12 Geek Websites that Bring Geek Power to You: Back to School With Heavy Weapons

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This time we would like to tell you about 12 Geek Websites, divided by subject, so you can learn the true magic of the geeks! We have Math Geek Websites, Literature Geek resources, English Geek sites, something for the Business Geeks, the Art Geeks websites for creative individuals, and the Marketing Geek sites (We bet you have heard of such geeks before!). Providing this information to you, we hope to turn you into a true wizard who knows where to look for information online and learn the most, according to a chosen subject!

Right after you learn about 12 Geeky Websites that we have for you, we will tell you how to enter the geek mode, so you can learn how to find and identify geeky websites and reviews to appreciate and understand geekiness much better. Reaching the end of the article, you will get a bonus – some great geeky tips from us! So, get ready for the ride through the Geeky Universe!

What are the Best Geek Websites and Why Should I Care?


Two Geeky Students Finding Top Geek Websites by Subject

Even though we are going to provide you with 12 Geek Websites, according to geeklefy skills by subject in a minute, there are several websites not limited to a particular subject that we still have to mention because it is a “must-have” for every aspiring or already well-established geek! Seriously, these are the sources of information that will change your life completely, let alone make it much more fun! Just take a look:

  • Lifehacker – now this is your source for life hacks or things that make our lives much more fun and entertaining! This is a true Geekiness Kingdom center where you can both learn and share the Geek magic!
  • NewAtlas – is a good source of information where you can learn about all the latest innovations and inventions not restricted by a certain field of science! A true Geek candy shop!
  • MakeUseOf – an extraordinary place for the geeks to visit and have fun! Free e-books, lifestyle tips, giveaways, and so much more!

Math Geek Websites

The Best Math Geek Websites

After the years of calculations, equations, formulas, and Math problems, we finally stopped at only two websites for the Math geeks.

  • Mathwords – this is a great geeky resource that will help you with the terms and formulas from the very beginning Algebra to Calculus. It even covers such topics like probability, statistics, and even the real world applications, which surely makes Math much more fun even if you are not geeky enough!
  • Math Blog – now this is a treat for the Math geeks who like to know more about the best Math books, applied math, math education, statistics, news, and all the Math-related things that even we did not know to exist!

Literature Geek Websites

Literature Geek Websites to Read Anywhere Whenever You Want

We adore literature just as much as you do, so we want to share two amazing websites that will keep you entertained and happy wherever you are! Okay, we are sure that you have already heard of places like Goodreads and alike, so we want to offer something really interesting and geeky!

  • Literary Hub – you can find anything from literary criticism, news on rare and popular books, publishing to reviews, new ways of reading a book, and, what is even more important, daily updates with fresh and amazing content!
  • Book Riot – this is as geeky as it can get! What we mean here is that you can read reviews and short stories, hear the podcasts on literature, take part in the writing of short essays, read what other people have written, discover new books, and subscribe to their special service of receiving merchandise and the books by post!

English Geek Websites

The Best English Geek Websites

Most of us may remember from their school years that true geeks and nerds are crazy about the Grammar, Punctuation, and all the things to do with logic and clarity. Hey, we just cannot blame them for that because good English skills will help you to impress almost anyone. Here are two websites to beef up your English skills (pardon our language!).

  • The Purdue Online Writing Lab – our article would be incomplete without this great resource. Writing mechanics, secrets of Grammar, how APA, MLA, Oxford, Chicago or any other formats have to be used – it has it all. It is for the true English geeks that will happily spend hours reading and exploring the depths of English!
  • Writing Forward – a truly wonderful blog that the geeks will love because it is not only about the Grammar – it also explains and teaches creative writing, helps to improve writing skills with special exercises, and goes geeky in fun debates about all things English. A very kind and a caring resource!

Purdue OWL is, actually, the ultimate source of inspiration or guidance in all the academic activities. Many college professors refer to Purdue OWL directly rather than guides of their own colleges, and if your professor does not — he is just too shy to face it. 

Business Geek Websites

Business Geek Websites

It is hard to underestimate the role of business in the technology-driven world where the true geeks know how to get the best out of any challenging situation! Here are two websites to keep your business geeky spirits high!

  • Geekwire – all the latest related to the technology and business! Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Internet startups, e-commerce, Amazon, geek advice, stories of geeky success – you name it and these nice guys and girls have it in store for you!
  • Business – as simple as that, but it is a great resource for the business geeks of our time since it has all the necessary resources, experts available online, and assistance to help you succeed. A good thing about it is that it also covers technology, human resources, finances, and career growth!

Art Geek Websites

Art Geek Websites


Actually, the world becomes much better and safer when the geeks get artsy and creative! This is where true excellence shines, the world anyone can join! Here are two great Geek Arts resources that you will definitely enjoy:

  • ThinkGeek – one of the best resources for the geeks and the people who like to show their creative side that goes from geek clothing and toys to gadgets and geeky paintings. You can join and geek out, as the site says. Moreover, you can always find and buy a great gift for your geeky friend!
  • Artsy – learn about leading art galleries, collect rare art, visit museums, fairs, meet art geeks, collectors, learn about new exhibitions, and the ways to get creative. A true jackpot for artistic geeks!

Marketing Geek Websites

Marketing Geek Websites

Unless you are one of them, you might be wondering about who the marketing geeks are! Just look at the poor guy above… Well, the stock exchange, markets, marketing tools, trading, and knowing how to sell things! Only two geeky marketing websites for your geeky pleasure:

  • American Marketing Association (AMA) – a great geeky resource for branding, management, marketing, engagement in digital marketing forms, community, publications, resources, career building, teamwork, and tips!
  • Marketing Tech – we all live in a digital era, so this website is a great resource for the digital marketing geeks! It is not only a collection of the latest digital marketing news, but also a list of helpful resources, and a chance to become a marketing geek writer!

Entering the Geek Mode


Entering the Geek Mode to Become a Geek

Ouch! We nearly forgot to tell you that in order to continue, we have to enter the geek mode first! Yes, things are already getting geeky and you are about to succeed! The geeks do have certain rules that should be followed. So even if you are not a geek yet (or not a geek at all!), there are some things that we still like to point out. Do not worry, there is not much to do, yet it will help you appreciate the rest of the article much better:

  • Always stay attentive and care for details because this is what true geeks do!
  • Try to immerse yourself in a subject fully, safeguard your knowledge and care for what you know because it is your strength, a something to be proud of!
  • Always question, analyze, seek, process, contrast, and collect the information!
  • Appreciate the beauty of gray! No, seriously, try to think differently and go to the gray areas that most people miss to explore. Just “think outside the box”!
  • Share what you know and base your explorations on analysis and strategic thinking!
  • Be passionate! Speak out and go beyond the ordinary as you explore!
  • Always have fun and find something positive even in negative situations!

How to Find The Top Websites Like a Geek?

How to Find The Best Geek Websites Yourself

Finding top geek websites can be quite challenging at first because everyone’s opinion on what means “top of the top” or “the very best” is, of course, subjective! The trick here is to add the part “geek”, “for geeks” or “geeky” to the subject that you are most interested in.

For example, “Egyptian Pyramid Egypt Geeks” query will help you see the results that are not only the hotels or tourist information websites that would result from “Egyptian Pyramids” search line alone. The same relates to technology, science, literature, fashion, and any subject you can think of!

Another interesting trick that the geeks often use is joining the web forums and subscribing to different websites and blogs that have subscription options, so you always know what is in the trend or what appears to be most geeky. For example, there are popular places like “Wired” and “Nerdist” that have a weekly podcast where you can learn of what it really means to stay geeky, nerdy, wizard-like, tech-savvy or whatever you like to call it! Just immerse yourself in these geeky places, so you will always know where and how to find the top geek websites! These are not geek-centered sites per se, but they tell you of all the interesting things in a lighthearted manner and kindly direct you further!

Reviews of All Things Geeks and Nerds Online

Geek Websites Reviews

As the true geeks ourselves, we believe that it is crucial to mention the reviews of all things geeky and nerdy online. You have heard it right – just read the reviews and never miss all the great things! One of the best lessons we have learned is that one has to look for reviews. From simply adding “Geek review” in your search query to subscribing to Buzz Feed with the “Geeky” subject line, as it is done here, just follow the reviews and, trust us, you will always come across amazing geeky resources. The thing is, the true geeks and nerds read (and write!) these reviews, so they always learn by sharing and contributing.

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Geeky tips!

Geeky Tips


  • Take good care of things you pick – so you act like mighty Geek!
  • Capture all the things you see – and the mighty Geek you’ll be!
  • If you want to be a Geek, always learn and always seek!
  • Be polite and show respect! Is it geeky? Yeah, you bet!
  • Nerdy, geeky, and the rest… Still, the Geeky knows the best!
  • Can you not stop as you explore? You are Geeky to the core!
  • We will share the secret trick: anyone can be a Geek!

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