$1000 Autumn Scholarship Contest from Homework Lab

Autumn Homework Lab Scholarship


It’s been a fierce competition 💪. 292 participants qualified for all the requirements and provided brilliant essays on the most challenging topic in the world — the future of our bodies. For our Contest Committee, it was extremely challenging to choose the best one, because every essay brought something new to the discussion.

Still, we managed to find the winner — on the basis of the strictest requirements to style, rhetorics and persuasiveness. 🥇

Before you start — check out Top 5 Memetic Mistakes made by participants, which you should avoid in any contests you participate in. Moreover, our brilliant Charlotte Smith accomplished Top 20 Common Writing Errors in English, which is an ultimate must-read for everyone who is going to write an essay — especially for international students.

🏆 Winners of Scholarship Essay Contest Autumn 2018 🏆

On 27th of December, after a lengthy discussion, we have found the Ultimate Winner — the one who won $1000. She conducted the best research, provided the best insight into the problem, demonstrated a polished grammar & structure together with an all-rainbow style. Now, we are happy to reveal her. Please, make her welcome!

🥇 The Ultimate Winner — Jackie M. Boucher, Canada 🇨🇦

Congratulations, Jackie! We’ve already contacted you to clarify your payment details and request some additional info. In case you did not receive our email, contact scholarship@homework-lab.com ASAP! 

However, among the people who did not win the ultimate award, there were many talents worthy consideration. Hence, we could not leave them without attention. Please make them welcome — Special Awards for Those Who Are Honorable Mention! 

🥈 The Best Research Award — Isaac Kohler-Mergel, Canada 🇨🇦

🥈 The Best Insight Award — Ramos Francis Albert, Philippines 🇵🇭

🥈 The Deepest Philosophy Award Brittany Dancsok, Canada 🇨🇦

🥈 The Best Style Award — Shaira Olaes, Canada 🇨🇦

This is it! Please, let your friends, relatives, and peers know that you are the best! Sign up to Homework Lab to receive a notification when we renew the scholarship!

(Press to Open): Scholarship Essay Contest Autumn 2018 — Terms and Conditions

(Press to Open): Homework Lab Scholarship Winners — Summer 2018

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