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opinion essay topics
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Writing an opinion essay is a fascinating task where you can express your opinion. It is a kind of composition work that most children learn to do in school where a teacher provides them with a topic and asks the children to write down their thoughts on a particular idea. While, it is easy when a school teacher gives one topic for all students, it is not always the case and the students often get stuck!

As a college graduate, I remember a very good and a skilled student who came up to me just five hours before the final deadline. She was desperate because she could not find a good topic to write an opinion essay topic. When I mentioned three good topics, she said that she would like to have more in several subjects. As I provided a list of over 30 topics in 20 minutes, the student’s eyes shone with joy as she quickly chose one of the most appropriate options. I

t taught me a valuable lesson: every student can get stuck once in a while even with a simple task. We always have a personal opinion, yet when a free choice of topic is given, it becomes way too difficult to write. I did the work for you by coming up with the opinion essay topics to choose from! Take your seat, read slowly and enjoy! This is what the topic lists are for!

   ❓ What is an Opinion Essay?

An opinion essay is a writing workб where you have to present a personal opinion about the topic of choice as a writer. Your opinion has to be stated clearly and supported by reasons and the clear examples. One important thing to consider when you say your opinion is that an opposing viewpoint should be included in a separate paragraph. It is advised to do so before the conclusion. Such “opposite view paragraph” should end with a strong argument that shows why an opposite opinion is weak, wrong, immoral, unethical or just an unconvincing viewpoint. As for your own opinion, it has to be included in the introduction with your thesis statement. The thesis statement, in its own turn, has to be re-stated in the conclusion, to sum up the body paragraphs.

   📋 See Some Actual Essay Examples

Just before we proceed, I want to share several actual opinion essay examples, so you can see how the students express their opinions on a particular topic. It is a very good example of format and structure where a personal opinion of the author comes through and makes the opinion essay unique and successful. See how some students even turned to external researching to support their opinion!

  • Business with Humanity in Mind – This is where an author expresses an opinion about a place for humanity in business with an example of Hollywood and the movies. Note how the student starts with an explanation of the idea before continuing with a personal opinion.
  • The Use of the Cellphones by the Students in Educational Establishments Journal Entry example – This time we have an example of an opinion essay related to technology, the use of the cellphones in educational establishments! A good example to engage your brain, I think!
  • Social Equality and Race Discrimination – The issue of social equality and the race discrimination is a complex issue, yet it is a good chance for the students to speak out one’s opinion based on a local issue or an event.
  • Flickr & Its Impacts – An example of the IT-related topic where a student has chosen a photo-sharing platform, touching on the subjects of privacy, copyright, and the social interaction that helps to unite people. Quite a good example where the author’s verbal presence clearly expresses an opinion!

On to the good opinion topics list now!!!

       🏃 Opinion Essay Topics for School Children

opinion essay topics for schoolchildren

Okay, now let us start with the topics for the youngest of our readers or for the parents (or siblings) whose children (or younger siblings) struggle with finding a good opinion topic! Have no fear and try to make it as much fun and personal as you can!

  • Are dogs more friendly than the cats? Write about why you think cats are friendlier or dogs make better guardians.
  • How would you deal with the school bullies? Do tell if you think that it is best to tell your parents than a teacher and why.
  • What is your favorite video game? Write about what you really like! Maybe because Minecraft helps to think and inspires you to be creative?
  • How would you promote knowledge about the world in your class? Think of some great cultural projects or tell about your visit to another country or a special place!
  • You are a peacemaker for your town or a village. What would you do and why do you think it is the best way to keep the peace?
  • What is your dream vacation and why?
  • What would you do if you were the last person left on Earth?
  • Do you think that it would be better if there were no homework? Sure it would, but try to explain why!
  • You have a superpower! Now what would you choose and how would you use it?
  • What would you advice to a child who is afraid of the dark?
  • How would you like to improve your school?
  • What is the best present for a girl?
  • As a boy, I really like… Write about what you really like and tell why it is so!

Get creative, my young friend, and remember to speak of your opinion and tell what you think! Trust me, it will inspire your classmates and make them feel courageous as they read their own opinion essays in the class!

      🏛 High School Opinion Essay Topics

high school opinion essay topics

High school is an important period of life when writing an opinion essay is your chance to let your friends and the teacher know about your personality and opinion. As you only discover the world and try to be strong and independent, writing a great opinion essay is your chance to belong!

  • Cell Phones and Social Media. Should school children be allowed to use cell phones at school? Write about your opinion and explain why do you think it should be a normal practice or if it should be avoided.
  • Do you think that there should be no zoos but the special centers where the animals live in special, yet unrestricted conditions? Write about your opinion on this matter.
  • Do the modern TV series exaggerate the importance of money for the success of a person? Provide an example and let people know of your personal opinion.
  • What is your personal idea of success? Is it learning of a foreign language or being active online with a popular social media profile? Maybe it means having lots of friends, being an athlete or a singer in a college band?
  • Why do we like celebrities and who is your favorite celebrity, if any? Write about your opinion and try to explain why do we need a hero.
  • What is the best way to do homework? Write about your learning style and speak about what makes things easier for you.
  • Should smoking in public places be prohibited? Write about healthcare safety and share your opinion about it.
  • Is it acceptable to use foul language in music? Write about your thoughts on this sensitive matter.
  • Do you think that there should be any additional school lesson? Write about your personal ideas.
  • Do you think that e-learning will soon replace the usual textbooks? As a digital native, what do you think?

      🌎 IELTS Opinion Essay Topics

IELTS Opinion Essay Topics

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System and acts as a standard for checking the English proficiency for non-native English language speakers. Without a doubt, it can be quite challenging to come up with a strong opinion topic without making it too complicated. Thinking over possible ideas, I came up with the following opinion essay topics that are both challenging and relevant:

  • Is it better to spend funds to find prevention to the problem instead of wasting money on the new types of medication? What is your personal opinion about it?
  • Does social media help people from different cultures understand each other in a better way? As an international student or someone from a particular culture, write down your personal thoughts.
  • Living in a world of technology, do you think that Internet and e-learning take away the human (physical) element of modern learning?
  • There are still countries where the parents choose to send their children to single-sex schools. Do you think that such a practice makes children feel disadvantaged? Maybe you think that it is a good practice that keeps children disciplined and more focused on their gender roles?
  • The scientists and the technology experts are as important as the musicians and the artists these days. Do you think that it is a fair statement? What is your opinion about the contribution of each profession? Why does the modern world appreciate people in IT and technology field more than the artists who are not in the mainstream and the popular media? Is there a place for art in the mass culture? Just think about possible ideas to express your opinion!

The trick in writing of a good opinion essay is using the strong argumentation and doing your best to explain why do you think your opinion is valid. Come up with several thesis statements first and choose the one that reflects you in the best way!

      🎓 Opinion Essay Topics for College Students

Opinion Essay Topics for College Students

Finally, there are some good opinion essays for the college students! Just make sure that your college professor is fine with the topic that you choose, so it is always good to have several backup ideas at hand! It is one of the reasons why I personally like the topic idea lists so much! I have tried my best to pick inspiring topics, so you have a start for ideas you may already have in mind:

  • The college professors are often biased and often show signs of favoritism. Do you think that this statement is true?
  • The college debt among the students often makes the college education less favorable and turns studying into an endless financial challenge. I am sure that you can relate, so speak your mind!
  • There are not enough tools to address safety on campus. What is your opinion about current safety initiatives on your campus?
  • The college students often become victims of fast food and do not follow healthy eating practices. How would you address the situation and do you think it is not a problem?
  • Is volunteering and social work in college helping to boost student’s image? Write about why do you think it is a valid statement or speak out an opposite opinion by explaining why it seems useless in the modern world!
  • Do you think that college professors are too strict on plagiarism issues?
  • How would you explain the rise of private tutoring services? Is it a problem with the college teaching styles or are the deadlines too strict?

Just start with these ideas and do not forget to include an opposite opinion in the paragraph before the conclusion. Scroll below to see the definition of what an opinion essay is and have a look at the opinion essay writing template. Trust me, it makes things much easier!

   ✅ Final Writing Tips and Helpful Ideas

The opinion essay is not really a “for and against” essay that asks to give the arguments. On the contrary, it usually comes as a question in the style of “Do you agree that?” Therefore, it is important to make it personal because it is your chance to speak your opinion. See the writing template example:

  • First Paragraph – this is where you write an introduction to your topic in general terms and the thesis.
  • Second Paragraph – this is where you write the arguments that support YOUR opinion. It is not the case where you write the arguments for.
  • Third Paragraph – this is a place to write about the arguments that are against YOUR opinion. Once again, not in general terms, but in a personal way.
  • Conclusion – the difference with the opinion essay, compared to other works, is that you sum up the arguments where you tell why exactly you think you are right. It is not a summary of some debate or a general belief, but your own take on a particular topic or an issue.

   📋 Questions to Ask When Checking Your Opinion Essay

❓ In Introduction

  • Does the first sentence of your opinion essay grab the reader’s’ attention?
  • Is there a summary of a general idea of the topic you have chosen?
  • Does your introduction include a strong thesis?
  • Does it speak of your own opinion and give a clue about what is to follow?

❓ Body Paragraphs

  • Are there three points to support your thesis statement?
  • Are your opinion points backed up by the references or the case studies/events?
  • Are your opinion points presented from the weakest to strongest to build up the importance?

❓ Conclusion

  • Make sure that no new information is introduced.
  • Write a thesis statement in other words by re-stating the most important points.
  • Is there a final sentence to leave a strong impression?

❓ Do After the Essay is Done

  • Always proofread your essay!
  • Check the format and the requirements again! In order to do so, visit the Purdue Writing Lab. It is where most writing geeks get their knowledge from!
  • Make sure to use strong topic sentences in the body paragraphs!
  • Be sincere! Is it convincing to you and is it really your opinion that shows your best side and knowledge?

   👌 One More Thing Before You Go!

I know the dreadful feeling when nothing seems to work. You might have a good topic, have a template, but still feel anxious about your opinion essay as you need to get it polished and handed to your college professor or a school teacher just in time. Have no fear, my friend! This is what online homework help services are for! Just fill in the short form below, let us know of your task and we shall do our best to connect you with a professional in your field of choice so that you can deliver the best paper!

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