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Unlocked by Geeks! College Argumentative Essay Examples That Are Ready to Use

If we get involved in a discussion in everyday life, we often seek facts and details about a certain subject to prove our point. In writing, using previously published materials to support specific viewpoint forms an argumentative essay. The research involved in this genre of writing may seem challenging, but having argumentative essay examples will […]
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Tesla supply chain case study and SWOT analysis — 2018 version

Tesla Supply Chain Case Study + SWOT Analysis: Everything You Need to Know

Every time you mention out-of-box thinking, you think about Tesla. Each time you speak about doing things right, you speak about Tesla. And every time you seek a model for organization analysis…well, yes, you are welcome to consider Tesla. Here I will conduct the Tesla supply chain case study — as a bonus, there is also Apple SWOT […]
7 min.
Tesla supply chain case study and SWOT analysis — 2018 version
How to start an essay

How to Start an Essay with Baits to Hook Your Readers

Hey there! I’m sure you are reading this guide because you are struggling with how to start your essay. Have you ever raged because you don’t know how to start an essay? Have you ever blankly stared at the computer screen because you’re stuck? If your answer is “yes”, then you’re not the only one […]
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How to start an essay

10 Paraphrase Examples For Your Academic Needs

Greetings everyone! I’ll provide you with 10 paraphrase examples for your reference. Never fear, for I will also teach you how to paraphrase a text for your academic papers. Speaking of which, I vaguely remember my teacher telling the class to paraphrase to make everything… fresh (phrase). Anyway, let’s embark on a journey to the […]
6 min.

Let’s Learn How to Quote a Quote in APA And MLA

When I was a student, I had little to no knowledge about quoting quotes in MLA or APA. As a matter of fact, very few teachers taught us the basic foundation of quoting in different citation styles- or even the proper use of quotation marks. You’re right, my classmates and I have to learn almost […]
9 min.

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