Creative Classification Essay Topics For Students

Creative classification essay topics for students

Due to the fact, that creative classification essay is not so frequent, there are just few materials available. Don’t worry, we will help you! We will tell you what classification essay is, its structure as well as provide you with great ideas for your classification essay.

What Is Classification Essay?

A classification essay is a type of assignment which aims at dividing certain subject or phenomenon into different categories. This assignment assesses your generalization and categorization skills – that is what your professor will evaluate when grading your essay. So how to demonstrate it?

How to Write a Classification Essay

To produce a good classification essay, we suggest you to follow these steps:

1. Choose a topic

First step you should take is to choose the topic. When you are looking for topic ideas, check in advance whether it is possible to classify the phenomenon, subject or way of doing things in an interesting way. Although it seems cliché, it would be more valuable if you choose topic that you have certain experience in, as it will be easier for you to identify categories. To help you with difficult process of choosing topic, we have provided you with a list of classification essay topics at the end of this article.

2. Find a basis for classification

The next thing to do is to determine which basis you will make classification on. For example, if we take a simple topic “Friends”, it is possible to identify several ways to classify this term:

  • Closeness of your relationship
  • How do you spend time
  • Where you have met
  • How they support you
  • How do you communicate

The same principle is applicable to any topic!

3. Plan your essay

When you are sure about the topic and you know how you will make your classification, you need to structure your classification essay. The most important advice at this step – present your classification categories in a right order. Besides, we often receive questions, how many parts classification essay includes. The scheme is the same as for any other essay – Introduction-Body-Conclusion.

The outline for classification essay could be following:


  • State your topic
  • Attract readers’ attention (explain the importance of classification of this term)


  • (1) Category
  • Specify features
  • Provide examples
  • (2) Category
  • Specify features
  • Provide examples
  • (3) Category
  • Specify features
  • Provide examples


  • Restate the introduction statement
  • Summarize key points from each body paragraph
  • Make a conclusion

4. Make a valuable conclusion

This step is so important that we decided to make it into a separate point. The goal of classification essay is not a simple list of different types of sports, literature or music. The final goal is to search approaches in categorization: you should provide corresponding conclusion in a final paragraph of your essay.

List of Classification Essay Topics

List of classification essay topics

  1. Types of families
  2. Bad habits classification
  3. Different behavior of students during group project
  4. Ways to spend holidays
  5. Types of family traditions
  6. List of movie ends
  7. Types of students behavior during exam periods
  8. Different parent styles
  9. How roles are divided in families
  10. Motivation speeches types
  11. Jokes styles
  12. Cuisine types
  13. Music genres classification
  14. Video blogs types
  15. Politicians motivation to power types
  16. TV series types
  17. List of winter sports
  18. Foods classification in terms of nutritional value
  19. Sportsmen strategies in game
  20. Rock music classification
  21. Types of education: ways to study
  22. Religions types
  23. Political systems classification
  24. Psychology tests types
  25. Career types
  26. Functions in business classification
  27. Leadership styles
  28. Friendship relationship styles
  29. Ways of spending free time
  30. Student organizations at college types
  31. Types of exams
  32. List of essay types
  33. Book genres
  34. Different professors
  35. Ways of doing international business
  36. Restaurants types
  37. Different types of beauty
  38. Classification of vegetarians
  39. Classification of integration unions
  40. Ways to save money
  41. Classification of chemistry study areas
  42. Types of personality
  43. Ways to advertise the product
  44. Various levels of education
  45. Generation types
  46. Types of international institutions
  47. Traditions in spending Christmas
  48. Corporate social responsibility: ways to demonstrate
  49. Ways to buy groceries
  50. People behavior in debates
  51. How people remember information
  52. Profiles in social networks types


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