Hurdles and Promises: Most Complete Samsung SWOT Analysis

samsung SWOT analysis
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Hey guys, what about Samsung SWOT analysis? Sounds like an excellent opportunity to see behind the scenes of one of the world’s oldest and most successful companies! Ready for the journey? Then, let’s take our first step!

   Samsung SWOT Analysis 2017/2018

Samsung is the place where the future starts! The Samsung brand knows the world’s best smartphones, PCs, and other devices. At the same time, Samsung encounters with competition from a number of international and local brands and overcomes the hurdles in the thick of price wars. It seems like Samsung is a great case to study!

Willing to know how Samsung will look like in the year 2019? Then, we should dive into the analysis: since if you don’t start somewhere, you’re going to go nowhere. So, what about Samsung’s performance in the years 2017 and 2018?

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      💪 Strengths

Performance of Samsung Electronic Company wasn’t bad at all since it resulted in a number of evident strengths, which are crucial for Samsung SWOT analysis:

  • Size and scope: It’s hard to imagine any company that is as big in size, and whose activity is as diversified as that of Samsung. A few know that Samsung was founded in 1938 as a modest trading company. But everyone knows that it eventually transformed into Samsung Electronics – a multinational conglomerate holding the lead in electronic, security, retail, and even food processing industries!
  • Market leadership: Do you know that Samsung is the number one maker of mobile phones? The company has produced every fifth mobile phone that is currently used in the world. That’s truly incredible!
  • Innovation: We all like Samsung Electronic Company for its innovative approach. Thousands of users enjoy Samsung Pay, and it’s not the only deal that the company is ready to offer.

      ❌ Weaknesses

While I’ve never underestimated its merits, I don’t know any company that is as ambiguous as Samsung. Samsung SWOT analysis 2017 and Samsung SWOT analysis 2018 draw our attention to the company’s weaknesses:

  • Limited marketing capabilities: Well, Samsung is still the number one maker of smartphones, but it’s marketing capabilities are more modest than that of Apple. It means that Samsung can lose its share in the U.S. and other lucrative markets. It seems like it’s time to cheer up and bring the house down with some new offer!
  • Issues with competitors: Nowadays, Samsung spends the lion’s share of its time fixing problems with competitors. Have you heard about Samsung issues regarding patents? For those of you who haven’t, there’s a chance to boost proficiency by reading a couple of excellent Samsung analysis essays that our geeks have prepared… and with your high grade in mind!
  • Issues with Samsung Note phones: The deadlines are tough, the competitors are ruthless, and Samsung…. fails. Well, I don’t mean that the company fails across all the areas. But the issues with Samsung Note phones make me think that the company is not as cool as it used to be.

      📈 Opportunities

However, I hope my conclusions are hasty, and Samsung SWOT analysis will get the most out of opportunities around the corner:

  • Market expansion: For companies like Samsung, market expansion is a panacea. It may sound weird, but in some developing regions of Africa and Asia customers are unfamiliar with PCs. And people in these regions will likely grasp Samsung products, even though they aren’t very innovative.
  • Product specification: Many companies win customer loyalty by introducing geography specific products. Geography-specific mobile phones are the goldmine for Samsung!
  • Growing middle class in developing world: Of course, the economic crisis has hit the world, but the good news is that some developing countries enjoy a stable growth and witness an emergence of the middle class. For Samsung, it means a growing demand for consumer electronics. Luckily, Samsung Electronic Company has never feared new terrains!
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      📉 Threats

While Samsung is a bold player, it never ignores the wisdom: forewarned means forearmed. Time to analyze threats facing the company to make forecasts for the year 2019:

  • Competition: Mobile market segment is too lucrative to be ignored! Many companies enter the market, which puts Samsung in the thick of tough rivalry and fierce price wars!
  • Threat from local brands: Believe it or not, but some local brands can outperform the good old Samsung. Recently, Samsung business has encountered with the risk from the local brands that have the ambition to go globally. Have you heard about Oneplus, Vivo, or Oppo? It’s very likely that they will lure a significant part of Samsung buyers soon.
  • Dynamic market: Although I don’t claim that dynamic market is a problem, it can still generate a number of threats. And it’s especially true if the company has failed products or has been involved in some corporate scandals. Unfortunately, Samsung has both issues on its plate.

   Samsung Competitors

The primary competitive threat comes from Apple – the world’s second largest manufacturer of mobile phones.

Also, Samsung should keep an eye on these companies:

  • LG Electronics
  • Windows Phone
  • HTC
  • Panasonic

Competition from local brands like Oppo and Vivo should also be taken into account when planning the Samsung business strategy for the year 2019.


Although it’s time to wind up, I cannot miss a chance to inform you about the opportunities that await you on this platform. Our geeks are never reluctant to analyze worthy business case studies and share their insights with you. Since Samsung is one of their favorite companies, they have written a number of analytical essays on it. You can’t even imagine the number of students whose assignments received the highest grades due to our geeks’ help! So, every time you are stuck on your homework, you know where the help comes from!

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