50 Pop Culture Topics You’ll Enjoy Writing About

There are too many pop culture topics — sometimes they become blurry

I like writing about pop culture because it offers a myriad of issues to discuss, which we are well-aware about. However, according to HomeworkLab’s Geeks experience, your tutor will not be impressed by another essay on whether or not Kylie Jenner is a self-made billionaire, even though this discussion emerged only a couple of months ago! Thus, If you’ll ever have a chance to write about pop culture topics, choose one of the ideas below. We checked them for uniqueness, creativity, availability of sources and interest — they will fit both college and high school students, and will definitely bring the house down!

   Examples of Pop Culture Papers from Homework Lab Geeks!

Before you start, have you ever wondered how other students deal with similar tasks? If yes, then you will be delighted to see best pop culture essay examples from Homework Lab Essay Database — one of the most frequently updated collections of donated student papers. Personally, I like this collection because it shows how diverse can pop culture papers be. So, if you doubt whether your topic is too intricate, have no fear and check samples below!

  • “Culinary Modernism: Making Food Better” essay example discusses the study by Rachel Lauden, who found out that changes in food culture, actually, helped to establish modern American culture we are familiar with today! That was a huge surprise and a definite must-read for me (like really).
  • “Advertising Principles & Strategy Report on “It’s a Mitsi” ad” is a powerful analysis example of another pop culture element — advertisements. If you want to see how ads are broken down by your peers, check this out to get a good outline and sources.
  • “Racial Discrimination in Mass Media” essay sample focuses on an old but crucial history of racism as a cultural phenomenon in the U.S. If you think that no racial discrimination can exist in the age of Kanye West, then this paper sample will help to refresh your ideas.
  • “Foundations of Urban” analysis sample shows how popular movies can be deconstructed into basic codes and symbols that directors and screenwriters use to forge the magic of the story. It’s an excellent example for those who want to reach the very depth of our pop culture.
  • “Garth Edwards Art and History” essay takes a look on another aspect of pop culture, which is often left behind by students — modern fine arts. Yeah, pop painters also exist today, and they are making millions as easy as pop stars; check the sample out to know how.

Luckily, examples don’t exhaust our offer for you today! After detailed research of our knowledge base, construed on the experience of students who reached Homework Lab for help, Geeks created 50 best pop culture topics for you. You may be sure that your tutor will be impressed — Geeks ensured that ideas are fresh, and you will quickly find good sources to cite. Check them below! 👇

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   Pop Culture Research Topics

A number of issues related to pop culture research require in-depth examination. Thus, you’re lucky to demonstrate the breadth and depth of your knowledge, as well as analytical skills and out-of-box thinking. Our Geeks also focused on another topic characteristic important for research — availability of sources. For ideas below, you will find both media articles in Google and academic articles in Google Scholar, so get ready to impress!

  1. In your opinion, is there any relationship between joining countercultures and attempts to create and express own identity?
  2. Countercultures are commonly more popular among teenagers than with adults. In your opinion, why people leave countercultures when they mature?
  3. Can the term high quality apply to pop culture? What are the distinctive features of a high-quality product, and which of them are relevant to pop culture?
  4. Pop culture changes with every generation, therefore, it reflects the features of a particular era. Do you agree? Please, cite examples to justify your opinion.
  5. Experts severely criticize some popular products. Why do they become bestsellers then?
  6. These days, soap operas are not so popular as they used to be years ago. In your opinion, what is the reason for the dramatic decline in popularity?
  7. There is an opinion that pop culture is soaked with racism and sexism. Do you agree? Please, cite examples to illustrate your view.
  8. Many gifted people are engaged in making pop culture products. Do you believe they are wasting their talent? Why or why not?
  9. What is the role of social media in the development of pop culture products?
  10. Can piracy be called an inherent part of pop culture? Please, cite evidence for your opinion.

Did you notice that all these topics are debatable? The majority of research essays require to develop an argument, so their thesis statement should contain something controversial. Also, Geeks made sure that they will fit your classroom discussion or speech assignment. However, if you need more topics to fuel argument among your peers, you should check Debate Ideas below.

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   Pop Culture Controversial Topics

As you might have already understood, pop culture is quite an ambiguous issue. Moreover, the ability to see the controversy in everyday life is a sign of high-level analytical skills — the trait you will definitely want to demonstrate in college. So, here’s a bunch of spicy 🌶️ topics for your consideration:

controversial pop culture topics and shocked idols

  1. Some countercultures should be banned. Do you agree with this statement? Cite evidence to justify your opinion.
  2. Cartoons like Toy Story are bright and catchy, but they are hardly half as good as Disney classics. Do you agree with the statement? Please justify your response.
  3. Most pop culture products are criticized for being trash. Do you agree with such an opinion? Please give reasons for your response.
  4. Good old books, music, etc. are usually better than modern bestsellers. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  5. In your opinion, should social media activity (e.g., Tweets) be subjected to strict moderation?
  6. Pop culture products bend the aesthetic perception of the present day youth. Do you agree with this statement? Please cite evidence for your opinion.
  7. Do you agree that A New Hope is better than The Empire Strikes Back? Why or why not?
  8. Celebrities must be held accountable for racism and sexism messages in their products, e.g., music, video, books. Do you agree with this statement?
  9. Parents should pay more attention to the music that their kids listen, videos that they watch, books they read, etc. In your opinion, must parents be held accountable for their kids’ aesthetic perceptions?
  10. Reading comics leads to a superficial perception of everyday reality. Do you agree with the statement? Please, cite specific reasons for your opinion.

A friendly warning for you — remember to be ethical! Even if you don’t like goths or punks, you should present good arguments and strong evidence for your statements. It’s a universal success formula for any academic task. Good culture topics that follow, however, are risk-free — they are founded on facts and your opinion, where you cannot make any mistakes.

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   Risk-Free and Best Pop Culture Topics

Every pop culture topic is good if it is thought-provoking and initiates a dialogue. But if you’re stuck on your pop culture essay, consider one of the topics below. Their best advantage is that you can quickly find sources and cannot be mistaken with your standpoint. Yeah, such topics as racism in pop media can be explored in the wrong way! So, less arguable but interesting themes are a good choice when you want to get your A or B without any struggle.

  1. What is the fundamental difference between traditional culture and pop culture?
  2. Every pop culture will be a classics one day. Do you agree? Please, cite examples to illustrate your opinion.
  3. What is your opinion on pop culture? What do you like/dislike in it and why?
  4. Do you agree that pop culture unites young people around the world? Can you give an example to illustrate your response?
  5. Pop stars can influence society in a number of ways. Do you agree with this statement? Can you cite an example of such influence?
  6. What is your personal opinion on popular culture? What do you like or dislike about it?
  7. What are the ways to fight piracy in pop culture? Please cite existing strategies or suggest your own one(s).
  8. What do you know about the history of pop culture? What are the milestones? Why are they important?
  9. What pop culture product would you recommend to a friend? Why?
  10. Should parents learn more about their children’s preferences in music, books, etc.? Why or why not?

You may see that these topics cover copyright issues, allow expressing your opinion and even focus on educational and developmental implications of the pop mainstream. At the same time, they are based on issues that have a little controversy and are well-founded by academic and popular articles. If you are interested in additional informative topics to write about, check questions at the end of this article — they feature the most interesting issues to resolve in 2018-2019!

Do you want to engage your reader from the very first paragraph and take your tutor’s breath away? Our Guide on How to Start an Essay with Hooks and Baits is written especially for this purpose.

   Pop Culture Debate Topic

Of course, I couldn’t miss a chance to create the list of fascinating pop culture topic to write and argue about. Just in case, the essence of debates is to create two standpoints, which two opponents can defend — while attacking each other, of course. Therefore, the best discussion topic is when standpoints are equal — namely, when you cannot give a definite answer from the very beginning. Our Geeks like arguing with each other, so creating this list was a piece of a cake 👌.

  1. Xbox vs. PlayStation: Which system do you prefer? Which one would you recommend to a friend?
  2. Comics spoil our literary taste. Do you agree with this statement? Please, justify your opinion.
  3. Which actor would you nominate for The Best Doctor Who of All Time? David Tennant? Christopher Eccleston? or Peter Capaldi? Give specific reasons for your opinion.
  4. Reading a book or watching a screen version: which is the best way to familiarize with a literary work?
  5. Batman vs. Superman: Who would win the battle?
  6. Screen versions distort the meaning of popular novels. Do you agree with this statement? Please, cite specific arguments to justify your opinion.
  7. Which saga is better: Star Wars or Star Trek? Please, justify your opinion.
  8. Social media networking is a waste of time. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  9. Marvel vs. DC: which universe do you like most?
  10. Pop culture products: trash or a nascent classics? Please, cite specific reasons for your opinion.

Equal standpoints, however, are not necessary if your debates are an open-ended discussion. In such arguments, each participant is to come with own standpoint — so giving only two options is not enough. So I strongly recommend checking pop questions below — you can Google them, but you will never find a definite answer! 👇

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   Pop Culture Questions for 2018-2019

Finally, look through the best pop culture questions 2018-2019. Most of them are thought-provoking. But it’s good for you since tangled questions tend to transform into great essays!

Emoji that thinks heavily about pop culture essay topics

  1. What American company will have the most significant net worth in 2019?
  2. What movie will make the most money in 2019?
  3. What movie is the most awaited in 2019?
  4. Will there be a book that will be more popular than the Harry Potter series?
  5. Who is the main character in the Hunger Games?
  6. What social media platform will be the most popular among Americans when Facebook collapses?
  7. What app is the most commonly used in the world?
  8. What will be the top-selling album of 2019?
  9. What will be the most popular cartoon in 2019?
  10. Who is the most famous DJ in the world?

   What Else Can be Done?

Now, you know everything needed to write an essay, conduct a research or prepare a passionate speech. Hey, you have the best 50 pop culture topics in your armory — it’s an advantage over any of your peers! Just use them wisely! Small alterations are negligible, but if you make large changes, better check Google to make sure that you can find sources! Citing and paraphrasing is the essence of any academic work. As far as Wikipedia and blogs are not credible sources, mainstream topics may become your fly in the ointment.

Still, you don’t have to be alone! If you need help with sources, topic or ideation, there are some Geek guys to help you 😜.

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