2 Page Essay Writing Guide with Example

2 page essay guide

The average length of your school essay is around two pages. It usually contains 600-700 words. Hence, not too much space left for creative thought in 2 page essay examples you may find. It is essential to be able to express your thoughts comprehensively and coherently.

Sounds intimidating? Don’t worry, for we will talk about the peculiarities of writing a two-page essay. Most importantly, there will be a sample essay here in the guide for your reference.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to learn something new!

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   What does a Two-Page Essay Look Like?

A two-page essay generally contains the following elements:

  • A thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph
  • Transition words
  • Facts and examples
  • Introduction, body, and conclusion
  • Citations and references list (if the essay requires research)

Of course, we should not forget that an essay should be easy to read. It should not sound too technical with deep words and complex sentence structure.

   Two-Page Essay Outline


Here are its objectives:

  • To attract your readers’ attention.
  • To state the topic and subtopics you will cover in the content.
  • To provide context and background information on the topic.

Take note: Don’t forget to write the thesis statement as you close your introduction.


This is the “meat” of your essay. Therefore, you should do the following:

  • Support your thesis with two to four arguments.
  • Arrange those arguments logically.
  • Provide evidence and analysis.


The concluding paragraph is often underestimated by students. The conclusion should be:

  • A summary of your main ideas with a powerful closing statement.

Take note: Your thesis statement should be reasserted in conclusion.

   Two-Page Essay Example

People throughout history have been worried about the emergence of new technological innovations. The invention of the printing press during the 16th century induced the fear that the human brain cannot cope with information overload. With the age of the internet, an individual will get the same fears that he or she hears today in the media. In fact, it has made both positive and negative effects on the functions of the human brain.

The internet allows an individual to find a plethora of content, reading materials, and websites at the click of a button. Unfortunately, some content indexed by the internet may be harmful to an individual’s brain and mental health. For example, a person can become addicted to online casinos and poker websites. However, it is difficult to completely blame these gambling websites for causing addiction amongst its users.

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Nevertheless, the internet enables people to quickly access information at any period of time. The brain optimally analyzes incoming sensory information whether a person watches a group of children playing in the park or a video online. Notably, the human brain does not handle every information coming from the senses. Instead, it is filtered and selected from the person’s past experiences. One must note— however— that the brain is perfectly adapted to cope with information overload, as it has built protection mechanisms against the latter.

Moreover, constant access to information online may cause a person’s memory to deteriorate. It should be taken into account that the human memory system is arranged differently. Unconscious processes are the facade of the said system. In that regard, events that have emotional resonance or significance are easier to store in memory in contrast to abstract information or facts.

However, the way it affects the development of the brain is unclear. Constant repetition of certain actions and experience are reflected in the structure of the brain. For instance, the cerebral cortex of experienced musicians— a region in the cerebrum responsible for motor skills and memory— differs greatly from other people. It can be gleaned that understanding information helps develop a person’s memory. Alternatively, some studies suggest that an important stimulus for brain development is the diversity of incoming data. In this case, comprehending fascinating information from the internet is much better than learning empty facts and figures. However, even web pages are usually overloaded with information to which an individual ’s short-term memory cannot cope with it. This may have a side effect on a person ’s memory system. Apparently, there is no clear perspective of the issue.

A human being’s attention system is complex, as scientists have not established a common ground on how it functions. To begin, there are two-level attention systems — namely the conscious and the unconscious. The former “manages” attention, while the latter is responsible for processing important information coming from a person’s senses. These two-level systems allow an individual to concentrate on a difficult task. Hence, this explains why some people like to listen to music while working. Otherwise, they would be distracted, in which it would prevent them from solely concentrating on their tasks at hand.

The internet, however, is capable to easily distract a person. For instance, an individual can easily access an engaging or entertaining content in a matter of seconds. This poses a problem considering that computers are used for work and leisure. Hence, this may require the person to exercise balance and self-discipline.

Overall, the usage of the world wide web presently has made a profound impact on the human brain. The internet, despite its disadvantages, interestingly stimulates the functions of a person’s brain. However, self-discipline might be needed in order for people to increase their productivity at work.

Writing a two-page essay might be challenging for you (and perhaps, your other classmates) at first. But you’ll be able to write one in a jiffy with constant practice & exposure.

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