Not Usual Informative Essay Topics Examples + Expanded Ideas

In informative essays, tutors want you to create a full overview of some topic or idea without giving your opinion. So, you should write something like this article or all “what is” or “how to” articles you read on the Internet.

The only pitfall is that informative papers should be interesting and engaging. Tricky, isn’t it?

I think that informative essay topics are the thing that does the half of all work. If your question is exciting, there is a little of a chance to fail at being interesting. Today I will share topics for essays I love the most and provide the best examples for you to use.

Updated September 18, 2018: After your request, I added clues on content and organization for every topic in the list. Enjoy 😘

Stereotypical Informative Essay Topics that No One Interested In (And Hints to Enhance Them)

Let us start with problems that are not interesting on any occasion. I know that many tutors already put them on a blacklist, but I can assure you that no teacher will be glad to see such an informative essay in the inbox. Use these topics only if your teacher explicitly demands it.

  • Global Warming
  • Famine in Africa
  • Abortion — Prolife and Prochoice
  • Donald Trump Presidency
  • Donald Trump vs. Barack Obama vs. Hillary Clinton vs. Whatnot
  • Violence in Video Games
  • Free vs. Limited Guns Sale
  • LGBTQ People

Have you caught the idea? Teachers are tired of generic topics about glacier melting and atrocities in poor African countries. These are well-known to the general audience, and you will need to add something new to the common knowledge. Even a good hook cannot save a topic that was sucked dry by millions of students.

Stereotypical Informative Essay Topics — a man warns to never select them

I have created a checklist that helps to understand whether the topic is interesting. Your informative essay will suffer if your argument fits any of the following criteria.

  • Revolves around well-known facts and terms. Global warming, sex trafficking, abortions — they are good if the class demands them, but many teachers are outraged by receiving tons of papers on these topics.
  • Discusses topics popular in media. Politicians, school violence, Russian involvement in elections are presented by every Dick, Tom and Harry on the Internet and TV, and are not desired by teachers. Such an informative paper will require much research to be non-partisan and objective.
  • Touches upon areas that may be offensive. If there are feminists in your class, they will not be glad to discuss alternative viewpoints on abortions. LGBTQ people may find your speculations about their place in society too lame, and African Americans know best what it means to be African American in the U.S.

A couple is shocked by informative essay topics

Do you still want to write about these topics? You tutor assigned you one, and you want to make it original? Add some spice! Here go a couple of tricks that will turn even the most boring or controversial topic into a great subject for the informative essay.

Short Informative Essay Topics: Effective Timesaving

If you are reading this, then you want your essay to be original, but not too long or hard to research. Thankfully, there is a list of topics that are easy and exciting, and fill fit both high school and college English classes. Here you go:

1Musk’s Wonderland: Three Things You Didn't Know.

Elon Musk is a business magician of today, but many of his creations are unknown — good point for the informative essay! For example, Musk has recently announced that he is planning to make a computer-brain interface to increase thinking efficiency.

Elon Musk attacks those who do not use his informative essay topics

2Heroes: Who, Where, Why?

Write about whom you think to be the most significant people of today, why they deserve this status and what exactly they do. It is fast, exciting and easy to write.

3Cultural Impact of a Popular Media Product.

Such titles like Game of Thrones, Star Wars or the Elder Scrolls result in a massive echo among people. Cosplayers, fanfiction, user parodies, and comedy — there are many interesting things that you can easily find about your favorite problem.

Elves may be a good topic for an informative essay

3Thing We Do Not Notice: Three Little Wonders of Today

Do you know how people could meet in a crowded street without having a phone? Or, how people found directions before GPS and map apps for smartphones appeared? Such informative essays are extremely popular because they show how rapidly the world changes.

What do you need for a short essay is a vast amount of material. If you have many sources, then you can quickly get the hottest facts and put them into your paper.

Informative Essay Topics for High School: Exploring the World

I think it is unfair to assume that high school essays are more relaxed than college ones. While undergraduate students usually get narrow topics and assignments, people at schools receive great freedom in topic choice. They need to be creative — and creativeness is the most laborious task in any writing.

Informative Essay Topics for High School: Exploring the World

My fellow teachers helped me to gather informative essay topics that they are always glad to see. Feel free to change them in any way.

1Mysteries of Neighborhood.

Every town, city, and state have fascinating but rarely known facts, which may be omitted even by locals. Maybe, there is a one hundred years old person in the city? Alternatively, is there a police officer who took part in an unusual case? Such informative essays often become star-rated and end up published in local newspapers, so it is a good bet for a school paper.

2What Jobs Will Disappear and What Will Emerge by the Time I Graduate?

Technology disrupts the world, so it is vital to know the future of the labor market before seeking undergraduate education. There is plenty of the information on the Internet, and I believe that you will find many shocking and unexpected facts. Besides, this topic was of our $1000 Scholarship Essay Contest in summer.

3How Did Students Learn Before the XX Century?

It is a fun, exciting and sometimes scary topic about your peers from distant ages. For example, students of the past were not allowed to write on the paper in order to save it, and instead of disciplinary proceedings, they were punished with birch sticks stored in salty water 😯

4What Makes My School Unique?

It is a controversial but engaging topic where you will compare your school with institutions of other districts, cities, states, and countries, and find things that one can never see elsewhere. It may be as little as lockers’ color, or as big as festivals. Teachers are always delighted to read informative essays of that kind, and you will surely gain several points on the top for originality.

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Informative Essay Topics About Stress

Where studying goes, there stress follows — there is no surprise that many students are required to write about discomfort and distress. It is also a frequent topic for psychology college first-year students. The following topics that I created are based on scientific articles I have read recently so that you will find both academic and popular sources on them.

Besides, we’ve created a comprehensive list of psychology topics for research papers. Check it out — they may fit your informative essay as well. 

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1Academic Stress Causes Depression: Threats and Remedies.

It is a true fact, by the way — researchers have proved that the accumulation of distress related to studying soon develops in depression, sometimes as sharp as a clinical one. Moreover, not all the students are subject to the phenomenon — the area of risk includes those who belong to the upper class, live off campus and combine work with studying.

Informative Essay Topics About Stress

2Symptoms of Chronic Stress to Which No One Pays Attention.

Stress is a real mental health epidemic in developed countries, and people around you are already subject to it. Did you know that the manner to east fast, waggle or shake legs and always hurry are all signs of the chronic stress? All these are a good foundation for an informative essay.

3Accessible Ways to Get Stress Relief.

Senior people say that today’s youth has lost an ability to relax and have fun, and that may be true — a little of us know how to let tension and anxiety go within 15 minutes. Thus, it is an excellent topic for an informative paper! There is a lot of research and good articles available so that it will work great for schools and colleges.

4Distressing Technology: Stress from Comfort.

Modern communication technologies such as instant messaging and social media are cool, but they may also be sources of stress and tension. Journalists and scientists often write about how Facebook, SMS, and notifications on smartphones drive people crazy. Hence, you will have no difficulties while searching information on this topic.

Moreover, you can also research your community or a social group to find a unique topic for the paper on stress. For example, you may find individual factors of stress that affect African American or European people or conduct short research on stress-coping methods twenty years ago and now.

Informative Essay Topics on Love: The World of Controversies

If you think that writing about stress or social issues is too depressing, then try love — this topic never fails either in school or colleges. However, students love writing about high feelings, so check my top 5 list of ideas that have no “best before” date.

Informative Essay Topics on Love: The World of Controversies

1Why Do We Love? Body Chemistry.

We all know about all hormones that take part in creating love but often forget about them. If you pursue a degree in Endocrinology, you will undoubtedly write this informative essay during your first years of studying. For other people, it is an excellent way to dilute boring papers of classmates that talk about divorce and marriage statistics.

2Valentine: Numbers, Facts, and Surprises.

We all know that St. Valentine is indeed a cunning trick of flower shops and gift stores to grab some cash, but some facts may surprise you — and readers of your paper too! For example, men buy flowers four times more often than women, and females buy cards four times more often than men. Moreover, people spend on gifts for their pets $100 million more than for co-workers. No need to thank me for the first two sources for your essay 😎

3Premises to Successful Marriage: Tips from Pros.

Teachers often complain that students focus on divorces more than on successful pairings. While it is good from survivorship bias point of view, doing the right things are always more difficult than avoiding the wrong ones. Conduct some research and inform your audience about behaviors, tips, and conditions that create durable and long-lasting couples.

4Love is Never the Same: Global Love Culture.

We know that Eskimo rub noses instead of greeting kiss, or that the Japanese think that walking under one umbrella is very intimate and romantic. These are good starting points for the essay that will reveal different views and practices of love all over the world.

5How Love Should Look Like in the Modern Age.

In the 50s, people were sure that the best place for women after marriage is the kitchen. Gross! Now, the worldview has changed, but popular culture still markets us with classic love stories of submissive woman and dominant men. So, take your keyboard and create an essay about modern relationships, which are ethical, equalitarian and respectful.

The rule of the thumb is that you should tell something that will surprise people. It is not a big deal that billions are spent on St. Valentine’s Day, but it is pretty fascinating that almost a billion spent on Valentine’s gifts for pets. You may use these topics as examples or grab them right away.

So, now you are ready to begin writing — this blog is stuffed with guides so that it will not be a big problem. Besides, you may share the topic that you are looking for in comments. Maybe, the community of nerds will drop in to help you a bit 😊

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