100 Exciting Education Essay Topics for College Students

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The list of 100 interesting education essay topic examples is based on materials that I used for my students with education major during 2018. Finding an excellent argumentative education essay topic can be a tricky process with all the available ideas. Thus, it is no wonder to feel stuck at times! I updated the list for 2019 and decided to publish for your use — feel free to check!

Why do we need education topics? When my students write an education essay, their professors tell them to be specific. How can they be specific when they don’t even know their topic? I decided to go an opposite way to get their minds free from the block — by composing a list of at least ten education topics that they wanted to explore. With more students to come, this list expanded to 100 good topics, each of which was tested for the ability to get A+, find sources on the Internet, and catch attention.

Today, I publish this list for you. Feel free to check my education essay topics below! 👇

   Check Out Some Education Essay Examples From Our Database!

In order to help you through the hunt for knowledge, I want to tell you of several education essay examples that you can look up in our vast essay database:

  • Diversity in Schools – Diversity is one of the most relevant topics in modern education with the presence of international students and the importance of personality and an individual’s growth.
  • The Pros and Cons of Charter Schools – Explore the advantages and flaws of the charter schools. Focus on the reasons why the charter schools can benefit particular students. It is an example of education argument topic where you can speak out your position.
  • Early Education Case Study – Here is an example of a little bit different education essay topic because it is based on a case study where you can do some research and argument your opinion and the educational methods. A good brainstorming example for prospective teachers!
  • The Use of the Cellphones by the Students in Educational Establishments Journal Entry – Living in the age of technology, it is barely possible to write a good education essay without exploring the ways how the cell phones influence the way young people learn. A good example of an education essay with a personal twist!
  • Social Functions of Education – This is an example of an excellent essay where you can explore the social function and the impact of modern education. Choosing the social aspect of learning, you can focus on your particular major and choose between several thesis statements that you may already have in mind!

Before we start with a list of 100 education essay topics, let me tell you a little bit about what an education is and what may be included in an education essay writing. I have divided the topics by 20 examples each, so you can remember the titles without too much stress! Remember that one of the most important tricks that professionals in the field of education use when they have to choose a good essay topic is writing down a list of all the relevant social issues. Your essay has to make people engaged (see the actual examples we have provided), and I know how to help you reach success!

   General Education Topics

Do not be afraid to experience an information overload as the list of 100 topics will keep your mind work like a race car as the creative ideas will start flowing! Take your time as you read through the list because you may already have a good topic in mind, but just need to formulate it in a better way. It is exactly what the topic lists are for – to help a student or a prospective teacher to save time and keep focused when lots of good ideas are just around the corner!

  1. Why is education important in society? You can write about this using your own opinion and focus on why an education is important and life-changing. If you want, you can back up your statements with a research and relevant case study.
  2. Do you take education for granted? Once again, you are free to write in your own words and speak of personal experiences. Why do you take education for granted? What are the factors that make people take education for granted? Is the situation the same in other countries than the one you know well?
  3. Special education. Write about how special education can help people with special needs and how much important it is to timely identify special needs students.
  4. What is education? You can have your own definition of education. You may even cite an existing definition of the concept and state your opinion about it. This is where you can even go philosophical. Be unique!
  5. The quality of education you receive: Is it up to standards? An essay about the quality of education where you can work by comparing the standards on paper and in practice.
  6. Education and the use of technology. Write about how technology and digital media has impacted modern education.
  7. Online/e-learning. Explore the benefits of e-learning and mention how the teachers have to re-learn to adapt to new education methods.
  8. Level of education and employment. Writing this essay, you can explore the relationship between employment rates and the level of education. A true argumentative essay!
  9. Level of education and wages. Do people with a degree get paid more?
  10. Racial/gender discrimination in schools. Explore your local school or write about existing statistics that speak of racial and gender challenges.
  11. What is the purpose of education? This is where you can write about the purposes of education and the goals it tries to achieve. While it may sound obvious, try to write about how education helps to address social challenges and bring development and growth of the younger population.
  12. What is an education system? An essay about your definition and understanding of an education system.
  13. Bullying in schools: How does one address it? Write about the ways how bullying can be identified, reported, and managed. Use this structure as your essay’s body.
  14. Education as a human right: Why is education considered as a human right? Explore the reasons why an education is considered to be a primary human right.
  15. Education and a person’s social standing in his/her community. Write about the ways how education influences social image of a person in the local community.
  16. The importance of teaching handwriting in schools. Write about how the skills of handwriting can help to develop cognitive skills of schoolchildren.
  17. What is/are the significance of learning a second language in school? An essay about learning a second language through the lens of cultural growth and new employment benefits.
  18. The importance of a critical thinking in education. Explore the methods of critical thinking in education for different age groups.
  19. Teacher’s Teaching Style/s versus Student Learning Style/s. Write about how the teaching styles that go against the way a student learns can lead to private tutoring and education conflicts.
  20. The significance of learning soft skills in the academic environment. Start with an explanation of what the soft skills are and end up by writing of how soft skills in the academic environment can help in the future employment.

So you have a topic idea, but still need help on how to start an essay? Stuck with the most basic writing challenges? Get some tips on how to start an essay of any type!

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   Essay Topics Related to The Education System

An education system consists of several institutions, such as schools or the ministries of education. It also includes education policies, academic curriculum, teacher-training methods, challenges of education, and the learning progress among other topics. To help you get through the maze of education systems, check these topics:

  1. What are the flaws of the current education system in the United States? (or any country you choose to research about) For example, write about the mass nature of the current education system that does not address individuality and students with the learning problems that are not yet identified?
  2. What are the benefits of the current education system in the United States? (or any country) Explore the ways in which the education system in the US is unique and beneficial.
  3. How can critical thinking be integrated into the education system? I believe that critical thinking is an important asset in today’s world. This is useful as there is fake news posted all over the internet. Young or old, student or professional, critical thinking plays a significant role.
  4. Integrating practical knowledge into the education system. Write about how the practical skills can challenge existing educational theories.
  5. How can students practice using soft skills in the academic environment (Ex: negotiation)? You can start about mediation, negotiation, dealing with bullying.
  6. How can soft skills be integrated the academic setting? Write an essay by turning to sociocultural theorists.
  7. What is your school’s policy on bullying? Are there changes you want to bring up? Choosing to write this essay topic, you can start by researching your school and speak of your own experiences.
  8. Adopting a 21st century model in the education system. Start your essay with a table where you write of things that make 21st-century model unique.
  9. What is the future of education? Feel free to be as creative as you can.
  10. Is memorization still practice in modern schools? Explore the new ways of learning with the help of technology and see what role is played by memorization.
  11. What can the current school system do with the mental health of students? Write about the ways how the schools can identify and help students with mental issues.
  12. What can the school system do to promote diversity in the classroom? Write about cultural initiatives in the classroom.
  13. Compare and contrast the US Education System with another education system model (Ex: Finland) How different is the education system in the US and what practices from the other countries could be beneficial?
  14. Integrating Sex Education in the school’s curriculum. Be argumentative and write about the pros and cons of sex education in the modern school.
  15. Are school policies gender fair? While every school’s policy is different, choose the most extreme ones and try to explore from there.
  16. Historical bias in lectures or textbooks. Try to remain unbiased as you write. As you write this essay, see how each country discusses the same historic event.
  17. Are teachers paid enough? An article about the balance of teacher’s responsibilities and wages.
  18. How can schools promote healthy eating among students? Write about how obesity and health issues among the students relate to stress and the school’s curriculum.
  19. Favoritism in schools. Every teacher has a pet student, as we all know… Why does it happen?
  20. Ethics in schools. How much ethical do the schools act when a conflict occurs?

Students discuss education essay topics.

   College Education Essay Topics

As a college student, you will definitely have to write an education essay starting from the English class to your primary chosen major in education. Since higher education is already a challenge by itself, I hope that this topics list will help you out:

  1. College and a road to career: How can the students get prepared for the life ahead? The lecturers or college seniors should enlighten students concerning the harsh realities of life. The theme of an essay is writing of the students, like my former self, who might expect too much in life after college graduation.
  2. What are the issues plaguing higher education? For example, a biased attitude, enrollment issues, GPA challenges.
  3. Leadership in the context of higher education. How much important is to be a leader as a student and an educator?
  4. Sexual harassment in the campus. Write about the safety on campus and the reasons why the cases of sexual harassment are rarely reported and dealt with.
  5. Time management: Balancing extracurricular activities and academics. Write about time management skills.
  6. Mental health of the college students. Explore the ways how the mental health of students can be monitored with the help of special programs and coaching.
  7. How to improve safety on college campuses? Write about initiatives related to college safety.
  8. The challenges of student loans. Write about how the student loans can make education a real challenge and a different outcome compared to what students expect.
  9. Life innovation (Ex: Starting a business) Starting a business in college to fund the studies and the times of leisure.
  10. Is enrolling in college worth it, given the fact that students will have student loans by the time they graduate?
  11. Nutrition and health of the college students. Write about healthy eating and the ways how snack foods and eating on the run make students stressed and anxious.
  12. Plagiarism in higher education. Why do some students turn to piracy and what is not considered to be plagiarism?

    Besides, we’ve created a complete overview of plagiarism & ethics in academics. Feel free to use it for your article!

  13. How is/are your experience/s in college so far? (A narrative essay)
  14. How to cope with college stress? Stress management options.
  15. Academic freedom. Write about how academic freedom is understood and if there is a place for it.
  16. The women in academic fields. What issues are faced by women in education?
  17. Why is higher education important? Write about the reasons why higher education can make a difference when a person seeks for a job.
  18. Racial discrimination in higher education. Is there a racial discrimination in the enrollment process and on campus?
  19. Technology in higher education. What are the perks and challenges?
  20. What is the role of social media in higher education? What are the benefits and disadvantages of social media?

   IELTS Essay Topics

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is a standardized proficiency test for non-native speakers. Here are some interesting IELTS education essay topics:

  1. Improving the quality of the English Language. An essay about how English language lessons can be improved.
  2. The implications of globalization in the 21st century. Write about the challenges that international students face.
  3. Art: Expressing your creativity and the other benefits. Choosing anything related to art and express yourself the best way you can.
  4. Which is more preferable? Uniforms or a casual attire? (Dress Code Challenges)
  5. Cyberbullying. Write an essay about the new phenomenon and online safety.
  6. Sports as a potential career. If you are an athlete, write about your life and education.
  7. Exercising safety on social media. Simple as that: educating people about social media safety.
  8. A healthy lifestyle. How can a healthy lifestyle influence good grades?
  9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying abroad?
  10. Internet censorship: The right to access information. Should the information be free and what should we know?
  11. Pollution: Effects and the ways to challenge it. Explore environmental issues in your local or a global community.
  12. Do we have free will? Think about your own situation!
  13. Is there anything truly original? Is there anything original really left?
  14. Does the government spend more money on a particular social sector? Is the government biased and, if so, why?
  15. Does the death penalty deter crime? An ethical issue to argue about.
  16. Child labor. Explore if the lack of equal or general education leads to child labor.
  17. Internet ethics. Do online ethics help?
  18. The current issues plaguing cyberspace. Write about how social media and excessive use of the Internet affects our lives.
  19. Financial scams. Write about the latest financial scams.
  20. Technology and the family-to-family socialization. How technology affects physical cooperation.

   Education Topics for Prospective Teachers

A prospective teacher explores education essay topics to write about

Now the prospective teachers need a good education essay topic! Trust me, it can be even more challenging for educators because they already know a lot, yet do not know how to come up with a right topic. It is only natural! Here are few helpful ideas for you:

  1. The challenges of teaching quality and the methods. An essay about how particular methods of teaching affect the quality of education.
  2. Teaching as a passion. Should teaching be one’s passion?
  3. What are the ways to support your students’ mental health? Write about coaching, mentoring, mediation, social consulting, and other education methods.
  4. What are the strategies for teacher learning? How can a teacher improve and learn new methods of development and education?
  5. What makes a good teacher?
  6. How do you prepare students for the future? How can a teacher help students learn how to master new skills and knowledge?
  7. Teachers of the 21st century. Technology or still the old methods of teaching?
  8. What are the essential skills that a teacher should have?
  9. What teaching methods will you use in the classroom?
  10. The use of online platforms (Ex: Edmodo). How can the use of technology and online learning platforms cross the distances and address the needs of any child?
  11. The importance of writing skills amongst teachers. An essay about how good writing skills can become an indicator of a good teacher’s education.
  12. Student’s Discipline Methods.
  13. Classroom management. Write about which ways of classroom management you would use.
  14. Prospective teachers as the e-learning designers. Are the teachers of the future the ones to design the e-learning processes?
  15. What are the challenges faced by prospective teachers?
  16. Prospective teachers in Algebra. What are the specifics of Algebra teaching?
  17. Educational Psychology. Why is it important for education?
  18. Prospective teachers and social justice. Write an essay about the social aspect of teaching. Focus on how social justice can become a significant social change.
  19. The significance of well-trained and prepared teachers. What methods can be used to help teachers keep up-to-date with all the latest changes?
  20. Prospective teachers and writing anxiety. This is just when you get stuck as a teacher (or a student).

Yes, exactly, the writing anxiety! I know this problem very well myself, so I want to share a final tip to help you when you get stuck!

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Now that you have finished reading through the list of 100 exciting education essay topics, you have already learned a lot and, I hope, got closer to the writing of a good paper! Keep your brain engaged and do not forget that education is a way how the future is shaped.

Writing an education essay is your chance to speak of what concerns you and research the ways how you can become a change you want to see in the society! I am sincerely hoping that my guide has given you some potential ideas for your education essay. If you’re going to write of a particular topic or share your suggestions for the guide, feel free to do so in the comments below! Take good care, my dear friend! May the light of knowledge be with you!

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