Good Compare and Contrast Essay Topics (From Tutors)

compare and contrast essay topics

Compare and contrast essay is one of the most interesting assignments you will have at school or college. However, sometimes students are confused and cannot understand what their professor wants to see in compare and contrast essay. In this article you will see peculiarities of this essay type and how to deal with it. Besides, around 100 topic ideas will be provided for your compare and contrast essay.

What Does Compare and Contrast Mean?

The task of compare and contrast essay is actually clear from the name of this essay type. We take two phenomena, persons, structures, ways of doing the same thing etc and are looking at similarities and differences existing between them.


if we take «Comparison of leadership styles of Steve Jobs and Jack Ma» our major aim is to demonstrate, how the way they lead their companies influence organization, corporate culture, performance of Apple and Alibaba.

If it is «Comparison of political system in USA and UK», the goal might be to determine which factors have had an influence on current political situation in two countries. There are cases, where your own position is important and you should express your point of view.

How to Start a Comparison Essay?

It is clear what the aim of compare and contrast essay is, but what to do first? How to start the preparation for writing? Let’s figure it out together!

  • Choose a comparison essay topic that is worth to be analyzed

What does that mean? For example, topic «Apples or Oranges» sounds like a topic for compare and contrast essay, but, come on, what is the goal behind it? If you formulate it like «Apple and Oranges: influence on health» that, probably, would be better. So the first thing to do – is to make sure you have something to say on the topic.

  • Brainstorm

Common technique that is used in many writing assignments. While working on compare and contrast, you can follow this advice: divide a paper sheet into two parts (of course, there will be similarities and differences) and write down everything that comes to your mind.

  • Make an outline

As you may know, it is the preliminary stage of writing process that will help you to succeed with your essay. Planning a structure properly will help you to be focused while you are working on your topic and to build strong connections between different parts of the essay.

Compare and Contrast Essay Format. What Should I Know About It?

Compare and contrast essay format

To make a good outline, you should have an understanding of the format of compare and contrast essay. As any other essay type, it consists of three parts:


  • Attract attention to your theme
  • State that there are differences/similarities/both between two objects you are going to compare
  • Provide explanation of your choice of the topic (optional)
  • State your goal clearly


  • First detail that is compared or contrasted
  • Second detail that is compared or contrasted
  • Third detail that is compared or contrasted


  • Summarize issues mentioned in the body
  • How your comparison may be used?

List of Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas

List of compare and contrast essay ideas


To facilitate your task, we provide you with the list of topics for compare and contrast essay – feel free to take any of them!

Unique Сompare and Contrast Topics

  1. Constructivism & Modernism: Comparison of two architecture styles
  2. Apple and Samsung: gadgets and business models
  3. Teleworking or office job?
  4. Comparison of Western and Eastern cultural differences
  5. Steve Jobs and Jack Ma: comparison of leadership styles
  6. Investments in stocks and bonds: differences and similarities
  7. Marketing campaign of L’oreal and LVMH
  8. Online education or In-class education?
  9. Freedom of speech or censorship?
  10. Is job experience more important than high GPA?
  11. Exams or continuous assessment: pros and cons
  12. Comparison of H&M and Primark
  13. Sustainable consumption vs unconscious consumption
  14. Western and Asian understanding of beauty

Funny Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Being a night person vs being a morning person
  2. Mc’Donald’s and Burger King: your choice for lunch
  3. Intense workload or No homework at all
  4. Online dating vs traditional dating
  5. Rap music or rock music
  6. Internet vs Library as source of information for studies
  7. Thanksgiving or Christmas?
  8. Girls and Boys as Students
  9. Healthy lifestyle vs Coach potato lifestyle
  10. Plastic surgery vs Natural beauty
  11. Dog lovers vs Cat lovers
  12. British humor vs American humor
  13. Going to a disco drunk or going to a disco sober

Compare and Contrast Topics For Elementary School

  1. Living in a mega polis or in the countryside
  2. Travelling by plane or by car
  3. Halloween Night or Christmas Night:
  4. Winter vs summer: which is better?
  5. Reading a book vs watching a movie: your preference
  6. Flat vs. private house.
  7. Going to the cinema or watch movie at home
  8. Being an only child and having siblings
  9. English and Spanish: differences and similarities
  10. Teams and groups
  11. Math or literature
  12. Art class or PE class
  13. School vs Extracurricular activities

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For Middle School

  1. Being raised in a rich family or in a poor family
  2. Exact Science or Social Science: what is more important to study?
  3. Cooking food or ordering delivery
  4. Introverts and extraverts
  5. Online shopping vs traditional shopping
  6. Going to a gym or keeping a diet: what is better?
  7. Photos on iPhone or Photos on camera
  8. Going to study abroad or staying in your country: pros and cons
  9. Democracy or Totalitarianism
  10. Charity: voluntarism or obligation
  11. Classic art vs Modern art
  12. Traditional media vs Internet media
  13. Men and women as politicians
  14. Holidays on the seaside or active holidays
  15. New York and Washington

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For High School and College

  1. Differences in policies of Donald Trump and Barack Obama
  2. Tests or No tests at college
  3. Christianity and Islam
  4. The government structure of China vs The government structure of Japan
  5. Free education or Fee-paying education
  6. Communism vs. Capitalism
  7. USA President vs China President
  8. HR in USA companies and in Chinese companies
  9. Policies of central banks in USA and in Europe
  10. Culture in Korea and in China
  11. Development of cities in Sweden and in the Netherlands
  12. Comparative analysis of monarchy in Sweden and in UK
  13. Soft skills or Hard skills for future career

Abstract Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  1. Profit organizations vs. Non-Profit organization strategy
  2. Marketing techniques in USA and Mexico
  3. MBA in Stanford or Harvard
  4. Men leaders or women leaders
  5. Running or Sport games (Football, Volleyball, Basketball)
  6. Public transportation or private
  7. Flexible or Fixed working hours
  8. Military service: obligation or your own initiative
  9. Brand marketing in IT and Oil and Gas industries
  10. Gender equality in the USA and in Brazil
  11. IT industry in USA and in Korea
  12. TV and radio as sources of information
  13. Being raised in one child family vs Having siblings
  14. Education system in USA and in UK
  15. Second World War vs First World War

General Compare & Contrast Topic Ideas

  1. European History and US history
  2. Market economy and command economy
  3. Integration in North America and in Asia
  4. Comparing Monet and Klimt
  5. English: American, Australian, British
  6. Manager vs Leaders
  7. Standard exams or different criteria for high school students entering college
  8. Studying at home or Traditional school
  9. Legislation system in UK and USA
  10. Compare WhatsApp and Facebook messengers
  11. President election in France and USA
  12. Geographical position of the USA and China
  13. Stereotypes about USA in Asia and Europe
  14. Job satisfaction or High salary as a source of motivation

Wish you good luck with your compare and contrast essay!

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