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Autumn Homework Lab Scholarship

Updated on September 4th, 2018

Good day to all our students and readers! Great news is here — as well as new challenges.

Our summer Contest is over, and we have winners announced! Moreover, we decided to renew our contest for Autumn — with new a topic, deadlines, and requirements. Get ready!

Before you start — check out Top 5 Memetic Mistakes made by participants, which you should avoid in any contests you participate in. Moreover, our brilliant Charlotte Smith accomplished Top 20 Common Writing Errors in English, which is an ultimate must-read for everyone who is going to write an essay — especially for international students.

Now, you are armed well for a new round of Homework Lab Scholarship Contest! Conditions, terms, and deadline are below. 👇👇👇

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Scholarship Essay Contest Autumn 2018 — Terms and Conditions

1Scholarship amount:

The scholarship is renewable every 3 months period. Only one winner will be selected every time. And the award is …….

$1000 award for one winner

The scholarship is constantly ongoing, do not miss a chance to participate and win 🙂 Check our website regularly for updates. The award will be transferred to a winner’s PayPal account or to another suitable payment method.

2Who can apply:

High School, college or university students from all over the world are welcome to apply. There are no gender, race or age limitations. The application is free for everyone.

Warning! Ultimate winners of previous Homework Lab contests are not allowed to take part in the competition. Winners of Special Awards are welcome to re-enter and try to win the scholarship again.

3Current essay contest:

To participate complete and send us your essay based on the topic below.

Future May Change Our Bodies: Is It Reasonable to Stay Mortal Human Being in the Age of Robots?

Enter From:   Fri, September 7th – Fri, November 23th, 2018

The scholarship is renewable every 3 months. Check updated scholarship competition rules from December 10th, 2018.

4How it works:

In order to take part in the scholarship competition you will need to follow 2 easy steps:

  1. Send your essay to scholarship@homework-lab.com
  2. Share Homework Lab Scholarship post on your Facebook page

One applicant can send only one essay within one scholarship period. Current participants can take part in the future scholarship offers from Homework Lab as well.

Your entry should be authentic. In case of plagiarism detection applicant will be disqualified without any prior notice.

5What you should include into your application:

Please, make sure to send us the following information in your email along with your application essay:

  • Full name
  • Country of residence
  • University
  • Study Program
  • Your email address
  • Link to your Facebook account (for us to see if the scholarship post was shared)

No information will be shared with third parties. Your data will be used to process your scholarship application by Homework Lab only. You allow Homework Lab to publish your name and photo to announce you as a winner. Your essay will remain anonymous and may be changed, edited or published by Homework Lab without prior notice. 

6How you should format your essay:

  • Your essay has to be written in English with 600-900 words. Please, make sure to stick to the word count. Too short or too long essays will not be considered.
  • The essay should be written on the given topic ONLY. No alterations to the topic should be made.
  • Your essay should be unique, no plagiarism is allowed.
  • Please, make sure to send us your essay in the docx file. Essays submitted in other file formats will not be considered.
  • Please, make sure to name your file in the following way: Name_LastName.docx
  • You are welcome to show your creativity and include any pictures relevant to your ideas. Please, make sure to include their initial source.
  • Mind grammar and spelling. Please, proofread your essay before submission.

7How we are going to select winners:

Homework Lab team of professional geeks will be evaluating your essay entries. They are MA, MSc, MBA, Ph.D. students, graduates, and professors, who have been working with us 1+ years.

We are looking for :

  • Creative and authentic essays
  • Polished grammar and structured content
  • Clear and coherent expression of thoughts
  • Adherence to requirements mentioned above

Do not hide your talent! Apply to Homework Lab scholarship and get financial support for your studies.

8Results announcement:

The results of the contest will be published on this page as well as sent to the participants via email in late November. Homework Lab reserves the right to publish submissions on our website, blog or social media.

In case you have any questions related to the scholarship application, please, email us scholarship@homework-lab.com

We are looking forward to getting your entries 🙂

Homework Lab Scholarship Winners — Summer 2018

During our contest, we received 452 essays by students from 94 countries — and it was very hard for our jury to find the ace of aces! We read beautiful stories, saw polished grammar, were impressed by your original thoughts and dazed by your ravishing imagination. Still, we had to choose the one to receive the price, the one who outperformed almost five hundreds people — it’s like a little army, isn’t it.

On 1st September, our Editor in Chief run into the office in the excitement. He knew that he found the one…

The Ultimate Winner — Keith Sternklein, New York, US

Congratulations, Keith! We’ve already contacted you to clarify your payment details and request some additional info. In case you did not receive our email, contact scholarship@homework-lab.com ASAP! 

However, Keith was not the one we wanted to highlight. There were people of enormous talent, unseen originality, and alluring creativity, for which we created Special Awards! Please congratulate them too — they did not win the scholarship, but did conquer hearts and respect of our jury!

The Most Inspiring Essay Award — Michael Eldridge, Illinois, US

Best Structure and The Clearest Thought Award — Abraham Hailar, Vancouver, Canada

Best Visual Appeal and Graphics Use Award — Abraham Hailar, Vancouver, Canada

The Most Creative Form Award — Rikke Rasmussen, London, UK

Even those who did not enter the shortlist will have their benefit from taking part. Our jury geeks will review the most typical mistakes — or, the most unusual errors — that are participants will make. Moreover, we are going to explore all the submitted essays to may sure that your brilliant thoughts and great ideas are not lost.

Good Luck!



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