Kids
  8. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) OpenCourseWare
  9. Steve Marsden’s Chemistry Resources for teachers and students
  10. Chemistry: Wikipedia
  11. com
  12. Learn Chemistry (By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.)
  13. Additional sources and techniques
  14. Final notes

Are you ready? Put on your lab gowns and safety goggles, and unleash the inner chemist in you!

Why Use Online Sources for Chemistry Homework?

why use sources for chemistry homework

Let me tell you a story.

I had a tutor who helped me tackle harder topics (and assignments) in chemistry such as balancing equations.

It paid off in the end. However, looking back, I’m starting to think that I relied more on my tutor than with myself.

You should use online sources for your chemistry homework, as these teach you to be a self-sufficient student. It can even suit your learning style.

Some teachers make the topic even more complex, and students might prefer a simpler approach to the topic.

With the internet, new information is just within your fingertips. I want you to utilize the power of the internet!

10 Online Sources for Chemistry Homework Help

Here is the list of chemistry homework help sources. If you are a student, then these may interest you.

Fact Monster


You will see a list of topics under “Chemistry”. These topics range from “The Chemistry Place” to “Acids and Bases”.

If you click one topic… let’s say “The Chemistry Place”, then you will be taken to another webpage with a range of subtopics under the said topic.

There’s even an interactive periodic table! Click on any element and you will see useful information such as atomic number, name origin, and many more!

Be sure to explore Fact Monster!



Chemik caters to anything chemical related as stated in its description on Google Play.

Let this video demonstrate how the app works.

Now this is what I call amazing! It is marvelous, however, please use this to aid you in your homework.

Remember, you also need to practice how to balance chemical reactions and etc. even without using Chemik. Chances are, you will not have apps to help you in your exams. It is you and you alone.

Khan Academy/Youtube


Am I the only here who thinks video tutorials are a blessing?

Videos are indeed a blessing in this time and age! Videos can help you solve chemistry problems or aid you in research and many more.

With Khan Academy, all you have to is select a chemistry-related topic of your choice (Ex: Atoms, compounds, ions) and begin your quest!

Khan Academy also has a quiz option to test what you have learned from the videos.

For YouTube, you can try listening to Crash Course. I recommend these two websites for learners who want an interactive and multimedia approach.

Google Scholar

google scholar

Google Scholar is a classic source for those looking for scholarly books and articles related to chemistry. This was recommended by my former teacher.

You can customize the time frame (left side) to “anytime”, “since 2018”, and etc. You would be shown with more up to date books and articles if you toggle the time frame option.

If your professor instructs you to search for chemistry articles for research purposes, be sure to visit Google Scholar.

Chem 4 Kids


I recommend this site for young learners of chemistry, or even beginners! In my opinion, the writing style is informal, yet engaging and educational.

Descriptions are easy to understand. That being said, there is no absolute need to exert immense effort in trying to understand complex terms and sentences.

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) OpenCourseWare

MIT chemistry

Type “chemistry” on the search bar, and you will see links related to the subject. Let’s say you want to research or learn about biochemistry.

Click the link and explore…

Afterwards, you will see lecture notes, a video, or problem sets and their solutions.There are an abundance of useful resources on this website. Be sure to check them out!

Steve Marsden’s Chemistry Resources for students and teachers

This contains supplementary materials on various topics under chemistry. Just choose a topic and read!

It also features a periodic table. If you click one element, you will be presented with a brief information about the said element.

I recommend this site if you want to have more supplementary materials to aid you in your homework.


wikipedia chemistry

Chemistry: Wikipedia is comprehensive (as always). Be sure to consult the references section of the page. There are links there that you might find useful.

I recommend this page, but only as a guide or just a way for you to have more access to various references.

Don’t use this as a citation for your chemistry essay, okay? Your professor might give you deductions for that.


This website contains lecture materials anything related to Chemistry. It also has a quiz function.

The quiz function allows you to test yourself on the topic/s you have learned. From my perspective, the quiz function can be seen as a review for future examinations. You can even take the test for fun too.

Thoughco. Learn Chemistry (By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D.)

thought co chemistry

As soon as you click the link, you will see topics ranging starting from the introduction to Chemistry to Nuclear Chemistry.

It also has a quiz function. You can test yourself on element numbers or about acids and bases.

There is also a clickable periodic table! You will be able to read interesting and comprehensive information about your chosen element.

 Chemistry Homework Help Tips

chemistry homework help tips

I will give you additional tips as a bonus.

I recommend you to use your chemistry textbook, regardless if it’s a soft copy or a hard copy. When I was a high school student, I used “Chemistry: The Central Science” (9th edition) by Brown, LeMay, and Bursten.

Why should you use your textbook?

There are information there that can be helpful in your homework. Sometimes, the topics in the book are tackled more comprehensively compared to your teacher’s lectures. This is just from my experience.

Readers, don’t take your chemistry textbook for granted.

What if we were asked to memorize the periodic table as our homework?

Don’t worry, I’ve been in your shoes. Never fear, for there are online sources for that. I recommend the following video:

A word of warning: The song is catchy, extremely catchy. I would not be surprised if you sang it it.

You can look at this video too.

I usually make a lot of puns and ridiculous clues to help me memorize the elements of the periodic table.

For example, I tend to associate Promethium (Pm) with Prometheus, or Germanium with Germany and germinating seeds. See what I mean?

Be crazy! Who cares about what other people will think? It’s for your own good.

Stuck with your chemistry homework? Get help from a chemistry tutor online

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Yay! congratulations!

You have reached the end of my guide. I hope you learned something for today. Remember to study and to do your assignments on time.

Budding students, keep doing your best and soar high! Until next time, dear chemists… I mean, readers!


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