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I love evaluation essays the most because they are the easiest thing to do. You just explain your topic and then present your opinion — positive, negative, neutral, any! 

Thus, as far as in many other essays, 70% of your success depends on the topic selected. Nerds prepared a bunch of best evaluation essay topics with examples, and I enhanced them with a couple of practical hints.

Evaluation Essay Topics on Movies and Why YouTube Video is Similar

One of the most popular categories of YouTube videos are film reviews — they are, indeed, evaluation essays. Just like a scholarly writer, Youtubers present evidence on the screen and then provide their opinion. It is entirely OK for you to do the same, taking into account that evaluation essays on movies are the most popular category of tutors too 😜

Evaluation Essay Topics on Movies and Why YouTube Video is Similar

Here go the most likely topics for 2018 and 2017 films — they will be all the madness in English classes, so save them somewhere.

  • Black Panther: The Story of Cultural Tradition Power. Yep, tutors may want you to evaluate Marvel movies as well, and Black Panther is an outlier. Behind action and special effects, Panther tries to tell the story about African American people who gain power from their identity and try to win it back from hegemonic world rulers. In this essay, you will need to decide whether Marvel succeeds to make this story persuasive.
  • Red Sparrow: Drama or Lama? A new film with Jennifer Lawrence is a spy thriller, but its main idea is not around the sex and violence. The Sparrow wants to show how people choose between their duties and personal values and demonstrates the situation where obligations can be enforced by others. So, this topic needs to explain whether the drama really occurs, or it is a slapstick thriller with a famous actress on the cover.
  • First Man: Heroism or Egoism? First Man is going to tell about first Moon mission, and there is Ryan Gosling, so we may be pretty sure what to expect. The essay on First Man movie, you will need to focus on how successfully Gosling depicts Neil Armstrong, and whether he appraises or defames the first man on the Moon.
was it a good casting

Was it a good casting?

  • Is It Scary? Stephen King is known as “The King of Horror,” and It is one of his the most famous novels. However, things are not that clear for It movie of 2017. The film tries to make us afraid of sudden screamers, explicit content, dangerous situations and common phobias. All these fear triggers are excellent subjects for evaluation.
  • Lady Bird: Is It Realistic? The award-winning Lady Bird movie is appraised by its attempt to turn the low truth of the American middle-of-nowhere into a piece of art. The story of a simple but unique girl — as simple and as unique as everyone else — appeals with its frankness and honesty. However, is the life of Lady Bird true-to-life? This movie is likely to be in every school in the Autumn of 2018, so it is a good bet for evaluation essay topic.
  • Bladerunner 2049: Does Visuals Justify Plot? This movie won “Best Visual Effects” and “Best Cinematography” prices, but many things in Bladerunner look way to strange. You should not be shy to express your odds — if you do not get something, then it is author’s failure to convey the message. If you choose this topic, your essay should discuss whether things on the screen make sense or they are just an excuse for gorgeous visuals.

Unique and Funny Evaluation Topics: Sticking the Unexpected

The only con of movie evaluations is that they are not original — dozens of people will write about the award-winning title. Nerd’s remedy is simple: write an award-winning title by yourself!

Here is a list of evaluation essay thesis and topics that will work great for the high school and college.

  • Writing Essays: Is it Worth Time? It is the most wonderful and sharp topic your tutor may expect — however, teachers love when someone approaches studying critically. The thing about writing, read my blog and then tell what you think about dozens of essays you have already written and will compose during next years.

  • My Neighborhood: Is it Stimulating? There is a famous Marx’s saying “Being determines consciousness,” and while Marx is controversial, these words are wise. Our surroundings determine our well-being and the way we think — sometimes to the extent that we cannot see the elephant in the room. So, open your eyes wide and consider whether your neighborhood is good or bad for your development, and how it can be proved.
  • The Complete Evaluation of Money. A few of people can fully reject money, but hardly anyone can say that the modern life is possible without them. However, necessity does not imply value. It is a unique but critical topic, in which you will try to find out whether money is beneficial or disruptive regarding opportunities, happiness, and quality of life.
  • Tools of Writing: Best Way to Put an Essay into the World. Keyboards are often loud and hard to use in public transport, touchscreen input is slow, voice input is imprecise, and writing by hand is low, hard and inaccurate at the same time. However, we still need to use them all — so why should we evaluate them to find the best one?

  • Text Messaging: Alternative or Substitute? According to statistics, people all over the world now prefer texting to voice calls, especially Millennials. However, even emojis and gifs cannot help to express thoughts and feelings in some cases. So, think about what features text misses in comparison with oral speech and produce your unique evaluation!
  • Evolution: Is It the Best Way Possible? The life has developed from simple bacteria into human beings, so we can say that evolution is useful. However, does it have maximum efficiency possible? In the development of species, many evolutional choices were entirely random. For instance, humans cannot live without vitamin C, even though our genes contain almost complete toolkit to produce it. A short search on Google will find further evidence for evaluation.

evolution essay topics

The recipe for a successful unique topic for the paper is simple — evaluate something that no one else will determine. It can be something undoubtable like the U.S. Constitution, or something as common as writing. Such topics will make your essays groundbreaking, which is good for receiving A and A+ grades.

Evaluation Topics on Technology: Checklist of Criteria for Assessment

I think that you do not need me to point out technologies that need evaluation. We have Musk and reusable rockets; we have the Internet and social media. Finally, we are surrounded by emerging artificial intelligence. In the modern world, you can close your eyes, point the finger and find a controversial technology that deserves evaluation.

writing technology essay

The trickiest thing, however, is criteria — benchmarks you will use for evaluation. In some English courses, teachers distribute checklists with best factors to consider, and nerds have shared them for this article.

The next things about technology are beneficial to consider in finding the evaluation topic.

  • Effect on society.
  • Impact on the environment.
  • Influence on children.
  • Effect on senior people.
  • Effect on minority groups.
  • Affordability of use and purchase.
  • Easiness to share and distribute.
  • Availability of substitutes.
  • Possibility to use for crime and terrorism.
  • Impact on international politics.

Follow this list to reveal unexpected things about very familiar technology. For example, Facebook Canvas Ads that pop up full screen on mobile devices may mislead children and elder people, who may accidentally click on them and get distracted. At the same time, Canvases are an affordable and efficient way of marketing. In your essay, you will need to state what is the most important.

One Simple Lifehack for Evaluation Essay Thesis that Saves Times and Improves Grades

You must not just write whether your topic is good or bad — it would be an argumentative essay. Instead, you should write about several criteria that allow the evaluation. Here are a couple of examples.

difference between argumentative and evaluation essays

In evaluation essay, you should act like a gourmet in the restaurant, who uses several criteria to make up his mind — serving, hospitality, visual appeal, and then a taste of the dish. Follow these steps, and you will definitely hit bull’s eye.

So, what are gourmet criteria of the topic for evaluation that you have selected? Share in comments so we could think of them together 📯


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