50 Synthesis Essay Topics to Jumpstart your Brain

Synthesis essay ideas never come easy
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Hello everyone! Have you ever struggled to think of a topic for your synthesis essay because you are fresh out of ideas? Or have you ever felt hopeless because you can’t find something you like?

Been there, done that. I was also struggling to search for a viable topic for my high school synthesis paper. I remember feeling an imaginary “sack” weighing on my shoulders because my teacher only gave the class one week to choose.

If this is your first time writing a synthesis essay, then expect your instructor to prescribe a deadline. It may vary, but you have to be prepared for this particular circumstance. Don’t be stressed; I understand your concern. Never fear, for your academic guide is here to sprinkle your mind with inspiring ideas.

   ❓ What is a Synthesis Essay?

Question Marks: What is a synthesis essay?

Like I said in my previous guide, synthesis essays are not summaries. Synthesis essays allow you to extensively research a topic.

  • Moreover, it involves establishing and evaluating a relationship between various points or arguments. You are also to create a thesis statement or main claim for your synthesis essay.

There are two types of synthesis essays:

Explanatory synthesis— Its main purpose is to help your readers understand your topic. Just provide facts and information objectively. You are not required to take a stand or form an opinion.

Argumentative synthesis— The rationale is to debate with yourself. You have to evaluate and identify relationships between various perspectives of your synthesis essay topics and arrive at a conclusion (i.e. your stand).

They are, therefore, more than just summaries. It’s research; it involves debate and information sharing. Keep these points in mind as you write your paper.

   ✅ Factors to Select Synthesis Essay Topics

Man and Arrows: Choosing from an array of synthesis essay topics

This section is designed for students who have the freedom to choose from a plethora of synthesis essay topics. Sure, it’s a privilege. Freedom, however, also entails great responsibility! It’s not a walk in the park to choose a synthesis essay topic

1️⃣ Your Interests!

Are you interested in tackling a topic relating to social media or business? It’s your call!

  • It’s more fun to draft a synthesis essay on a topic you like. Research would be a grand adventure and not a chore. Well, that would solely depend on you.

2️⃣ Relevant!

Sometimes, it’s expected to write a synthesis essay for your science or history classes. Find a topic related to your class or your field of study.

3️⃣ Debatable! (for argumentative synthesis papers)

Choose a topic that allows you to explore different perspectives. It’s more fun that way.

4️⃣ Specific!

You can begin with a broad topic in mind when you are in the research stage. Once you are finished with the aforementioned stage, you have to focus on the specifics. I tried this method when I looked for a topic for my high school synthesis paper.

   📋 List of Informative Synthesis Essay Topics

Writing a list of synthesis essay topics

The following synthesis essay topics are for both explanatory and argumentative synthesis papers.

        📈 Business

  1. Should social media be blocked in the workplace?
  2. Local business/small business and the era of globalization.
  3. A synthesis of businesses and the environment.
  4. The internet and modern businesses.
  5. A synthesis of business models.

        👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Society

  1. Is it better for kids to be homeschooled or enrolled in a public/private school?
  2. Euthanasia and its moral implications to society.
  3. Does the death penalty deter crime?
  4. Does the concept of free will exist? (You can employ religious and philosophical perspectives)
  5. Is testing a product on an animal justified?
  6. Should schools have uniforms?
  7. Beauty contests: Empowerment or objectification?
  8. Does gun control reduce crime rates?
  9. Do you think that college tuition fees are too high?
  10. Is student debt considered as “good” debt?

        📡 Technology

  1. Does social media bring more harm than good to youths?
  2. Should children be allowed to use gadgets (Ex: mobile phones) in schools or at home? (Choose which setting you would like to study)
  3. Are self-driving/automated cars beneficial to us?
  4. Do video games promote aggression/violence?
  5. Is technology a blessing or a curse?
  6. Does the “like” function on social media set a positive or a negative impact on people’s mental health?
  7. Hard copy vs. soft copy of textbooks in schools?
  8. Should depression and other mental illnesses be blamed on technology?
  9. Does the internet kill human empathy and accountability?
  10. The rise of terrorism and technology.

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        🏛 History and Politics

  1. Is nuclear disarmament possible at this day and age? (pertaining to nuclear states)
  2. Immigration-related issues and national security/identity.
  3. Is war in space becoming a real threat?
  4. Is it really appropriate to call the Middle Ages as the “dark ages?”
  5. The rise of Russia during the 20th century: Who or what is responsible for its advancement?
  6. Socialism vs. capitalism: Which would be beneficial?
  7. Is the phrase “History is written by the victors” a bad way to think of history? Is it always the case?
  8. Legalization of prostitution.
  9. Humanitarian intervention and sovereignty/non-intervention and sovereignty.
  10. A synthesis essay on the effects of colonization (or neocolonialism).

Besides, we have an amazing list of History Essay Topics created for college students — with interesting research paper and essay ideas that are easy to research and exciting to write. Check this out!

        ⚛ Science

  1. Is herbal medicine as effective as conventional medicine?
  2. The use of nuclear energy as an alternative source of energy.
  3. The abolishment of zoos: Would it be beneficial?
  4. Animal rights and welfare debate.
  5. Is the stereotype regarding birth orders merely a stereotype? (Ex: The oldest being labelled as a leader)
  6. The debate surrounding genetically modified organisms/food.
  7. Nature vs. nurture: A synthesis essay.
  8. A synthesis paper on technological advancement and infectious diseases.
  9. A state’s decision to conduct space explorations.
  10. Conventional medicine vs. alternative medicine.

        💎 Others

  1. Ending world poverty: Is it realistic?
  2. A synthesis essay on obesity and healthy living.
  3. Television and children (Ex: Entertainment or as an educational supplementary material)/child development/child obesity.
  4. Ghostwriting services: Ethical and legal implications in academic institutions.
  5. A synthesis essay on women in the pornography industry.

inspiration for your synthesis essay topics

I hope my list has inspired you and perhaps given you a sliver of hope for your synthesis essay. After all, it’s too early to despair when the “fight” (you vs. the paper) is just getting started. I also hope that your teacher will approve your synthesis essay topic. That is if it’s the standard protocol in your school.

   🎓 How to Write a Synthesis Essay?

Pen and Book: How to write a synthesis essay?

Let’s have a short review of how to write a synthesis essay. This is meant for beginners who don’t know how to write one.

1️⃣ Find a Topic!

That is if your teacher has not given you a list of topics to research about. Skip this step if your teacher assigned a pre-determined topic.

  • There are factors to consider when choosing a synthesis essay topic, but we will do that later on.

2️⃣ Set your Schedule Straight!

Avoid researching or drafting your synthesis essay at the last minute. Please dedicate a block of time for research. Trust me, it does not hurt to create your own timetable.

  • Start researching and reading your reference materials as soon as possible. Read actively and analyze.
  • Use academic sources like journals, government publication, news articles, and more. Please don’t include Wikipedia in your references/works cited page. However, you can use it as a guide for your essay. There are footnotes there that you may find beneficial.
  • Take down notes. You can never go wrong with that.

Take note: Remember, it’s a comprehensive document. Don’t try to be daredevil unless you can produce a quality paper.

3️⃣ Outline!

Lay out everything in an organized manner. Besides, it also helps you to sort out your thoughts! Write your outline on an index card for reference purposes.

4️⃣ Employ the Notecard Method!

Have a pack of index cards ready by your side, for this is going to be a lot!

  • Write the author’s main argument/s and the parenthetical citation on the front of the index card.
  • On the corner of the index card, you can write where you are planning to place the information in your outline (Ex: II. Body, point B).
  • You can evaluate the information at the front if it still fits. If not, use the back part.

Take note: Please arrange all your notecards chronologically. You can use a paperclip and a plastic envelope.

5️⃣ Write!

Again, avoid summarizing your references. I can’t stress this enough!

  • Learn to acknowledge arguments.
  • Dedicate at least one paragraph per topic or theme. Don’t cram everything into one paragraph!
  • Cite your sources properly. You can use “cheats” such as citefast for your citation needs.
  • Oh! Don’t forget to construct a thesis statement; you will need it.

6️⃣ Edit and Review!

Check if you have followed your professor’s formatting guidelines (word/page count etc.) down to the letter.

  • Proofread your paper for grammatical or typographical errors. Revise unclear statements and save yourself from embarrassment!
  • You can have a friend or a family member proofread for you.
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Good luck! All the best!

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