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Consuming Kids Summary and Commentary on The Documentary

Name of Video: Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood

Summary: The documentary Consuming Kids explores the problem of commercial exploitation of children in the United States. The main point the author of the film proposes that “…for American business… kids have come to represent the ultimate prize… to be cut up and captured at all costs” (Linn, 1:12-1:24). To prove it, the author draws on various studies and commentaries by experts in different fields. Firstly, the film discusses the impact of advertising on children since the 1950s, when commercial companies, especially the cereal and toy industries, started promoting their products among American kids. Moreover, the film investigates ways which big brands employ to win children’s loyalty as they use the support of psychologists, sociologists, and other experts and keep this loyalty as children grow older. Arguing that marketing practices used by large commercial companies have been making the detrimental influence on children’s health, the author calls for protecting Americans from children’s commercialization.

Commentary: In the film Consuming Kids, the author raises highly important questions that relate to the broader problems about the influence of culture on the contemporary world, which are discussed in lecture 2. For example, the lecture explores how material culture, such as food or clothing, shapes people’s lives, including the impact of technology on the humanity. The film provides the specific example of technology’s influence on advertising and, therefore, consumer culture in the United States. Moreover, the lecture discusses the role consumerism, which has been promoted by commercial corporations, plays in the life of local communities (Witt, Slide 11). The film, which investigates how commercialization of childhood sets new cultural norms in America, is also connected with the question of norms and their acceptance (Witt, Slide 18). Therefore, the analysis shows that the film Consuming Kids directly relates to the topics raised in the lecture 2.

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