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The flow of our guide will be as follows:

1. What is a conclusion? Why is it important?

2. Basic structure of a conclusion

3. Conclusion examples

  • Essay
  • Report
  • Project
  • Assignment

Are you ready? Get a bowl of cereal and a cup of your favorite drink, for I will now unlock the door to knowledge.

What Is a Conclusion?

This is the “ending” of the essay. If the introduction is like the first chapter of a book, then the conclusion is like the last chapter of the book. The conclusion is important, as this is where you push people to think about your topic, which is called call-to-action in professional writing. Perhaps it can prompt them to read more about the topic. Who knows? I’d say that this is the part of the essay in which you have to leave a good impression on your readers.

Basic Structure of a Conclusion

You may opt to follow this template. Chances are, you may not be able to understand the samples if you haven’t got an idea about the basic structure and requirements of a conclusion. Guess what? The headers you will read in the template are the common characteristics of an awesome conclusion. Remember, this template may be subject to change depending on your needs and preferences.

1Reassert the thesis statement/main idea

2Summary of important points

3A short recommendation for readers or potential writers to examine the topic from a different perspective

4An interesting statement or a question to end the conclusion

Now that you know, it’s time for me to provide you with examples of conclusions.

Conclusion Example for Essays

The first example would probably be my most favorite. I was browsing through my files and I found this:

The military parade is interpreted as a way for China to show its strength to the world because it featured modern military equipment.  This highlights the importance of power through military capabilities. Furthermore, observing states are doubting the intention of China with regards to maritime disputes for its intention is not clear. From a realist’s point of view, the parade is possibly a quest and show of power, dominance, and global expansion. Therefore, every state must help in improving its national security not only to survive, but it must also anticipate a military threat from other states. It is natural for states to be worried about the expansion of power. Trust, cooperation, and peace is not an option because the international community is anarchic and self-interested. More so, states should not be moral. In fact, they should be rational actors. However, we should take note that Realism is only one angle. We could examine this issue with a different lens. Is China actually interested in promoting peace? Is the parade is a way to mask its economic crisis? Or is it the country’s way to ignite the flames of Chinese nationalism?

I edited some parts of my sample conclusion. I wrote this when I was a former college student. My topic was about realism, and the task is to relate it to a current event. I chose the military parade of China.

I began the essay with an overview of realism, and its related terms such as Security Dilemma. This is the part where I also correlate the latter to the military parade in one sentence.

For the body, I talked about the military parade and how it relates to the aforementioned term. It is more comprehensive.

In the conclusion, I restarted a few sentences (rephrased) from my introduction and body. It was like a synthesis of my essay. I ended my conclusion with questions and a recommendation to make an impression on the reader.

Second example:

 A toxic friend drains a person’s energy, filling up his or her void with negative energy. Guilt tripping and the lack of accountability are common attributes of a toxic person. A toxic friend will blame others for his or mistakes, all fingers pointed to the other party. However, one finger is pointed at himself or herself. That said person is also to blame. Permanently severing ties with a toxic friend frees the victim of negative energy. It is a selfish act, but a victim’s mental health comes first. There is nothing wrong with prioritizing oneself, for it is not practical in being friends with a toxic person.

Let’s pretend I’m writing an essay about toxic friends. My main point is that toxic people constantly fills you up with negative energy. Then, it is followed up with common traits associated with toxic people. I tried to make that part as short as I can. Remember, just the important parts!

By the last few sentences, the reader is encouraged to think about the advantages of severing friendly ties with a toxic person. It leaves with an impression that your mental health (or yourself) comes first before anyone else. It is selfish, but there are things you have to do for your own good.

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Conclusion Example for a Report

Let us pretend I’m writing a report about critical thinking in schools:

conclusion example for report

Critical thinking is an important trait and skill any student must possess. While School A is taking steps to let high school students practice critical thinking, unfortunately, there are still students who clearly lack this skill. Compared with Schools B and C, the students at the said schools effectively demonstrate critical thinking. To further address this issue, it is recommended that School A must implement a program to bolster the critical thinking of students. With fake news plaguing the internet, it is best for high school students of School A to examine information, and to prevent themselves from being blinded by false information. With these recommendations, School A would surely produce critical and well-informed students.

For this example, you would have to place the summary of your findings in your conclusion. Notice that there is a call to action by the end of the conclusion. I believe these are useful when you are writing a research paper or a business report (or any topic such as addressing gender discrimination).

Conclusion Example for a Project

This is an example of a conclusion for a project. It can be for a science project, it depends on the requirements of your teacher. Let’s pretend that this is a science project.

The researchers found out that birds can be attracted to backyards by placing seeds or bird food and building necessary structures for nesting. These factors support the researchers’ hypothesis. The experiment of attracting birds to the backyard was a success. However, preventive measures have to be taken to avoid predators such as cats from attacking birds. The researchers recommends to study the factors behind birds not being attracted to backyards, or how certain seeds draw various species of birds.

I’ve done science projects before. From my experience, it is required to state whether your hypothesis supports the results of your experiment. Usually, the conclusion is written using the pronoun “us”. For this example, I used “the researchers”. You can either use the latter or the former. If you’re working on your own, you have to use “I”. Of course, don’t forget to ask your professor on which point of view you or your group should use.

Conclusion Example for an Assignment

There are various types of assignments you will do. It can be reflection papers, reaction papers, life stories, and many more! Let’s say that the topic is about my experience of ignoring a message.

conclusion example for an assignment

I chose to leave my close friend’s message unopened as my way of revenge. I realized that leaving her message unopened causes her more pain than reading it, as it prompts me to reply to appease her woes instead of moving on. It means that neither will I make an effort to rekindle our friendship nor tolerate her juvenile excuses. Her anticipation and worry will slowly lead her to despair. Everything has to end to break the never-ending cycle of emotional appeal. Revenge is my way of punishing her, and that is the sweetest punishment I’ve done to someone in my whole.

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Now you know how to write an awesome conclusion, thanks to the examples and the template. The session is now adjourned.

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