List of High School Research Paper Topics

High school research paper topics
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Working with your first (or even not the first!) high school research paper topic can be a challenging task. In addition to a list of the high school research topics, we share the actual research papers from our vast database with you, so you get the idea of how the fellow students do it.

Finally, for those who will make it through the list of research topics, some helpful research paper writing tips will help you to get a good grade and feel confident that you can deliver your paper on time!

   Learning by Example: Actual High School Research Paper Topics

Speaking from our professional experience of work with the high school students, one of the best ways to explain how to write an excellent high school research paper is actually by showing several examples of a good paper. While the rules and ideas are good, looking through an actual research paper always helps one to feel confident and see how the paragraphs and ideas are being put together. Looking through our vast database of research papers, we have picked these examples for you:

  • Research Paper on Water/Environment example – Have you ever thought about how bottled water stored in the plastic bottles affects people’s lives and the environment? This research paper studies the negative impacts of the bottled water on the situation, showing how the people, animals, and the plants suffer from the effects of the plastic bottles. You can see that a student started with a brief historical introduction to the origin of the bottled water and continued by an explanation of why such practice can be dangerous. If you are interested in environmental science or would like to tell about how a local factory pollutes the waters in your neighborhood, make sure to research the topic!
  • Research Paper about Censorship example – Living in the age of computers, social networks, and smartphones, you are always accessing information of a different kind. Most information is free, and you can look up anything online as you learn. Still, it is not always like that everywhere. Take the Chinese government as an example of Internet censorship. While it is not always bad, the topic of censorship is a something that we all face in this way or another. This research paper focuses on the cons and pros of censorship, researching the ways how it is implemented in practice. Sounds interesting, right? 🙂 Check out this example to get an idea of how the student shows both opinions, making the research paper exciting and exciting!
  • A Psychological Reflection Research on Memory, Language, and Altruism example – Sometimes your teacher asks to do a research paper as a reflection writing on a particular topic. Even if it sounds complicated, there is no need to despair! As an example, here is a psychological reflection research paper for you, written in the first person. It means that you have to speak about your thoughts and your opinion. Here the student speaks of personal views on memory, language, and altruism concepts. You can see how the different topics and ideas are combined into a good reflection research paper. You can write about anything you feel passionate about as long as you discuss the problem with your teacher!
  • Social Media Addiction example – Are you an expert in all things related to social media? Can you share some valuable observations on social media addictions and safety rules with your schoolmates? If this particular topic interests you, take a look at the Social Media Addiction research paper. Note how well it explains both sides of the issue by telling of the positive teams of social networking, too. If you want to write a good research paper, always do your best to discuss the views that are opposite to yours to make your own statement and research position clear.
  • Charles Dickens’ – Hard Times, The Role of Women in Victorian England example – If you want to focus on culture, literature, and creative writing in your research, take a look at this example of a research paper. It revolves around Charles Dickens’ “Hard Times” and the role of women in Victorian England. It provides lots of examples to support the statements, so make sure to make a good mental note when you write your own high school research paper.

Okay, now that you have the actual research paper examples, let us move on to the list of high school research paper topics, so you can pick the one that fits you best!


   Towards The Best Grades: A List of Powerful High School Research Paper Topics

high school research topics

At the very start of our list, let us focus on topic ideas related to social issues that many of us face as the high school students:

  • Bullying in high school – we all know the feeling when someone is being bullied or when we become the victims of bullying. Writing a research paper about bullying is very important as it helps you and others to understand why it occurs, how to deal with it, and how to prevent it in the first place. Use this precise structure (reasons, dealing, prevention) as you think of a structure of your future paper!
  • Anxiety, low self-esteem, homework, and time management issues – You can start with your time management tips and tricks and continue with research on why it is essential to follow specific rules. Alternatively, you can write the other way around by starting with the rules and finishing with your considerations. Write about the importance of sleep, taking walks outside, healthy eating, doing one task at a time, and sports among other things that you may find important!
  • How to solve school conflicts with the teachers – it is safe to assume that most of us have been through the school conflicts with the teachers! Let’s write about it then! Share your experience and try to come up with the tips about how to get out of trouble by respecting your teacher, knowing your rights, staying attentive and polite no matter what!
  • The way how school students can contribute to the community – Think about social work and volunteering, summer camps, helping the seniors, younger siblings, or getting busy with scouting and exploration of your neighborhood’s culture and history. There is a lot you can do, so writing research on any important social topic of your choice is a great adventure and a good example for group work in pairs!
  • Importance of learning a foreign language at school – Living in the age of globalization and technology, learning a foreign language at school is important. Still, what are the challenges and what is the best way to master another culture and language at school?
  • After-school activities and why they are important – One of the best ways to survive through high school is being involved in after-school activities. If you are an athlete, musician, or like visiting local geography or history club, write about it, share your thoughts, and tell others about why it is important and how it has changed your life!
  • Students with special needs – A very sensitive, yet challenging and an important research topic to write about. If you have a special needs student in your class or know someone who has a sibling with special needs, write about how important it is to provide education for everyone. Add how people should show respect and care for such people.
  • High school athletes – This is a great idea for high school athletes. Still, if you are not an athlete yourself, you can explore the topic and impress your boyfriend (or a girlfriend) with your care and knowledge about sports! Write about the challenges, competition, courage, hard work, and all the fun that high school sports involve!
  • School safety and healthcare rights of youth in the United States – an interesting topic you can choose by researching the safety rules at your local school or by focusing on the healthcare rights of young people in the United States.
  • Pros and cons of private tutoring – have you ever turned to private education? Do you know someone who is studying with the help of additional tutoring? Share your thoughts about this topic and think about why it has occurred and how it can be helpful to achieve better GPA (Grade-Point-Average) level and enter a college of your dreams in the future.

Next, we shall continue with more general high school research topics that will fit high school students of all kind:

  • How do stereotypes appear in modern society? – Take one stereotype that is most present in your local culture, the false judgments or misconceptions to start a significant research paper. Think about how did these stereotypes have appeared. Now, if you need an example, think about wearing a hoodie or using certain words as you speak (Dope! Wicked! Go bezerk! Cool! Well, you get the idea!).
  • The Trail of Tears and the history of the United States – The Trail of Tears was a series of forced relocations of Native American peoples from their ancestral homelands in the Southeastern United States, to areas to the west that had been designated as Indian Territory. Write research about how did the situation occur and how the Native American people live now.
  • The role of diversity for high school students. – Think about your own culture, your parents, and the socio-cultural background. Everyone is different, yet we all are unique personalities. Write research about how diversity unites people and how your school friends share their cultural knowledge and skills.
  • The benefits of E-Learning versus textbooks. – Even though the majority of the modern school students are used to e-learning, the role of usual textbooks cannot be underestimated. A good research topic to tell if reading something online is as good as checking with a textbook in the quiet of your room.
  • Online safety and social networks. – We are sure that you already have something to tell on this particular topic. Write a paper about how a person can remain safe online and what to avoid when texting your friends on social networks.
  • Importance of reading. – Some students like to read, while some people hate reading and rarely pick up a book if they are not forced to. Think about why it is so and how can reading improve person’s intelligence, grammar, punctuation, and even the verbal skills!
  • Where does rock music come from? – Research the history of the rock music in the United States or all over the world by starting with your favorite bands, the bands that your parents (and even Grandparents!) have listened to and grew up with. Do not forget to mention the protest movements and the reasons why rock music became the voice of rebellion, protest, and significant social changes.
  • The history of television in the United States. – When we think of the United States, certain movies come to mind, Hollywood, and all the great things associated with going to the cinema. There is a lot of daily work involved to make it all possible. Explore the history of television and see each person’s role. Write about how television and the media affect the modern culture, politics, education, and the way people’s opinions are being formed.
  • The recent advancements in technology and how they have affected people’s lives. – Think about 2-3 recent inventions in the field of technology and think about how they have affected the way we live. It may be anything from Facebook as a social network or a handheld electronic device that is fairly new.
  • The culture and traditions of the First Nations People of Canada a very good and an important high school research topic even for those outside of Canada. Research the traditions and the culture and see how an identity, cultural background, and a strength of a person make all the difference! If writing on that topic sounds too difficult for you, you can choose any other example. Think about that tiny Greek (or any other cultural spot!) restaurant across the street, talk to the Greek owner’s son or daughter you may be friends with, and ask them about their culture, traditions, and life in the United States. Remember, this is just an example to keep you going! After all, it is your own research, so the possibilities are endless!

Now that we have a list of high school research paper topics let us move on to the research writing tips, so you can avoid getting in trouble with your teacher and get the best results possible!

   Research Paper Writing Tips

Finding a good research topic is not enough if you do not follow format requirements and do not take care of the following:

  • Use the Outline for your future research paper where you write down the main parts of your future paper and a thesis (your main statement and idea).
  • Always proofread your paper and do not forget to work with the drafts before you submit the final paper. This way you can avoid grammar mistakes and make sure that you do not repeat the same sentence or an idea twice. Proofreading your paper aloud also helps to make sure that your thoughts are solid, logical and well backed-up.
  • Always write your research paper (unless specified otherwise) using the following structure: Introduction – Thesis Statement – 3 Body Paragraphs – Conclusion.
  • Use Topic Sentences. It means that the first sentence in each of your body paragraphs should speak of the main idea of things you are going to explore as a researcher.
  • Do not forget to mention the opposite opinion before the conclusion. If there is information that goes against your thesis or some point of you that you find essential for your research, it is important to mention the fact.
  • If you are using a particular book or a journal as you write your research paper, make sure to mention your sources.
  • Always discuss your future topic with the teacher to make sure you are on the right track.
  • If you are stuck with your topic idea and a thesis statement, try to re-read it aloud and change the order of words to find out what makes you feel stuck and confused.

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We wish you the best of luck and hope that our list of high school research topics and the research paper writing tips have already helped you to get closer to the writing of the best research paper. Remember, you have the power to be the change you want to see in the society! You are the future!

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