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Even though most of us know enough about evolution, finding a good and a unique topic can quickly become a challenge! The trick here is to determine a unique framework for your future paper, so you know what structure to follow to keep up with all the essay writing rules. Looking through the countless Biology and Life Sciences essays of the actual students and reading through essay revisions of college and university professors in our time, I have made a list of 100 excellent evolution essay topics and wrote down all the “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” of evolution essay writing.

Trust me, choosing a good topic becomes much easier when you understand how the evolution works and realize that it deals with much more than explaining how we all got here. It is not only about us, human beings, as evolution also deals with all flora and fauna and the changes that take place in our society. As you read through the topics below, think of evolution as of diversity in nature that provides a framework for the determination of the ways how the species develop their distinguishable differences!

      What is an Evolution Essay?

Evolution essay is a paper that focuses on any aspect related to the evolution theory and diversity in nature. Since it is a scientific theory that is fundamental for the modern biological theory, an evolution essay also includes the facts, theories, hypotheses, and the history of the evolution theory among other topics. Evolution essay is first and foremost, a scientific work, therefore, it is extremely important to include verified facts, backed up with the help of academic journals and the books with a correct format and the references.

      Evolution and Theory of Evolution

A bit more theory that will help you to understand the topics in a better way! Trust me; I’ll keep it short!

Evolution refers to changes in heritable characteristics in species over successive generations. This process ultimately results in the occurrence of biodiversity (this is the reason why the presence of Biodiversity in your research paper is so important!). In basic terms, evolution is a process that occurs in all species on Earth, which are currently estimated at mind-blowing 2 million. In other words, it means all the species, starting with miniscule bacteria and up to the evolution of human beings.

Theory of evolution refers to a scientific theory that explains the origin of different species by evolution. Charles Darwin is considered to be the father of the theory of evolution and the one behind the foundation of the theory explained in the famous On the Origin of Species book published in 1859.

      Actual Research Essay Examples on Topic!

Before we move on to the list of 100 evolution essay topics, I want to share four actual essay examples related to evolution, biology, and the life sciences, so you can get a better idea about how particular ideas can be implemented in practice for the best results. Looking through our vast essay database written and shared by students, I came up with these diverse examples:

  • Global Warming: Fact or Fiction? – Evolution explored through the phenomenon of global warming. Is it a fact or a fiction? This essay’s author came up with an excellent research topic and argumentation!
  • Environmental Science Q&A – Here we have an example of environmental issues related to evolution and the changes that we can observe. See how the questions are addressed and how the structure is kept.
  • Genetically Modified Food – As surprising as it may be, it is also an issue related to evolution because the microorganisms and the species go through mutation, which is, essentially, an evolution process and a relevant social issue.
  • Geographical Characteristics of the Streams in Urban Areas and Forested Areas – see how the changes of evolution impact the geographical aspect in both urban and the forested areas.

As you can see from the examples, evolution is an expansive concept and a field of research, so you do not have to limit yourself with a strict list of biology or microorganisms-related topics. Be creative and try to make your evolution essay feel interesting and inspiring!

     100 Evolution Essay Topics

Let us start with the human evolution, so we can see how broad and many-sided the evolution essay writing can be!

      Human Evolution Essay Topics

  1. Why do human beings laugh?
  2. Why did human species develop to be dominant on the planet?
  3. What distinguishes human brain from the other species?
  4. Evolution of human eye.
  5. Why do human beings perceive beauty?
  6. How does evolution theory explain the existence of language and speech?
  7. Recent mutations the humans underwent.
  8. The current mutations humans are going through.
  9. Geodakyan evolutionary theory of sex.
  10. Evolution of sexual reproduction.
  11. Red Queen hypothesis.
  12. Evolution of human intelligence.
  13. Evolution of monogamy.
  14. Evolutionary medicine.
  15. Social effects of evolutionary theory.
  16. Evolution of immunity.
  17. Evolution of the human nervous system.
  18. Evolution of sex differences in cognition.
  19. Sexual selection.
  20. Sexual conflict.
  21. Host-parasite coevolution in human malaria.
  22. Variation in evolution.
  23. Evolutionary stance on art.
  24. Why did humans start walking on two feet?
  25. What is the evolutionary benefit of forming the society?
  26. As you can see from these examples, evolution is not only about biology and the life sciences!

Okay, so you want something more traditional? Here we go below:

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      Evolution of Flora and Fauna Essay Topics

  1. Evolution of dogs/cats/whales/ or any other species of your choice.
  2. Parallel evolution in the animal kingdom.
  3. Earliest life forms.
  4. Cladistics in the animal kingdom.
  5. Evolutionary ecology of parasites.
  6. Host-parasite coevolution in animals.
  7. Evolution of birds.
  8. An impact of climate on evolution.
  9. Evolution of fungi.
  10. The hair evolution.
  11. Notable cases of adaptation.
  12. Evolution of mimicry.
  13. Natural selection in the animal kingdom.
  14. Co-operation development.
  15. Early animal evolution.
  16. Polyps and medusas evolution.
  17. “Savannah” hypothesis of early bilateral evolution.
  18. Why the invertebrates became more complex?
  19. Evolution of the animal genome.
  20. Early evolution of neurons.
  21. Plant population genetics and evolution.
  22. Reconstruction of sexual modes throughout evolution.
  23. Hox genes.
  24. The role of chromosomal change in plant evolution.
  25. Evolution during the domestication of animals.

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Let’s continue with more biology-related topics!

      Evolutionary Biology Essay Topics

  1. Gene-centered view.
  2. Theory of stellar evolution.
  3. The social impact of evolutionary biology.
  4. Evolution of multicellular organisms.
  5. Genetic architecture of adaptation.
  6. Sexual selection.
  7. Evolutionary robotics.
  8. Evolution of cooperation.
  9. Paleobiology.
  10. Bayesian inference of phylogeny and its impact on evolutionary biology.
  11. Evolutionary biology of aging.
  12. Neuroscience in evolutionary biology.
  13. Optimality theory.
  14. Morphometrics.
  15. Biological conservation.
  16. Evolutionary biology and ecology.
  17. Evolutionary biology and immunology.
  18. Conceptual issues in evolutionary biology.
  19. Evolutionary biology and population genetics.
  20. Evolutionary biology and phylogenetics.
  21. Mathematical models in evolutionary biology.
  22. The evolutionary perspective on sperm biology.
  23. Plant speciation.
  24. Marine speciation.
  25. Morphological evolution.

In conclusion, there are the theory of evolution essay topics!👇 This is usually the most challenging, so I tried my best to choose the topics that are both strong and clear!

      Theory of Evolution Essay Topics

  1. How did Darwin come up with his theory?
  2. Theories that can potentially debunk an evolution theory.
  3. Common misconceptions about evolution that everyone still believes.
  4. Influence of Darwin’s theory on the science.
  5. History of evolutionary thought.
  6. Theories about evolution that existed before Darwin’s “The Origin of Species”
  7. Essentialism.
  8. Tree of Life Concept.
  9. Are we all related?
  10. Adaptation theory.
  11. Lamarck’s theory of evolution.
  12. Evolution as fact and the theory.
  13. Somatic selection.
  14. Synthetic theory of evolution.
  15. Why is evolution still considered a theory?
  16. Evolution theory of a social change.
  17. Evolutionary psychology.
  18. Mutation theory by De Vries.
  19. Neo-Darwinism.
  20. The types of evolutionary theories.
  21. The contribution of Alfred Wallace in the evolution theory.
  22. Who should be credited for evolution theory – Wallace or Darwin?
  23. Objections to evolution theory.
  24. Proof of evolution.
  25. How does evolution explain morality?

      How to Write an Evolution Essay

how to write an evolution essay

1Evolution Essay Structure

The structure of an evolution essay is what you should know even before you decide on a topic and there is a good reason for that! There are three major elements that your essay structure should include to make sure that your professor will not decrease your future grade:

  • Introduction. It provides the readers with a brief outlook on your topic, your essay structure, the elements included, and the main idea that you want to communicate. It is where your strong thesis statement or an argument go to! Make sure your introduction contains the following:
  • A strong hook sentence – an attention-grabbing element that is usually in the first 1-2 sentences of the essay. Since we have to write an essay about the evolution theory, we will choose a scientific fact or refer to an impressive discovery that refers to evolution. A reason why hook should be there is to capture your reader’s interest and attention!
  • Overview of your major argument and topic – let the readers know what they are about to find out and learn as they read your evolution essay!
  • A brief overview of the essay structure – explain how and in what order you are planning to develop each part of your paper.
  • Thesis statement – the main idea or the quintessence of your essay. Make sure to write several thesis statements and choose the one that not only sounds best but the one that you can back up and explain with the help of scientific data and credible references.
  • Body paragraph includes the consistent and logical sequence of paragraphs that reveal all the facts and arguments that you use to support your thesis statement.

Make sure to:

  • Use verified sources – evolution theory is a scientific theory that has plenty of evidence, so make sure that you include as many credible references as necessary!
  • Be logical and consistent – let your readers follow your logic easily. Remember that your audience may differ, so make sure to write a sentence or two that explains your vision and the concepts you are discussing. If it requires more work or a reference to a case study, make sure to include it in your paper.
  • Start every paragraph with a topic sentence – it will be much easier for you to write each section if you start writing them with a thesis that reflects the content of the paragraph.
  • Explain the facts included in the essay – demonstrate your understanding of the facts you use in the essay and their relevance to the main topic and thesis statement
  • Avoid plagiarism – copying someone else’s work without reference is not cool while using numerous sources to support your thought with an academic claim is entirely another thing that makes your essay look credible and professional!
  • Conclusion part is where you summarize the whole essay without the introduction of any new ideas. Remind your readers of the most important facts and the findings they should remember when they are done reading your essay. Restate your thesis statement in other words to make the essay sound logical and integrated.

2Argumentative Essay on Evolution Writing Tricks

When you have to write an argumentative essay on evolution, there are some writing tricks that you should mind to avoid trouble with your paper and impress your college or university professor.

  • Include your own opinion on an issue that you discuss – an argumentative essay requires having your own stance on a problem or what most college professors call “a voice of the writer.” Ask yourself about how can YOU contribute to the issue since it is your paper and it has to stand out!
  • Defend your view on the issue using as many verified facts as you can!
  • Include the viewpoints that oppose yours – and prove them wrong. Do so with the facts and use strong reasoning.
  • Do not simply restate thesis statement in conclusion, but readdress it using the evidence you accumulated through the body paragraphs.
  • Use classic 5-paragraph essay format (if you are not required to do otherwise) – Introduction, 3 Body Paragraphs, and Conclusion. Such an approach will help you to see where all that information belongs!

      Evolution Essay “Do’s and Dont’s”


  • Research your facts, the background of the issue, and the case studies (if relevant) as you choose your future topic and read the list of topic examples below.
  • Include scientific facts in your essay and use professional language.
  • Start your introduction with an interesting hook by stating why is the topic of choice relevant to you and society.
  • Use strong thesis statement as your guideline to make sure that you don’t deviate from the topic.
  • Double-check your facts and always back up your paper with academic journals and credible references.


  • Do not underestimate the use of drafts as you write the paper.
  • Do not use the same wording for the thesis statement as for your hook sentence. These are two different matters where one of them is an introduction, and the other one is the reason for your research.
  • Do not simply copy scientific information without your personal comment and consideration. If it has to be there, explain how and why.
  • Do not underestimate the importance of an outline, format, and the body structure.
  • Do not ignore the importance of proofreading because it will help you to eliminate typos, grammar mistakes, and accidental repeating of the same sentence.

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I am sincerely hoping that my 100 evolution essay topics and the writing guide article have helped you to get an idea of how to write your paper. If not, remember what I have mentioned in a paragraph above! 🙂 In case you have something to add or want to share something important, feel free to post in the comments below! I wish you the best of luck and let us make an evolution with a truly awesome paper!

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