50 +101 Best Informative Speech Topics for College

List of good informative speech topics for college
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Informative speech topics are designed to report research results on the issue, making sure that your audience grasped all major details. Indeed, I’ve found too many good essay examples in Homework Lab Essays Database to present them all for you. So, in the topic lists below, pay attention to the bold green text. These are links to relevant examples, which will help to high start your research. 👇

Updated 28 November: added even more topics the 2018 – 2019 academic year. verified by tutors.

   Informative Speech Examples — Best Cases

If there are some examples of successful speeches, why to invent the wheel? I selected examples of informative speeches below as they demonstrate the diversity of what public speaking for college students can be.

Do you want an unusual topic for your speech? Check a bunch of Unordinary Informative Topic Ideas from our Geeks. They are crazy but also academically acceptable.

      🎨 Creative Informative Speech Topics

My students have shown keen interest with the following list of topics. The topics listed here may require you to conduct research and show proficiency with what you do. Either way, they’re fun topics that allow you to think outside the box.

  1. Crafting Weapons and Other Props. It’s time to wage war! Kidding aside, teach your readers how to create props like weapons using cardboard, wood, or any material! Impress them with your crafting skills.
  2. You as a President. Imagine yourself as the president. What will you do? What will be your programs? What changes will you usher? Will your country be a dictatorship, democracy, etc.? Speak like a president, not as a student. Be creative!
  3. Creative Ways to Show Love.  Do you find it too “normal” when you give a material object to your loved one? Say no more because creativity is the “in” thing right now!  Oh yes! You can show your love to your friend, a family member, or your significant other.
  4. Creative Ways to Remind Yourself to Stay Hydrated. We sometimes forget to stay hydrated because of… well, a number of reasons. We got busy and overwhelmed that we forget to take care of ourselves 😅.
  5. Stand Out! Halloween Costumes Ideas/Costume Ideas for a Costume Part.– Tired of dressing up as a ghost or a sexy devil? It’s time to elevate your costumes to the next level. Maybe you want to employ a space/cosmic or a steampunk vibe in your outfit.
  6. Ways to Sneak Veggies in Your Diet. It’s self-explanatory. This is geared for students who don’t want to eat vegetables.
  7. Make Food Great! More Like Visually Appealin.– It’s an art! Would you believe that? For you, how can food be more attractive to people?
  8. How to Prevent Others From Snooping in Your Computer (Or Phone). I’m sure you met someone who wants to see everything on your computer. If you have a folder containing your most private files, for instance, then you can rename them as “Mama’s Folder.”
  9. DIY Bed for your Cat/Dog. Not enough money to purchase a comfy bed for your furry friend? Then this is for you! Enumerate ways you can improvise a bed for your dog/cat without spending a huge amount of money. You can use pictures to guide your reader.
  10. Writing a Killer Bio on Social Media. A bio is like a “snippet” of you and your profile. How can you create an impressive bio? Don’t forget to show a sample!

      ⚛ Speech Topics on Science and Technology

For St. Patrick’s name, I beg you to never talk about a list of scientific innovations in your speech for college! The real purpose of the best informative speech topics is to grasp the most critical technological and research advances and report them briefly. Below, you’ll find not yet popular topics that proved to win attention and interest. ⬇

  1. Alzheimer’s disease. What causes this terrible illness, how can it be avoided, and what are the newest ways to cure it?
  2. Cloning. Was Dolly the Sheep the last cloned animal? Will be a cloned human identic to its genes’ source? Why is human cloning banned worldwide?
  3. Genetically Modified Food. Is it a real threat to health or a fake danger created by farming industry giants to protect their wealth?
  4. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Are they an advanced version of the Ponzi scheme or a real opportunity to cure the global financial system?
  5. Global Warming. Does it really exist? What is the evidence that makes us believe in the danger of the greenhouse effect?
  6. Fish oil and mental performance. Do omega-3 fats, which are included in fish fats, help our brain to regenerate and work faster?
  7. Future Emerging Threats. What can wipe out humanity from the Earth in the next 20 years?
  8. Mars colonization: myths and truth. Is it possible for humanity to establish a sustainable colony on Mars in the next 100 years?
  9. Social Networking Sites: Security and Privacy Issues. Recent Facebook private data leaks were the first hint into a huge problem — what data you sacrifice each time you post a selfie or write a tweet?
  10. Google Projects: Social Change in Favour of Management and Information Systems. Does Google create a bright future or a technology-assisted dictatorship of corporations?
  11. Renewable Energy Technology. What will humanity use after oil deposits are depleted?

Check 🎤 Persuasive Topics Created for Students by Geeks. Did not find the right topic? Share your needs in the comments and get topic ideas from our Geeks.

      🎮  Entertaining Informative Speech Topics

Some of the topics under this section are more speculative and satirical. Hey! That’s what entertainment is for! Students will some of these topics.

  1. Jokes Gone Wrong. Been there, done that! Have you ever screwed up someone for real because you cracked a bad joke? How did you and other party react? What can you advise to people who share the same experience as you?
  2. The Alternate Reality of History. What if the countries from the far east colonized the west? How would history turn out? Now that’s intriguing!
  3. When Two People Love, They Become One. Really now! Married people are individuals like you and me! They don’t merge into a single entity— that’s unrealistic! Anyway, do you believe in this saying? Why or why not? What comes into your mind when you hear it? What is the basis of this quote?
  4. You vs. Zombies. What will you do if there’s a zombie apocalypse? Plant Sunflowers and Peashooters? Will you get a sword or a gun and respectively slice and shoot down them? It’s up to you, but don’t forget to justify our choice/s.
  5. Parasites in Social Media. It’s easier to bash people and spread misinformation about you thanks to social media. How is social media a cesspool of toxic parasites?  Is there any way to get rid of these parasites or do we just live with them for eternity? Don’t forget to inject humor in your informative speech 😉.
  6. Finding Love Online. Imagine falling for a stranger who randomly sent a friend request. And you immediately accepted it because you know it’s true love. Collect and include anecdotes of people who successfully found their significant other online. Do you think online dating is a good option? What are the pros and cons of online dating in contrast to “real life” dating? Your informative speech has to be entertaining and informative.  
  7. Regretting Something You Shared Online/You said to someone. It can be a controversial political post, cursing someone, or anything in particular. Narrate your experience and provide a word of advice.
  8. Bathroom Singing. Have you tried singing in the shower? Why do people choose to sing in the bathroom?
  9. Marvel vs. DC Movies and Comics. No kidding there, it’s both the movies and comics. Who does it better? Which has a better set of characters?
  10. Books/Games vs. Their Movie Adaptations. Like the previous topics, who does it better? Would you prefer the “original” or the adaptation?

      🐘 Informative Speech Topics about Animals and Wildlife

Everyone loves doggos, birbs, and wildlife, which makes them an interesting topic for a speech in all the circumstances. However, when you start your research, you’ll hardly find a lot of really exciting peer-reviewed sources. I hate boredom, so here go topics that will immerse as soon as they appear.

  1. Dog training. What is the most intelligent thing a dog can be taught to do?
  2. Dolphin intelligence. Did you know that dolphins can teach each other to pass the test and overcome difficulties, just like humans?
  3. Elephant & evolution. If the brain of the elephant is so large, why isn’t it the most intelligent creature in the world?
  4. Endangered species. What animals will become history in the next 5 years?
  5. Water and environment. How human activity changes the way life exists in oceans and rivers.
  6. Ivory trade. Is it a luxurious industry or the representation of the cruelty of the animal-exploiting business?
  7. Natural Park conservation. How scientists make sure that flora and fauna of Natural Parks remain unchanged and safe from humans and invasive species?
  8. Raising exotic pets at home. What animals are the most expensive to keep and home, and why tigers and raccoons have not replaced cats and dogs? 🐕
  9. Wolfpack habits. Did you know that wolfs can love, care of each other and even have their unique social system?
  10. Zookeeping. What modern zoos do to make animals happy, well-developed and psychologically healthy?
  11. The friendship between animals and humans. Can a creature and a person develop a bond as strong as interpersonal relationships can do?

Entertaining speech topic is determined by its informative ability, rich contents, and unusual ideas, which challenge the seriousness of classroom but remain academic.

All the topics list were carefully tested and practiced by real students in their classes. Examples are provided!

      👌 Easy Informative Speech Topics

My students usually try to find some theme related to animals to find something comfortable and effortless to speak about. Living creatures, unfortunately, is not the case where you can get away easily. For such cases, I created some easy informative speech topics for those who want to take a way out! 

  1. When do most toddlers start to talk? Just search for statistics and find out! There are some interesting facts that you should mention, as well as the list of most popular baby words except “mama” and “daddy.”
  2. What is the history of hockey? Write about the history of hockey or any other sport that you find interesting!
  3. What is the sweetest fruit out there? Write about the most delicious fruit that exists on planet Earth or chooses the unique fish that occupies the ocean. Look for unique ideas!
  4. Do special effects help movies or make them look artificial? If you have watched countless movies and belong to avid movie-goers, write about your opinion on special effects. Personally, I think they often overdo it!
  5. Why is rock n roll still popular? You can write about grunge, rap, rave or any other style of music that is still popular!
  6. What makes a good friend? If you are stuck with the topic, you can use this idea as a way of a personal narration and write about what a good friend is to you.
  7. How do we choose our role models? How do we guide ourselves when we choose our role models. What helps athletes, musicians, and actors to make it to the list?  
  8. The benefits of reading. What are the benefits of reading an actual printed book? Even if you dislike reading, you may discover a whole new world as you write the paper!
  9. An image of the hero in modern society. What makes someone a hero in contemporary society? Share your ideas and thoughts on the topic!
  10. Why is college education important? Alright, as easy as it can get! Write about why you think that college education is essential — better career choices, job opportunities, scholarships, and so on. Well, college parties, clubs as well… 🙂

      📈 Business Speech Topics

Interesting business speech topics require visual aid the most often, and they are the most difficult to present in class due to the complexity of terms. That is why I always remind my students that they must focus on questions that are understandable and clear for them. 👇

  1. Secrets of advertising and marketing. If people are so annoyed by ads on the Internet and the streets, how businesses make branding and promotion effective?
  2. Mental characteristics and business success. Do CEO’s traits of character r impact a company’s efficiency, or it’s another myth created by the media?
  3. Accounting for corporations. How do big companies save billions via working with Excel sheets and drawing financial charts?
  4. Amazon business model. How divisions, robots, and restructuring made Amazon one of the largest companies in the world?
  5. Business with humanity in mind. It’s a challenging but a very rewarding business speech topic for students. How earning huge profits may be combined with remaining ethical and helping to the community?
  6. Digital technologies market: Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives? What is the fundamental difference between Millenials and previous generations, and why it prevents American banks from moving entirely online?
  7. Email marketing. How much earns all the spam that you receive on your email?
  8. Leadership and Management Mistakes. We’ve all heard about the success of famous business people. However, did you know that a little failure can ruin the whole company?
  9. How to promote the business without a marketing budget? How to make media and people to assist you for free, and why the community is essential for local business success?
  10. Social responsibility and ethics in marketing. What are the legal and moral limits imposed on those who craft ads for people? What threats can unethical ads impose on us?
  11. Doing Business in the Middle East: Cultural Challenges. Islam is not only a big religion, but it’s also the holder of enormous wealth. What challenges investors, managers, and directors face doing business in Islamic countries?

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      🎓 Informative Speech Ideas on Education

As a professional tutor, I see education as the most challenging topic for a speech — your teacher will also be very attentive to what you are saying. That is why I’ve found the best ideas to don’t get trapped.

  1. Early education. What makes formative years in a child’s life to be the most important in studying?
  2. Social Functions of Education. Why grades at school are far less important than socialization, and what social functions education entails?
  3. Cyberbullying. Why bullies have moved online and what can teachers do to protect students on social media?
  4. Diversity in Schools. How to overcome racial inequities and cultural differences in modern education?
  5. How Would I Raise My Daughter? This is a great informative speech topic for a college student to express the knowledge of the world of gender equality, inclusiveness, and social change.
  6. Teaching English as a Foreign Language. What does it mean to teach pupils who want to be successful in the US but don’t know the language?
  7. History of Indian education. How education scientists designed a curriculum for Native Americans to make them adapted to the modern world — and save their cultural uniqueness?
  8. Online learning advantages. Will the Internet force campuses and brick-and-mortar classroom to extinct? 💀
  9. The Advantages of Home Schooling. Why more and more parents remove their kids from public schools in favor of home education? Is homeschooling actually more beneficial?
  10. The Pros and Cons of Charter Schools. Why were they the most viable education in the past, and what makes them feel a little bit awkward today?
  11. Studying abroad. What challenged — besides language — expect the American student in Europe, Russia, China, and Japan?
  12. Love relationships between legal age students and tutors. Is it ethical for a tutor to be in love with a student if both are over 21 years old?

 🎓 100 Professional Education Topics for students who pursue degrees in education. Check them if you need some advanced ideas for your speech.

And if you didn’t find the right topic, share your needs in comments to this post. I’ll answer you in 24 hours with ideas and update this post.

      🎤 Public Speaking Informative Speech Topics

Be an activist, a TedTalk speaker, or a narrator for a day! Use these topics as an outlet to articulate your thoughts to the public. Besides, public speaking is a good academic exercise.

  1. Access to the Internet as a Human Right. We need constant access to the internet to survive, at least to a degree because it’s one of our sources of information. Why do you think it should be considered as a human right? Is it because of the right to access to information?
  2. Gender Studies in High School/Middle School. Do you think it’s a perfect subject for high school/middle school students? Gender is a sensitive issue for some, but we have to be open-minded!
  3. Gender Sensitivity in the Education System. There is a myriad of gender issues plaguing our society. Why do you think we need to be gender sensitive?
  4. Should Teachers Teach Sex Education in Classrooms. What are its advantages and disadvantages? Should lessons about sex and consent remain a taboo for eternity? This is a sensitive issue because not everyone is comfortable or open about sex-related topics.
  5. How do we Define Success and Happiness? Is it always about money, rich experiences, or something else? Research various perspectives and incorporate your own.
  6. Life as an ESL (English as a Second Language) Student– What are your struggles in learning the English language? How do you cope with people who speak fluently or articulately? Share your story with everyone. I’m sure they’d love to hear from you 💓
  7. Life and Culture in your Native Country. What is the culture (or life) like in your motherland? What are the differences between American culture and your own? How did people react when you said you were from this country? This should be narrated from your point of view, although you may also conduct outside research. Speak up!
  8. What no one Tells you About Adulting. Oh! I want to have a family and a huge mansion when I’m 21-years-old! Did you have that fantasy as well? If you do, it’s time to orient your younger audiences about the harsh realities of adulthood (Ex: Lost in life).
  9. Healthy Living in College. It does not mean you should eat junk food every day.  What are the secrets to healthy living? As much as possible, make your suggestions budget and student friendly. Help your fellow students because sharing is caring!
  10. Mythbusters: Healthy Food is costly. Some say it’s a myth. Debunk it if you think it’s a myth. Support your claims with evidence. It might be controversial considering you’re going to present in front of everyone, but hey! Spread knowledge!

      🏛 Law and Justice Informative Speech Topics

Do you know how to pronounce “animus nocendi“? Or “res ipsa loquitur“? In public speaking about jurisprudence, proper research and preparation are even more critical than for other occasions. In topics below, I made sure that you’ll understand all the Latin and will have all the information you need for a good speech.

  1. Abuse of the elderly. What punishments can be imposed by the law for mistreating old people?
  2. Child Abuse. What justice, education and public services do to protect kids from violence and neglect?
  3. Italian-American Experience: Sacco and Vanzetti: Guilty or Innocent? Were they robbers and murderers, or political prisoners of the American government?
  4. Organized Crime and Terrorist Groups. What mafia, bandits and terrorists have in common? What makes them completely different from the point of view of criminal justice?
  5. Ethics and Corporate Responsibility in the Workplace and the World. Who are stakeholders, and how law and ethics collaborate to protect people affected by the business?
  6. The Role of Punishment and in Desire to Restore Justice. Is a punishment integral to the system of criminal justice? What alternatives can the society offer?
  7. DNA evidence. How is DNA used by police and courts to find criminals and resolve cases?
  8. Euthanasia Legalization. Is it morally, ethically and legally plausible to allow doctor-assisted suicide for people with terminal illnesses and non-curable diseases?
  9. Corruption in the Police Force. What evidence exists on the corruption in police, and what costs and threats to society does it pose?
  10. The Ethical Aspect of Providing Education in Prisons. Should the government allow and pay for secondary and tertiary education for imprisoned inmates? What benefits does such training have?
  11. Digital Piracy. Are pirates who steal copyrighted films, music and computer games online are more harmful than pirates at sea?

There is never enough unique speech topics on law and justice, so I strongly recommend to check the following articles of my colleagues.

  1. 👮‍♀️ 100 Criminal Justice Research Topics list cover all the aspects of crime and its prevention, from the mafia to kidnapping. Created by a professional lawyer.
  2. 🚔 Best Probation and Parole Topics selection focuses on after-crime rehabilitation and control of law offenders. It’s a trendy topic among law students.

Let’s continue with additional great topics below! 👇

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      🈴 Informative Speech Topics for College

For a college student, it’s better to focus on their speech on the system of education. It will show you deep involvement and understanding of your studying — which is, ultimately, the sign that every professor wants to see. Here are some the spiciest topics, which are both informative and controversial.

  1. What is the role of economics in international conflicts? As a college student, try to see the link between transnational companies, banks, financial institutions, and international conflicts.
    Is racial prejudice a psychological or a physiological issue? We all have faced racial discrimination regardless of our ethnicity and social status, but let us assume that a person is not born a racist. Does it make it possible to state that racial prejudice is only psychological?
  2. Should the colleges implement coaching or mentoring techniques? Think about what is more acceptable for the colleges to use to help struggling students. Should it be coaching or mentoring sessions?
  3. How can colleges address the issue of on-campus bullying? A topic idea is dealing with the issue of on-campus bullying and harassment. This ethical issue will sound right to most college students.
  4. Should there be alternatives to GPA evaluation? We all know the troubles related to GPA evaluation, resumes, personal statements, and admission committees. Share your thoughts and ideas, describing the pros and cons of the GPA system.
  5. How should the students address on-campus security? While there are evident security policies and practices that are already presented by the colleges, think about how the students can contribute to their safety. Write about your own considerations.
  6. What are the best ways to address college debts? In case you find applying for a scholarship or Financial Assistance program, think about available options.
  7. How can the colleges contribute to cultural diversity? What social programs do you think could be useful for increasing aesthetic sensibility, acceptance, and social diversity among college students?
  8. Should the college athletes be given special privileges? Think about the ways how college athletes can be rewarded (or not) for their achievements. Should there be additional advantages or not?
  9. Should the students be allowed to choose individual study schedules? Think about the parents who study and take care of young children, international students, athletes, full-time working students, those who serve in the military as you address the issue of a particular schedule needs.
  10. Is private tutoring replacing the standard education? Do you think that private tutoring acts as a shadowing for the conventional system of education? What are the pros and cons?
    What makes business management degrees so popular? Think about why so many people choose business management degrees. Is it a myth that so many college students try to follow or an actual way to success?
  11. How can a student succeed while living on campus? How can a college student earn an additional income and become successful while living on campus?
    How to overcome personal insecurity and learn to work in a team? Write a stellar informative speech paper about social skills and the ways how teamwork helps to overcome personal insecurity, low self-esteem, and even the language and socio-cultural barriers!
  12. How can racism and discrimination be dealt with? Think about how one can deal with this sensitive issue by starting from telling how the fear and arrogance drive people to hostility and discrimination.

Here are some topics for those who want to work at the college level, and don’t want to talk about the college per se:

      😂 Funny Informative Speech Topics

For those who deliver the speech to improve the final grade and need “A,” I recommend selecting entertaining themes as a sure way to win. The experience helped me to come up with some good topics — tested by Homework Lab students.

  1. Alex, a parrot that could speak. It’s a real case of a parrot who could speak intelligently, count and had the intelligence of a 5-years-old child.
  2. Online streamers who got pranked. Gamers often get a lot of attention — and some fans even made fake 911 calls to get their favorite streamers busted by the SWOT.
  3. Pranks that went out of control. In case you are in doubt, academics recognize pranks as a cultural behavior. So, it’s completely safe to talk about the evilest and crazy jokes that were filmed on camera in class.
  4. E-Sports vs. real sports: where athletes earn more? It’s a true fact that many sports start were millionaires. However, today winners of gaming competitions earn millions of dollars for one game! So, if you want to become a rich athlete, maybe you should pump muscles but DOTA 2 skills?
  5. Trickster as a popular archetype. Jocker in Batman series, Dionysus in Ancient Greek Myths, the Puss in Boots from the Shrek — they are all tricksters, a cultural phenomenon rooted deep in humanity. Check tricksters list on Wiki and tell your classmates about your favorite ones.
  6. The most unsuccessful business in the world. There were a lot of crazy ideas in businesses that attracted millions in investments and failed. Your visual aid speech will benefit from this topic — there is a lot of exciting stuff to show.
  7. Guinness records holders. The tallest and the shortest women in the world, the strongest and the weakest human, the largest pumpkin grew on the Earth — these are fun facts you can present in your speech.
  8. Crazy ideas of communism. Pain the Moon in red an put Lenin’s face on it? Create Lenin’s statute 200 meters tall? Build a tank that can fit into the army? The USSR had a good sense of humor, and you can transform your public speaking into a comedy standup with them.

Still, have not found the right topic? Drop into comments and ask for help, and I’ll reply to you in 24 hours with a hint and update this article.

      💡 Interesting Informative Speech Topics

So, fun topics are not enough for you, and you want something interesting instead? The topic that will grasp the attention of your audience to the very last word? Interesting informative speech topics are focused either on the in-depth explanation of familiar things or exploring something previously unknown. Below are 15 ideas that combine both elements.  

  1. What is the correct Email Etiquette? Even if you are not aware there is one, a good email or online manners can genuinely make a difference. From the business letter to a friendly reminder – explore and share the skills required to stay polite and correct in one’s email messages.
  2. What discoveries shall we see in the nearest future? Study the AI, robotics, increasing processing power, gene engineering, and all what you think may surprise us in the nearest future. Share your discoveries and come up with the best informative college speech!
  3. Unusual things about the human brain and the ways human memory works. Collect all the extraordinary things about the human mind and memory. There are lots of things we are not usually aware of!
  4. How to define the pranks: entertainment or a crime? We may either love or hate the pranks, but should we describe them as entertainment or as something that borders the crime and violates the fundamental human rights?
  5. Why is McDonald’s so popular? What makes it so popular among young and old people all over the world? Is it the taste alone or a cultural element?
  6. The culture and traditions of the indigenous people of Canada. This can turn in a great adventure as you explore the new world for yourself!
  7. Can Left-handed people do more than right-handed people? Okay, there may be some advantages as far as left-handed people are concerned, but it is up for you to explore and report back to us!
  8. How to save money as a college student? Write about the ways how a college student can save some funds and still manage it through the endless commitments and needs!
  9. How to deal with social media addiction? How can such a person who spends too much time on Facebook and Twitter receive help? When is too much overboard?
  10. How to make the most fun out of voting? We may hate politics, but voting can still be fun! Think about the ways how social responsibility can make things look not that bad after all!
  11. What are the struggles of being famous? Being famous can be a problematic issue. Try to think about the challenges that famous people face.
  12. Ongoing Mac Versus PC Debate. Both systems do the same task, so why is the debate still going on? Write about how it has started and why some people think that Mac is the only way!
  13. Are fathers better parents for the boys? Quite an interesting topic as you can write whether the mothers make better parents for daughters or vice versa. Actually, it is not always the case!
  14. Should young children be allowed to use smartphones? While it keeps parents informed and children entertained, think about if it is really acceptable.
  15. What are the typical college survival tactics? Yes, informative speech topic can be made interesting if you add some light-hearted humor. Feel free to go emotional and touch people with your skills and ideas about college life!  

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      🎄 Informative Speech Topics 2019

Forewarned is forearmed. In education, curriculums and study plans are usually created for years ahead. Some of our Geeks, on the condition of anonymity, shared some insider informative speech topics that will be assigned in 2019 in the U.S. colleges. However, they are definitely worth using right now. 

  1. How large is the influence of the Western culture and traditions in the developing countries? If you come from a different and non-Western culture, write about how Western culture has influenced your life. If not, write about how globalization and culture of the West have influenced and impacted the life and culture in the developing countries.
  2. Should the immigrants be granted with special privileges? Is it politically correct to provide additional benefits for the immigrants and the victims of a refugee crisis? Think of the ethical (and economical) issues involved here!
  3. Will the digital forms of education replace the textbooks? As the world turns to portable mobile devices for educational purposes, will the regular paper textbooks cease to exist? What are the dangers of such an outcome?
  4. The role of the Mexican workers in the United States. A quite sensitive topic, but still relevant for 2019! Think about the role of the Mexican workers (or any other ethnic group) in the United States. What are their struggles and how do they help to develop the country?
  5. What are the best ways to learn a foreign language? With all the opportunities available, share your thoughts and ideas on learning of a foreign language.
  6. How can communications in the social networks be improved? Most of us use social networks these days. Still, how can one improve the way we communicate online. Think about online ethics and etiquette.
  7. A digital footprint: mind your own safety. How to remain safe in your social media life and what to avoid while being online?
  8. Serving in the military in 2019. How can a military service improve your life and what are the benefits of such a choice?
  9. How can one achieve justice in modern society? Is it ever possible to achieve absolute justice or justice of any kind in modern society? Quite philosophical, but allows you to think about the future.
  10. Global education and the exchange students. How does such educational practice contribute to international relations and growth of professionals on a global level?

      🏆 Best Informative Speech Topics

These are timely and interesting topics for students, which are widely discussed now, and where your informative speech will make a difference in the classroom. Even though you still need critical thinking, there is a vast variety of materials to prepare, and everyone will be interested to hear your address. 

  1. From Past to Present: The Waves of Feminism. This is a fascinating topic for those who are fascinated with feminism, women’s/gender studies. All you have to do is narrate and provide examples. Plus, there may be individuals who are not aware of these feminist movements.
  2. The Misconceptions Surrounding Feminism. What is feminism? What is not feminism? Talking about feminism is a minefield for some. Unfortunately, there are people out there who mistake real feminism as feminazism. It’s time to educate your readers!
  3. Adopt a Pet vs. Buy a Pet: This is for you, animal lovers! State the pros and cons. Try to ask your friends or family if they prefer to adopt or buy a pet.
  4. A Dog (or any Pet) as a Life Investment. Here’s another one for animal lovers. There are individuals out there who want to own dog because it’s cute, but they don’t consider it as a member of the family. Why do you think they are an investment and not solely as a “gift” or a house guard?
  5. Education is Overrated: Do you Think College Education is a Waste?  Do you think that getting a college education is solely a costly financial transaction between you and the school? Do you think it’s worth it? Or should we just live our own lives?
  6. #Metoo Movement from a Man’s Perspective.– What do men think of the movement? You may conduct interviews and outside research.
  7. How to Take a Break from Social Media Without Quitting? Quitting means permanently deleting your account. Apparently, some social media users don’t want to remove their accounts for personal reasons. Just share your ideas and who knows? You might help someone 😄.   
  8. Red Flags of a Toxic Friendship/Relationship. Research and feel free to tell your experience.
  9. How to Stop Taking Things Personally. You can share your experience and findings in your informative speech.
  10. How to Help/Support a Friend with Depression- Self-explanatory. Be sure to provide details.

   Checklist for a Good Informative Speech Topic for College

The first version of this guide was rewritten from scratch after I realized that students’ and tutor’s perspectives on public speaking differ. Of course, you may scroll my preaching as you usually do with all the chit-chat after topic lists. However, you won’t regret when you’ll proceed.

1️⃣ Quality of the Topic 

There are two kinds of topics — topics you will fail with, and ideas that will let you pass even if you mumble like obsessed. From the student’s perspective, there is no middle ground. The ability to perform and the quality of visual aid, of course, will impact your grade. Still, if the topic is well-fledged, even the most shameful mistakes in your speech will let you get through.

Let us make things more clear with a good example.

Animals and wildlife of West Virginia. The most dangerous animals of West Virginia.
Pop starts who have the greatest impact on the culture. Singers who have the greates impact on the American culture.
Global warming and its effect on the society. Global warming and its effect on wages we will receive in 10 years.
Endangered species of animal: who are doomed by the humanity? Endangered species of animals: who are doomed by the fashion industry?

Some things are clear — a good topic is specific, narrow, relevant and critical. 

2️⃣ Your Speaker’s Authority 

Also, you should demonstrate your authority as a speaker  — it’s called ethos in rhetorics. Your audience must see that you and your topic has something in common. For good informative speeches, ethos is a central part for success. Due to evolution, we instinctively tend to trust those who have something in common with the subject of their speech.

As it may be non-obvious, I’ll add a short list of speech topic announces to compare.

Weak Ethos 👎Strong Ethos 👍
Videogames and violence: how to protect our mental health? I play video games for ten years now. That is how I protect my mental health.
Dramatic impact of pedestrian traffic on fashion business. After my street got closed from cars, a huge fashion grew like weeds. Here's why...
Is Tesla Autopilot Safe? The review of academic articles and media accounts. Is Tesla Autopilot Safe? I watched 50 videos from actual Tesla owners and got a ride on Model X, and my findings were surprising.
Love and death themes in Romeo and Juliet: a marvel of drama, or medieval profanity? In childhood, I read Romeo and Juliet 15 times and my mom hid it from me. Now, years after, I understand why.
Unstability of romance: why Millenials don't have lasting relationships? I've got 10 partners before I got married. One quality of my husband made him different.

Weak ethos includes good topics, but they lack any personal touch. In “Strong Ethos” column, the connection between the speaker and their informative speech topic is obvious.

Tell me honestly, which speech you’d like to hear? 🤔

3️⃣ Use of Visual Aid in Your Speech 

First, you should speak with your teacher to see if you are allowed visual aids. If yes, then you are lucky. Showing is better than talking about, and you can use your presentation wisely to enhance your speech. There is a lot written about visual aid tricks in our 📋 Guide on Presentations, so I’ll highlight only the most essential points.

  1. Use slides to replace your informative speech. For instance, instead of describing a crowd on Queen’s coronation, you can use a photo and comment on it.
  2. Never read from slides. Your audience will read text on slides faster than you can read them. That is the mistake that is made even by business officials. Don’t include too much text.
  3. Show difficult words and terms. Legal Latin, biological terms, foreign words — these are things that are better to show than to pronounce.

With these tips, your visual aid for informative speeches will differ from 80% of presentations that are held daily in classrooms, offices and conference halls.

   Last Success Factors of the Speech

The preparation is half the victory, especially when it comes to standing and talking in front of an audience for the better part of an hour!

At Homework Lab. we can provide you with the best informative speech help.

  1. Help with professional speaker’s notes, where all pauses, confusing words and moment are broke down.
  2. Mentor visual aid creation, be it a presentation or a poster.
  3. Proofread & double-check your materials to prevent spelling, pronunciation and grammar mistakes.

After reading this article, 25 students have already received their help with the speech, as of 28th of November

Give Homework Lab a try — get the best corporate-level experience of the informative speech.

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