Psychology Research Paper Topics

psychology research paper topics

There are a lot of materials on research paper topics in microeconomics, computer science, sociology. However, it is rather hard to find valuable information about research paper in psychology. We want to solve this problem! This article will help you to choose the best psychology topic that will impress your teacher.

Research Paper Topic Selection In 4 Steps

1)Read requirements

Before you choose the best topic, we recommend you to read assignment requirements from your professor. It could be stated, which sphere you should take or which methods you should use in your research paper. You also should know whether it is analytical or practical research paper.

2)Area of psychology

Decide on the area of psychology you will work in. Health psychology, Experimental psychology, Social psychology? By the way, below we present you the list of topics divided by areas of psychology.

3)Do a research

Investigate the topic you are considering to write about. Find as many articles, monographies, cases, that will later help you to elaborate the topic. Make sure that there are “gaps” in your research question – it will make your work interesting to read.

4)Choose a method

Research paper in psychology always includes a practical part. You should choose a method of your research. You can read more about methods of psychology research on SimplyPsychology portal. Don’t forget to include description of methods as well as justification of your choice in your paper!

List of Research Paper Topics In Psychology 

Experimental psychology research topics

  • Formation of experimental psychology
  • Associationism, reflex doctrine and empiricism.
  • The analysis experimental approach of E. Thorndike
  • The analysis explanatory principle of G. Ebbinghaus
  • Situational and personal variables use in experimental psychology
  • Hypotheses and pre-experimental schemes use in experiments
  • Experiment for scientific and practical purposes: comparison
  • Planning, organizing and conducting stages role in experiments
  • Ethics of the experiment
  • The analysis of genetic approach of F. Galton
  • Descriptive method in experimental psychology
  • Comparative analysis of observed effects
  • The study of thinking according to A. Binet
  • Scaling in a psychological experiment
  • The role of the works of F. Galton, J. Cattell in the formation of a psychological experiment
  • The principle of complexity and integrity in psychological research
  • Determinism as an explanatory principle of experimental psychology

Cognitive psychology research topics

  • The role of past experience in the perception of present
  • The manifestation of the effect of the “other race” when perceiving the face images
  • Perception in the process of communication
  • The effect of perception categoriality
  • Optical distortion as a method of perception investigation
  • Movement of an eye in the perception of complex objects
  • Apparatus methods in psychodiagnostics
  • Testing in cognitive psychology: advantages and disadvantages.
  • Projective methods in the work of a practical psychologist
  • Using projective techniques in working with children.
  • Diagnosis of mental development and general abilities.
  • Figures in the work of a psychologist-diagnostician
  • Diagnosis of interpersonal relationships
  • Determination of strategies in the dyadic interaction.
  • Differences between lateral and vertical thinking
  • Urgent problems in the psychology of thinking
  • Intuition as a psychological process
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Health psychology research topics

  • Analysis of the main characteristics of emotional well-being
  • Psychological determination of adaptation diseases
  • Stages of dependence on narcotic substances
  • Risk factors for alcoholism and drug addiction among adolescents
  • Psychological mechanisms of human adaptation in extreme conditions of life
  • Analysis of the quantitative basis of sexuality
  • The urgency of the problem of childhood depression
  • Typology of patients with adaptation diseases
  • Features of affective-cognitive regulation of human behavior during the experience of psychological traumatic stress
  • Post-traumatic stress adaptation and its psychological determinants
  • Subjective approach to the study of systemic processes of human adaptation in the environment
  • Terrorist threat as a factor of mental trauma.
  • Psychometric diagnostics of post traumatic stress disorders (relevant for dangerous occupations)
  • Psychological factors explaining digestive diseases

 Quick and easy psychology experiments

  • Psychological problems of sanity and insanity
  • Physiological and psychological aspects of stress
  • Projective methods of researching the emotional sphere
  • Features of emotional reactions of individuals with adaptation disabilities.
  • Interrelation of the emotional intelligence with mnemonic abilities
  • Typology of persons in communication and joint activities
  • Interrelation of communication, knowledge and activity
  • Factors of successful learning
  • Principle of activity and development
  • Emotional preconditions for unstable behavior of individuals
  • Peculiarities of experiencing resentment depending on the individual
  • Psychological characteristics of individuals
  • Peculiarities of emotional states of people who are experiencing losses
  • The appearance of language and speech as stages in the development of the psyche
  • Aggression and altruism as criteria for the development of the psyche
  • History of the family psychology development
  • History of the  individual problems development
  • Features of depressive reactions of children of primary school age
  • Peculiarities of the manifestation of aggression among students
  • Specificity of men’s perception of pregnant women

Social psychology research topics

  • Asocial behavior: refusal to take care of children, destruction of individuals,cannibalism
  • Comparative characteristics: monkeys and humans
  • Perception of adolescents about the attitude of their parents towards them
  • Psychological features of interpersonal relationships with peers in adolescence.
  • Biosocial factors of development of higher mental functions
  • Types of family relationships as a communicative factor of the child’s personal development
  • Family and sex roles in adolescents as a condition of socialization
  • Socio-psychological mechanisms of person predisposition to alcoholism
  • Criteria of satisfaction with communication
  • The image of personality
  • Means, forms, patterns of psychological influence
  • Intergroup interaction and conflicts
  • Human behavior in the crowd
  • Society as a factor of individual behavior
  • Intergroup relations and the problem of social justice
  • Socio-psychological patterns of interethnic perception and their role in the development of interethnic relations
  • Belonging to the group as a factor of individual behavior
  • Nonverbal communication as an indicator of the specifics of intra-group relationships and interactions
  • Mass communication as a factor in regulating mass behavior
  • Psychological features of sociocultural symbols and emblems

How Should Research Paper In Psychology Look Like?

To begin with, we would like to provide you with the psychology research paper outline. As research papers in psychology are often really practical, the outline will reflect this as well:

1. Introduction

  • Attract readers attention
  • State the importance of the topic

2. Review of the topic

  • Literature review on the topic
  • Opinions of different psychologists on the certain phenomenon

3. Methods and Equipment

  • Description of methods you are using for your practical part
  • Description of the process, psychological test or experiment

4. Results

  • Brief review of what your research process proved


  • Connect current knowledge on the topic with your results
  • State how the topic could be elaborated further

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Good luck with your psychology researches!

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