Persuade Me if You Can: Persuasive Essay Topics (From Tutors)

Do you like to argue? I bet you do. But even if you don’t, this tutorial will still be helpful because it suggests interesting topics for a strong persuasive essay. So, take your verbal armor as we are going to conquer peer students’ and a professor’s attention.

Preparing for the Battle

For those of you who didn’t read one of my previous tutorials, I would like to tell that persuasive essay is a piece of writing in which you seek to convince your audience of a particular idea. Your professors will ask you to write a persuasive essay dozens of times during your study at school, college, or university. But don’t think that your educators are lazy and cannot invent any other assignment. In fact, a persuasive essay is the best way to develop your critical thinking and leadership skills.

Overall, writing a persuasive essay is very much like a battle. In the first place, you are to choose the armor – select a topic to write about. Needless to say, your topic should be interesting. In case you don’t consider the choice of an interesting topic to be an obvious fact, let me give you some reasons.

Your persuasive essay topic should be engaging too because it is the only known way to attract the audience’s attention. I think that in your lifetime, you heard dozens of essays but can’t remember what most of them were about. The reason is that the topics of those essays weren’t exciting, at least for you. So, if you hate speaking to a yawning audience, choose an interesting topic.

Best persuasive essay topics make people listen to you attentively

Below, I’ve selected the best persuasive essay topics.  Use them as an armor to win your readers’ attention.

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Ready. Steady. Win

You might have probably understood that some topics don’t work because they fail to resonate with a particular audience. Everything is simple: most liberal people don’t like reading about weapons, cars, and Republican politics, while typical Conservatives hate essays about fashion, healthy diet or cooking. Every person has its beliefs and interests and rejects everything that does not match their worldview matrix

So, a rule of thumb is to determine the target audience and try to think what topics they might like. Consider this a difficult task? At all. Look at the list of topics that work for kids, middle school, high school, and college students. Especially for you, I also suggest the list of persuasive essay topics that are popular this year. Enjoy the reading!

Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

Persuasive essay topics for kids help to build communication with adults

Let’s start with “light weapons.” Consider top-ten persuasive essay topics for kids:

  1. “Students should be allowed to bring their pets to school.”
  2. “Every kid must have a pet.”
  3. “It is better to be an older/younger sibling.”
  4. “Family should do activities together.
  5. “It is important to have some hobby.
  6. “Students should be given less homework.
  7. “The more languages you know the more you are a person.
  8. “School uniform should be abandoned.
  9. “Everyone should have a friend.
  10. “Honesty is the best policy.”

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

If you’re writing an essay for middle school students, your topics should be more sophisticated. Consider the following ideas:

  1. “Preteenagers and teenagers should be banned from the mall without adult supervision.”
  2. “Life is easier than it was decades ago.”
  3. “We should always use the opportunities facing us.”
  4. “School lunch menu should be changed.”
  5. “Students who play sports should still take Gym class.”
  6. “School year should include more breaks to improve education.”
  7. “It is necessary to ban violent computer games.”
  8. “Parents should spend more time with their children.”
  9. “Domestic violence should imply stricter penalties.”
  10. “Every school should have a newspaper.”

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

If you think that there’s no such topic that would surprise a high school student then you are wrong. Consider these great ideas to keep your audience’s attention from the beginning to the very end:

  1. “People under 18 should not be allowed to get a tattoo.”
  2. “Drinking age should be raised.”
  3. “Parents should/shouldn’t give their teenagers an allowance.”
  4. “Parents should give their kids a phone as early as they can.”
  5. “Parents should not force their children to participate in out-of-school activities.”
  6. “High schools should/shouldn’t have a dress code.”
  7. “High schools should have a daycare to reduce the dropout rates among teenagers who have babies.”
  8. “Students should/shouldn’t be allowed to go off campus for lunch.”
  9. “Parents should encourage their children to talk about their problems with a school counselor.”
  10. “Parents should intervene if they suspect a teen is having some behavioral disorder.”
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Persuasive Essay Topics for College

College is the place where your skill of persuasion is subjected to the most severe test. To stand the trial, consider writing a persuasive essay on one of the following topics:

  1. “We should not adopt forest animals.”
  2. “People should not eat meat because it’s a cruel and unsustainable practice.”
  3. “One should not drive sports cars in everyday life.”
  4. “It is not justified to charge people money for passing driving tests.”
  5. “It is important to buy locally manufactured goods.”
  6. “Modern companies should promote workplace diversity.”
  7. “Community service should become an obligatory part of the school curriculum.”
  8. “Computer science should become a compulsory discipline.”
  9. “College fraternities and sororities should/shouldn’t be expanded into high school.”
  10. “We should give more opportunities for alternative education.”

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

Tired? Then consider these easy persuasive essay topics:

Hugh Jackman never chooses easy persuasive essay topics.

Hugh Jackman never chooses easy persuasive essay topics. Still, you don’t want to mess with your essay that hard, do you?

  1. “Three-day weekend improves work productivity.”
  2. “All firearms should be registered by the police.”
  3. “Textbooks should be replaced by Netbook computers.”
  4. “Free public Wi-Fi is an absolute necessity.”
  5. “Bike sharing programs improve citizens’ health.”
  6. “Low-income people should be provided more/less aid.”
  7. “Universal healthcare program should be introduced in the country.”
  8. “The use of hands-free devices is obligatory while driving.”
  9. “People on welfare should have drug testing.”
  10. “Complementary and alternative medicine should be covered by insurance.”

Top Persuasive Essay Topics for 2018

And, the icing on the cake, top persuasive essay topics to write about in 2018:

  1. “The U.S. prison system should be substantially reformed.”
  2. “Fossil fuels should be replaced by alternative energy options.”
  3. “Euthanasia should/should not be allowed.”
  4. “The U.S. Supreme Court should/shouldn’t agree to same-sex marriages.”
  5. “Defending yourself should be protected under the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”
  6. “New laws should be introduced to promote recycling.”
  7. “Green Card Lottery should/shouldn’t be abandoned.”
  8. “Video gaming should be used as part of staff training.”
  9. “U.S. society should justify surveillance.”
  10. “Men’s contraceptive implant should be available on a par with women’s one.”

Leaving the Battlefield

Hopefully, you enjoyed the topics. And I believe that some of them inspired you to create own themes for persuasive writing. Remember that by sharing your ideas with me you contribute to the creation of a new helpful tutorial. Stay tuned! 

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