The Ultimate 10 Physics Homework Help Tips You’ve Been Searching For

Richard Phillips Feynman once said that “Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it.”  If you struggle with Physics homework, no worries – we’ve got your back! In this article, you’ll find a list of 10 brilliant tips to help you solve your Physics homework and get an A+!

Let’s start!

1. Getting Started

getting started physics homework

When you receive a Physics homework assignment, make sure you know how much work is to be done and when the paper is due.

Follow these tips to organize your work effectively and avoid too much procrastination, anxiety, and doing your Physics homework the night before it is due:

  • Start doing your homework the same day you get the assignment – you’ll have more time figuring it out that if you start it the night before the task is due
  • Make notes of the topics you’re about to deal with and highlight elements of the homework you aren’t familiar with or find especially difficult- this step will help you establish priorities and determine how much time you need to solve the assignment
  • Set reminders in your smartphone and/or laptop calendar for when you’re planning on doing and completing your homework as well as the date it is due – it will help you organize your work much better
  • Try to eliminate all distractions to better focus on your work
  • Don’t panic if the homework includes something you’re not familiar with at all – there’s a solution to every task!

Besides we have updated our Universal Homework Tips — a complete guide for those who want to spend less time on home assignments and get better grades. Once you’ve organized your work, you can start browsing different sources.

2. Don’t Dismiss your Physics Homework Textbook

do not miss your text

Textbooks often contain similar info as lectures, which can be very helpful. Since physics is about theory, you can find corresponding elements of the book that will help you solve your assignment. In addition, textbooks often contain examples that will help you put a theoretical problem into practical perspective.

While browsing the textbook:

  • Make notes
  • Read about relevant theories
  • Make notes about concepts you don’t understand to research them later
  • Check formulas

3. List concepts, theories, and formulas you’ll use

 One of the major reasons why Physics is so difficult to learn and Physics homework is complex to solve is the outstanding amount of formulas, concepts, and theories in this discipline. Physics uses a great deal of Math, while also including other studies, such as philosophy and astronomy, meaning that there’s a lot to learn. To make this process more comfortable for you, especially while doing Physics homework.

Here are practical tips you can follow:

  • Write down every formula you learn during lectures and Physics course in general
  • Write down full names of all the elements of each formula – sometimes abbreviations and symbols can be hard to keep track of
  • Make notes about every concept or theory you learn and need to use in your homework, find them in textbook and re-read to refresh your memory
  • Highlight bits you find especially important or hard to remember – combine your visual and muscle memory
  • Write down any concept/formula/theory you don’t fully understand and then ask your teacher or professor about it the end of the lecture or after the lecture – you’ll most definitely receive an eager reply and explanation and will have much higher chances of solving your Physics homework and getting a high grade!

4. Put the Assignment in the Practical Context

put the assignment into practice

Physics is about learning how our universe behaves, so there is always a practical context to any physics task. However, often assignments lack practical context, which is so important and helpful in understanding the task and solving it.

To put your Physics homework in the practical context, you can make illustrations and search for illustrations in your textbook and online. It is important for you to understand the directions, motions, shapes, sizes, and positions of objects and forces in any given example to figure out how they interact. Also, adding visuals will help you memorize the topic much better and use your knowledge in the future Physics homework.

5. Check Similar Physics Assignments in Textbook or Online

Physics homework assignments are often designed to make you go through already learned topics and demonstrate your understanding of theories and concepts included in them. Therefore, there’s a chance that your Physics homework task is a repetition or variation of Physics assignments and problems you solved in class or those examples that are presented in the textbook.

This is why you need to:

  • Go through your lecture notes
  • Browse textbook
  • Browse similar examples online, such as Khan Academy database
  • Seek for analogies and similarities

You aren’t very likely to find the same Physics homework tasks already solved, but you’ll surely find some similar tasks with solutions and explanations. Besides textbook and lecture notes, you can also browse Khan Academy Physics for video explanations and detailed step-by-step examples of Physics assignment solutions. One way or another, you’ll find useful information on how certain formulas are used and how to solve specific types of Physics homework tasks.

6. Ask for Free Help Online

free physics online help

When you find yourself in a tough spot struggling with Physics homework, remember that there’s always someone ready to help for free online! You can turn to large communities, such as Reddit, and specialized forums, where other members of the online community are always ready to help you out. Simply ask Physics questions and get answers for free!

Free physics homework help recommendations:

1SubReddit HomeworkHelp and AskPhysics


free physics homework help reddit

HomeworkHelp community is about helping and advising students on everything, including Physics. It is a large community with over 35k subscribers, meaning that you’re likely to get a reply very fast. AskPhysics is a smaller community with more than 19k subscribers, but it is much more specialized. Whichever one you turn to, you’ll receive an answer to your Physics homework question for sure!



This forum is an active and large online science community that can help you nail even the hardest task. If you need an explanation of any theory or concept, just post a new topic and you’ll receive your reply. Certainly, there’s no way of telling how long you’ll need to wait for the reply and whether it will be as good as you expect, so make sure to post your topic as soon as you get your assignment.

1Physics Discussion Forum

physics discussion forum

Physics Discussion Forum is another great online community that can help you solve your Physics homework online. The total number of posts exceeds 11k, while the members of this forum are quite active. You can post your question in the relevant category.

To increase your chance of getting an informative and great answer to your Physics homework we recommend you to post your Physics question on more than one forum!

7. Check your Calculations Online for Physics Homework 

check your calculations online

It is no secret that Physics homework can be hard not only in terms of understanding theory but completing calculations.

It is also very important to:

  • Do calculations step-by-step
  • Check formulas and results of every step
  • Double-check for the slip of the pen mistakes and misprints

Whenever you have doubts referring your calculations, you can always turn to online calculators to check your answers and ensure you’ve got the answer right.

One of many online Physics calculators and Physics problem solvers online is OmniCalculator, where you’ll find the variety of:

  1. classic mechanics calculators
  2. waves calculators
  3. atmospheric thermodynamics calculators
  4. thermodynamics calculators
  5. electromagnetism calculators
  6. quantum mechanics calculators
  7. relativity calculators
  8. astrophysics calculators
  9. other calculators (e.g. Earth curvature calculator)

Therefore, you can easily find Physics problem solvers online and solve your homework.

8. Find Partners in Crime

It is always amazing to have committed and supporting friends. It is even better if your friends or other fellow students can share your struggles in Physics homework by partnering with you. Remember: a problem shared is a problem halved!

Make sure to:

  • Team up with friends who are equally motivated as you are and will motivate you rather than discourage
  • Discuss the tasks and come up with solutions together rather
  • Don’t divide task and then copy your friend’s part – that’s straight up cheating!
  • Try to explain some concepts and theories to other students you team up with – explaining anything out loud is extremely helpful in memorizing the information!

9. Cut Yourself Some Slack

Everyone wants good grades and get that homework done well. However, make sure not to cross the line between dedication and overworking.

To succeed in doing any homework and Physics homework in particular, you need to follow the following tips: 

  • Develop and follow a schedule (see “1. Getting started” tips above)
  • Don’t postpone your Physics homework until the last minute – anxiety and stress will negatively affect your work for sure
  • If you have time to spare, don’t struggle to finish it all in one day – it is extremely difficult to maintain attention for several hours straight
  • Take a break after each hour of work or each half an hour if you’re feeling tired
  • Don’t blame yourself for procrastinating once in a while – it is a way for your mind and body to relax and unless your procrastination is turning into a nasty habit, it is completely normal (but don’t overdo it)
  • Keep your desk and working area organized – a nice and clean place to work will motivate you and help you stay focused
  • If you find it hard to focus, go outside, take a walk, or listen to the music – it will help you distract yourself and then get to work with increased energy
  • Avoid getting stuck on the task you find the most difficult – better move on and complete everything else, then return to the hardest one instead of tormenting yourself.
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Of course, the best way to help yourself with Physics homework is to find a good team — or a mentor that will find a personalized approach to your problems and help you to facilitate your strongest features. Also, you can drop into comments below. Our Geek community may be accommodating sometimes. 😉

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