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10 Paraphrase Examples For Your Academic Needs

Greetings everyone! I’ll provide you with 10 paraphrase examples for your reference. Never fear, for I will also teach you how to paraphrase a text for your academic papers. Speaking of which, I vaguely remember my teacher telling the class to paraphrase to make everything… fresh (phrase). Anyway, let’s embark on a journey to the […]
6 min.

Let’s Learn How to Quote a Quote in APA And MLA

When I was a student, I had little to no knowledge about quoting quotes in MLA or APA. As a matter of fact, very few teachers taught us the basic foundation of quoting in different citation styles- or even the proper use of quotation marks. You’re right, my classmates and I have to learn almost […]
9 min.

Learn to Write a Synthesis Essay in 5 Steps (+Tips)

Greetings, everyone! It’s great to see you again today. Producing a synthesis essay is one of the most challenging academic papers a student has to write. My classmates and I had a bad experience of writing this paper in high school. The school was divided into three trimesters. Those trimesters were divided into separate tasks: […]
7 min.

Block Quotes Made Easy: MLA Citation and Format

Greetings, dear reader! Academic writing is a challenge because of all the formatting and citation guidelines you have to memorize. Perhaps one of those challenging aspects is formatting and citing block quotations. Please reflect on the following questions: Have you ever wanted to put a block quote in your essay, but you don’t know how? […]
6 min.

Top 20 Common Writing Errors that Appear in 95% of Academic Essays

Hey there! Have you ever submitted a paper riddled with numerous errors? Wow, you’re a gutsy one. One commandment in academic writing is to proofread your paper for mistakes. Maybe you don’t know this, but your teacher might be exasperated right now from checking your paper — especially if it is full of common writing […]

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