Unique Satire Essay Topics to Write in 2019

Satire essay topics
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When I think of satire essay topics, I always remind of a famous phrase by Matt Groening: “I know all those words, but that sentence makes no sense to me.” Indeed, we may know all these ideas and have a template for our satire essay paper, but a good topic title still escapes us. Looking through our essay archives and consulting with the best satirical geeks in our team, we came up with a list of unique satire essay topics to write in 2018.

Still, before we proceed with the list, we want to remind you, our dear reader, that no matter what satirical essay topic and style you may choose, always remember to be empathic, respectful, caring, and tolerant to others because it is possible to write a unique satire essay without hurting someone’s feelings!

   🎯 Identifying Satire

Mark Twain said that an honest politician is an oxymoron. This is an excellent example of a satire that does not turn to actual names, yet speaks in general terms, while remaining witty and humorous. We want to help you identify satire in the topic of your choice before you actually browse through the list. It is best done with the actual examples. Think about the songs of Weird Al Yankovic or rhetorics of the Daily Show. Then, there is a Weekend Update program from Saturday Night Live that aims to affect a significant political or a social change by acting as an expression of an opinion.

Satire can be aimed toward one individual only or even the world when the talk goes of environmental issues and the way politicians try to speak volumes but do little. Satire can be comical and light-hearted, yet when it is exposing something or acting as a protest, it has to be serious. As you identify the satire in the topic ideas below, think of what category it belongs to and what kind of a message it is supposed to deliver.

      📋 Unique Satire Essay Topics List

  • All this stress of the upper-class people. – Now the wealthy and famous people also go through lots of pressure and it is not easy to belong to the upper class. What club to go to or what dress to wear? What car to drive and how to drive the famous parent crazy in a unique way? Just think about all the fun things that can help people appreciate all that they take for granted, as well as what they may already have!
  • Why do people still believe the politicians? – It is hard to imagine that anyone knows the right answer to the question, yet we need someone to trust because we expect good changes to come our way. Write about how you choose a political preference and speak of reasons why you still have some trust left. You know, the word politics is actually made out of two words: poli (many) and tics (blood-sucking creatures)! 🙂
  • Office harassment is just high school bullying in disguise. – Has it ever occurred to you that all this office harassment is just a high school in disguise with the same cat fights and people making faces behind your back? The office harassment should have its roots somewhere because all the workplace conflicts are just an example of someone’s bad behavior that is as old as your Granny’s armchair!
  • Are robots more responsible and hard-working than people? – The robots may be more hard-working because they are programmed to do the same work, so the “responsibility” part originates from all the work done by the programmer. The thing is that robots do not make mistakes unless there is a malfunction, yet there is no creativity and progress of any kind.
  • How Google replaces our creativity. – As soon as we want to find out something, we head over to Google and try to click on the top five or top ten results that we get. In such a way, we do not look further than the search results that are intentionally provided by the media networks and those in power. How about doing your own research instead of looking through not so successful results? Yes, it takes time, but Google this, Google that… and everyone’s an empty head, as they used to say when I was a college student!
  • Does school really teach us anything? We all have been to school (well, almost!), yet has it taught us anything? Does it show us how to learn and process the information? Or is the school just a dumb memorization process that does not really help us in the future life?
  • “The harder you work, the lesser you are paid” dilemma. This statement is a fantastic example of a satire topic related to employment conditions. Sounds familiar? Try to explore the reasons why some of us work harder, yet our salary does not seem to increase. We know the feeling very well, yet we shall always continue to work harder as we are MORE responsible and hard-working than these robots!
  • Technology slaves. The man and the machine. – Are we really in control of technology or is everything just the other way around? Maybe we just became the slaves of all these smartphones and Ilet-me-think-for-you or “Ilet-me-be-your-master” devices. Not throwing stones in Apple’s yard, but you get the idea! I’m just satirical, you know?
  • How to survive a day without the Internet. – In the age of technology and social networks, a day spent without Internet may sound like a survival game. Nevertheless, how can one survive without the Internet and all these handheld electronic devices? Share your tips and let your mind roam through all the fun!
  • Is freedom of speech freedom for or freedom from? – Alright, getting serious here! What is a freedom of speech and is it freedom for something or freedom from something? If something has to be restricted, according to common sense, is it right or wrong?
  • First, we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin… Legalization of Marijuana. – All these debates related to marijuana for recreational purposes reminds me of a situation when a person starts with one bad word, thinking it is perfectly fine, and then starts cursing like a sailor.
  • How to succeed at school without studying much – Well, share your secrets about how to party like a rock star and still get the best grades in college! Such precious information should be shared with the rest of the world, so be a good person and tell us all! 🙂
  • Global Warming is a hoax – As there is so much being said about global warming, it sounds like a hoax because… No, really, try to think about why it became a modern way to get media presence and to remain in the spotlight.
  • How to fail your exams with the help of social media – a very good lifehack! Just try to reply to all the messages you get on Facebook and remember to like all that you dislike, yet have to love because you want to be liked. Exams are coming up, yet you need to focus on your Facebook chores and responsibilities!
  • How to benefit from being late – being late for an important date or a meeting can be turned into an advantage. Think about all these good apologizing phrases that can make you feel a victim of the circumstances (or a shrewd manipulator?).

      📋 Additional Satire Essay Topics

satire essay topics list

This time we want to focus on rough examples of satire essay topics. Remember, it is done in a light-hearted way!

  • Dealing with overpopulation: maybe the methods of Sparta are right? – Maybe it is right to deal with the overpopulation of the planet Earth the way they did in Ancient Sparta? Or should we just send people to the moon?
  • Fighting the racism: where should all the racists be sent to? – Let’s get rid of all the racists and send them over to Antarctica! One wise person once said that it is an eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind…
  • Saving the energy resources: let’s go back to the carts and horses! – Wouldn’t it just be better if we all went back to the carts and horses to save the resources? Think about how bizarre some offered solutions can be and how many of the present-day problems are artificially-made.
  • What would the elimination of money do? What new currency will emerge? – Imagine, if we had no money. What new currency would emerge and how would people pay for something? Is it ever possible to get rid of money per se?
  • Let’s introduce equal salaries for all people! – Probably rings true to the people of Belgium where the politics receive way more than casual employees. If everyone had the same pay, what would the world be like? No more uneasy questions about how much does one earn…
  • Is TV a better babysitter than Facebook? – Do you think that Facebook is a better babysitter of the modern age than TV? Maybe the video games are more powerful? They help to develop cognitive skills after all! 😉
  • Choosing the career: what lipstick is more work-efficient? – Come on! The job is not about your knowledge or a great resume. It is about your nice suit and a tie, fancy dress, and an expensive lipstick. You have to look like a king or a queen of fashion to shine in the office like a bunch of LED lamps!
  • My favorite enemy. – You may choose your personal situation and tell about how you deal with your enemy or choose two politics who fight against each other but still share a drink or two when the cameras are away.
  • A president for a day. – If you do not want to mention something specific or get way too personal on a particular subject, choose this option and write about what would you do if you had a chance to be a present for a day. We are waiting, Mr. President!
  • Living well is the best revenge. – When all the people just fight for profits and luxury, it is still possible to make the best out of what you already have. Show them all that you are living well and make them all envy your good spirits and charm!
  • Are you as successful as you are on Facebook? – Remember these t-shirts that wished you to be as successful and wealthy as you are on Facebook? We do! Write about all the myths that people use when they communicate online. Quite a lot to choose from for your satire essay!
  • Why are tweets so short? – We do not know about you, but we think that tweets are way too short! Politics would do much more if they had five more symbols! Think about this topic and write about how adding at least five symbols could change the world!
  • We don’t believe in UFO but believe the politics. – We realize that almost nobody has seen the UFO in person, yet we have seen the politics, so we believe them… All is clear now!
  • Should the robots be allowed to vote? – The robots seem to replace people in most jobs, so should the robots be allowed to vote and have the fundamental robot rights? If we assume that the robots are intelligent, should their voting rights be considered?
  • How to write a book review without actually reading it – as the true Geeks who read as much as we can, we won’t really share the secret here, but it is possible to write a book review without actually reading the book first. Use the satire and share the trick of flipping through the book, reading the introduction, the very last paragraph. Well, you know the old trick!

We have just looked through 30 unique satire essay topics, so it is the right time to get some satire essay writing tips and precautions, as well as learn a bit more about satire essay types. Why did we say “precautions”? It is so because it cannot be stressed enough that satire essays should not be evil and angry. They have to be educative, smart, witty, and intelligent!

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   ✅ Satire Essay Writing Tips and Precautions

Unless you choose religion and the immigrants, people from different cultures, and the racial tensions in the society, you are most likely safe from getting in trouble with your satire essay. We realize that it is not possible to please everyone as you write your satire essay paper, yet following these simple rules will help you to get the good grades and still keep safe:

  • Make sure to avoid using of the foul language even if you are quoting.
  • Avoid focusing on religion and the topics that may be too sensitive for some people.
  • As you make a satirical statement, do not forget to explain why it is made and finish the paragraph with a lesson or moral.
  • Use a clear structure for your satire essay where you start with a problem statement, the satirical part (protest or irony), the proposed solution in ironic form, and the moral or an open question.
  • If you use any external sources for your statements, remember to point it out and use direct quotes, so people see that your satire essay is backed-up by the facts and verified data.
  • Add graphics to your satire essay, if allowed. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.
  • If you have a powerful example from a book or a famous TV show, use it in your satire essay.
  • Finding your topic, always check with your teacher to make sure that the topic is acceptable.
  • Share your outline with the teacher or a college professor, so you both are on the same track.
  • Always proofread your satire essay paper and write down the list of emotions that the essay makes you feel. Is it anger or anxiety? Does the composition help deliver the message?

   🔢 Types of Satire Essays

Just when you have a topic for your satire essay, it is important to remember that there are different kinds of satire essays. Here are the most common types of satire essays:

  • Political Satire – you can mock the politicians and show protest to certain actions and policies in the society. Keep your work stylish and think about Stephen Colbert as a perfect example of an intelligent political satire.
  • Literature Satire – choose Mark Twain as an example and his witty humor and satire in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Speaking of racism and the struggles in the society, Twain uses satire to express woes and sufferings in a way that touches the hearts.
  • Irony Satire – it is a style of writing where the meaning is different to the words you use.
  • Parody Satire – remember that Sparta example or songs by Weird Al Yankovich? It is an example of parody in satire.
  • Sarcasm Satire – it is when and where you can get harsh and write an essay that may even hurt while still being funny. It is like the “Marriage is the chief cause of divorce” phrase. If you want to be really strict and almost nasty, this is your type of a satire essay!

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I hope that we could help you understand how to write a good satire essay paper by turning to actual examples and keeping each topic as much detailed as we could. Just in case you need more help, feel free to leave a comment below or join our student-tutor collaboration platform!

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