Easy Definition Essay Topics For College

Easy Definition Essay Topics For College

How is it possible to write 1000-2000 words essay about definition of the term? What is the purpose of it? How to start this type of essay? This article will tell you everything you need to know to choose the right topic and produce a good definition essay.

What Is a Definition Essay?

Let’s start with figuring out what definition essay actually is. It is a type of paper that have a purpose to consider origins and different aspects of a term, to provide definition or several definitions (for example: in broad and in narrow sense) as well as to formulate your own perception of the term.

It may sound weird: what is the purpose to write an essay on definition of certain term if we can go to Wikipedia or check it in online dictionary? Definition essay not only lets you develop deeper understanding of a certain term but also gives you an opportunity to upgrade your research skills, argumentation and structural thinking.

One of the most crucial things in definition essay success is the right topic. Below you will find 3 most important things to remember when choosing the topic for definition essay.

3 Things That Will Help You Choose The Right Topic

3 things that will help you choose the right topic

Choose a word

If you have a task to write a definition essay and to formulate a topic yourself, pay attention to this paragraph. The main criteria for definition essay – the term that is the object of your definition essay should be complex and meaningful. Obviously, you could not choose such words as “coat” “forest” or “sun”. You should better think of terms that are interpreted in a different way by different scholars, professionals or persons. It could be a term that even does not have clear definition and has its own meaning for each individual – it is the case of such words as “love”, “friendship” or “happiness”.

Choose something you can make your own judgements

One more piece of advice to follow – it is better to choose something you have experience or certain expertise to write about. For example, in your university you are a head of organization that helps other student to find where they want to work after they graduate and find their places on job market, you can succeed with definition essay about “profession” or “job satisfaction”. Those are complex terms and including your own experience, point of view and strong examples will make your essay better overall.

Do a research

Make sure to check everything about the term, its aspects and points of view of different people on its definition. You can use:


Cambridge dictionary

Oxford dictionaries

Merriam-Webster dictionary

Definition Essay Structure

Definition essay structure

Once you choose the most appropriate topic and find all relevant information, you proceed to the next step: planning your essay. In this paragraph we will tell you about main parts of definition essay and explain what should be included in introduction, body and conclusion of this essay type.


Introduction is pretty standard and similar to the first paragraph in other essay types. To start, you present to your readers the topic (the term you are going to cover), attract their attention (Why your readers should be interested in reading this essay? Will they find something valuable?), specify aspects you will cover and which sources of information you will use.

Your final goal could be:

  1. comparison of already existing definitions of your word
  2. formulation of the most appropriate definition based on information you find in dictionaries, articles and books
  3. development of a totally new approach to the term according to your own experience and perception


Body is the largest part of your essay, that presents the key points of your analysis. Following questions will help you to find the way to define your term in a deepest possible way:

  • How could this subject be broken into different aspects?
  • Is it possible to identify a broad group this subject belongs to?
  • How is it different from other subjects that may belong to this group?
  • What is the role of this subject?
  • Which effects does this subject may produce?
  • How did this word appear? Was it always understood in a way it is now?


In a final part of your essay you should state all the important findings that you have found in the process of working on your essay (key points of body). Then, you can formulate the definition and explain how the right definition of this term could be valuable in different areas of life.

Definition Essay Topics and Ideas

We know that the process of choosing the topic could be really painful. That is okay – we will give you amazing ideas for your definition essay.

  1. Definition of home
  2. What is culture?
  3. How patriotism could be defined?
  4. Who are feminists?
  5. Define the term realism
  6. What is healthy lifestyle?
  7. How to define critical thinking?
  8. What is the definition for liberalism?
  9. What is democracy?
  10. Definition of trust
  11. What is leadership?
  12. What is racism?
  13. How to define respect
  14. Who are lazy people?
  15. What is love?
  16. How can you define friendship?
  17. Who is a responsible citizen?
  18. What is addiction?
  19. Definition of truth
  20. What is freedom?
  21. Definition of a term conflict
  22. How to define debates?
  23. How can you define power?
  24. What is beauty?
  25. Definition of passion
  26. What is xenophobia?
  27. Definition of self-confidence
  28. What is team spirit?
  29. Definition of violence
  30. How to define comfort zone?
  31. What is solitude?
  32. Definition of ethics
  33. What is identity?
  34. What is arrogance?
  35. Definition of respect
  36. What is emotional intelligence?
  37. Who is a generous person?
  38. Who is egoist?
  39. Definition of job satisfaction
  40. What is abuse relationship
  41. What is bullying?
  42. Definition of temperament
  43. What is tolerance?
  44. How can you define guilty feeling?
  45. What is cheating?
  46. Definition of harassment
  47. What is loss?
  48. Define the productivity
  49. How can you define happiness?
  50. Who are creative people?

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