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Position paper topics the common challenge you might have already faced as a college student. Basically, it is an essay when you have to present an arguable opinion about a particular issue. As a professional tutor and a university graduate, I can tell you that almost all students in my experience have struggled with the finding of a good and thought-provoking position topic. Even if your head is full of ideas, it may be extremely hard to put it in practice.

Turning to my experience and the works that I have revised and helped to polish, I have finished the most challenging part for you and collected a list of diverse position topics to impress your college professor and the audience! Remember that your topic has to be arguable. As you read through each title, think of it as of an argument and try to form an immediate opinion. It helps to free your brain from anxiety!

   So, Will You Leave Me With The Topic List, and That’s It? Give an Example!

No, actually not! Before we proceed with the position papers in each category, I want to ask you to check out some actual position essay samples, so you can get an idea of how to structure and format your thoughts. Expressing a position can be challenging, but it becomes more comfortable when you see an actual essay sample:

  • Business with Humanity in Mind – A position essay about Hollywood and the movie industry. The interesting thing is that the essay’s author believes that there is a place for the business with humanity, meaning that Hollywood is not always about money.
  • Digital Piracy – Is it good or bad? How does it influence the businesses and sub-cultures of the local and global communities? See how the paper highlights both opinions and speaks of a way how an important social issue is seen differently by both sides of the debate.
  • Community-Based Sentencing as an Imprisonment Alternative – A fundamental position paper idea where the student researches parole and probation system and the community-based sentencing.
  • Social Equality and Race Discrimination – A position paper that explores social issues that are relevant for the modern American society. See how the author tries to see the roots of social equality and the racial conflicts in the society. There are a powerful argument and call for a social change. In other words, the paper tells the audience to think.
  • Are Today’s Youth Digital Natives? – a position paper on a modern take where society, education, and technology are cleverly intertwined! As you can see, any good topic fits well to speak one’s personal (and professional) opinion.

      🔧 Position Topics on Technology

Let us start with a list of position paper topics related to technology. The task here is to make your paper interesting and argumentative for the target audience. Do not forget that even if you get into complex issues, do your best to make the final paper accessible. Here are some helpful examples:

  • Are the effects of living in a technological world positive or negative? Why?
  • Do social media, cell phones, and texting make the world bigger? Why or why not?
  • Will digital learning change the schools and education. If so, in what ways?
  • Is distance learning as effective as the traditional instruction in modern schools?
  • Is genetically modified food as dangerous as we used to think it is?
  • Do we have the moral right to use genetically modified food technologies to alleviate global hunger?
  • Should the parents use genetic information about their children when raising them?

      🇬🇧 IELTS/TOEFL Position Topics

Choosing a strong position topic for the IELTS/TOEFL position essays can be a challenge with all the stress and anxiety already involved, so I came up with a list of topics to save you the time and nerves. Check these out:

  • Does the widespread use of the internet and availability of information influence life in the modern world? If so, in what way and what are the underlying reasons?
  • Do you prefer classes with open discussions or lectures? Give specific reasons for your preference.
  • Do you agree that it is better to use printed materials to do research than the internet and the online sources? Give specific reasons for your agreement or disagreement.
  • Do you believe that Americans have become overly dependent on the automobile for traveling? Why or why not?
  • If you were a director of the company that is going to give some money either to support the arts or solve any environmental problem, which option would you choose? Give specific reasons for your choice.
  • Do movies and television influence people’s behavior? If so, in what way?

      👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Social Media Topics

On a personal level, I really enjoy writing position essays on social media topics. You can choose both technology and the social issues and cover both your passion and a future major this way! Check some of my favorite social media position topics for your inspiration:

  • Do cell phones and social media sites control our relationships? Why or why not?
  • Some people believe that social media sites suggest a substitute for face-to-face communication. Do you agree with this statement? Give specific reasons for your opinion.
  • Do you agree that the textbooks should be replaced with online resources? Provide specific reasons for your position.
  • Should the parents limit the time their children spend on social media sites?
  • Social media platforms offer a variety of learning opportunities. Do you agree with this statement? Give specific reasons for your opinion.

      🎓 Education Topics

position essay topics on education

Education is another exciting field where a number of topics to discuss and argue about are virtually limitless. The cream of the crop is in the list below:

  • Do we need to reform the country’s school system? In what way?
  • Is a national high school exam worth it?
  • American students fall behind on the world stage. In your opinion, what are the reasons for this?
  • Is there any relationship between a family’s socioeconomic status and a student’s academic performance? Give specific reasons to support your opinion.
  • Is a liberal arts education really worth it?
  • Should college athletes be screened for doping?
  • Is private tutoring a shadowing for traditional education?

      💃 Race, Culture and Identity Topics

This time we are going to focus on a list of very hot topics related to race, culture, identity, and social tensions in the modern world. Check out these examples to keep your brain engaged:

  • Is race important for the American identity? Why or why not?
  • Do you believe that reverse discrimination is a problem in American community? Give specific reasons to support your opinion.
  • What is the role of culture in the shaping of an identity?
  • What are the reasons for knowing one’s racial and cultural heritage?
  • Should people adopt children from another ethnic group? Provide reasons for your opinion.
  • Schools are obliged to teach multiculturalism. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  • Our churches should work hard to be multiracial. Do you agree with this statement? Give specific reasons for your opinion.
  • Should parents teach their children to appreciate other cultures? Why or why not?
  • How can the museums and history lessons contribute to diversity in modern schools?

If you ever have a chance to write about pop culture topics, we have 50 Pop Culture Topics You’ll Enjoy Writing About. Easy to research, interesting to write. 

      ♻ Environmental Topics

Environmental Science is a challenging major, yet it includes not only a theory but a lot of practical work where a person can and has to speak of the ways to protect nature. Even if you aren’t an ardent defender of nature, you might still like to discuss some of these topics:

  • Global warming is a problem. Do you agree with this statement? Give specific reasons for your opinion.
  • Should high-income economies engage in the alleviation of global hunger? Why or why not?
  • Should Americans be responsible for the provision of clean water to other nations? Give specific reasons for your position.
  • Is there any relationship between a reduction in meat consumption and conservation efforts? Justify your opinion.
  • Presently, species extinct at a higher rate than in the past. Do you agree with this statement? Cite specific facts to justify your opinion.
  • Does global warming increase the threats of disease in the country? Give specific reasons for your opinion.

      ⚽ Position Topics about Sports

As a college athlete, you still have to write a position topic paper. Even if you are not a college athlete, but would like to talk about sports, it is essential to choose a topic where your skills and knowledge can shine! As a professional tutor, I have worked with athletes in the past, and I know how important it is to give a little hint so that a college athlete can continue. I’m sure that you will enjoy these position paper topics related to sports:

  • Should the college athletes get paid? Why or why not?
  • College coaches have unreasonably high fees. Do you agree with this statement? Cite specific facts to justify your opinion.
  • Should female students be encouraged to take part in sports at schools and colleges? Justify your opinion.
  • College sports should not compromise educational principles. Do you agree with this statement? Give specific reasons for your opinion.
  • Should college athletes be screened for doping? Why or why not?
  • Should college athletes be granted compensation in case of injury? Cite specific reasons for your opinion.

Here are 100 Best Sports Research Ideas, based on academic articles and research, which will surely work for you. Sports marketing, topics about injuries and athletic training are included — feel free to check them out! 

      💉 Position Topics on Health

Writing a position topic for healthcare and nursing can be a true challenge with all the choices and ideas available. I am more than sure that you will have a nursing task to write a position paper related to health issues and nursing. It is better to get ready for the task and save yourself some precious time. In order to help you overcome the mental block, here are some helpful ideas:

  • Is health disparity a problem in the United States? What should be done to resolve it?
  • Nowadays, people experience more health problems than decades ago. Do you agree with this statement? In case you agree, what, in your opinion, should be done to reduce morbidity and mortality among Americans?
  • Should high-income nations care about stopping the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in developing countries? Give specific reasons for your opinion.
  • Should embryos be considered people or property? Justify your position.
  • Sometimes a nursing home is the best choice for elderly people. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  • Should we care about alleviating global hunger? Why or why not?
  • Healthcare services should be free for anyone. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?

      💲 Position Paper Topics for Economics

If you hate writing position papers on economics, then you haven’t come across an interesting topic yet! Fix this annoying misunderstanding by checking the issues below:

  • Should we care more about global poverty? Why or why not?
  • The benefits of college outweigh the costs. Do you agree with this statement? Cite specific reasons for your opinion.
  • Do you agree that “market force” leads to good outcomes? Justify your opinion.
  • Banks are necessary. Do you agree? Why or why not?
  • Is it possible to assert a full recovery after the 2008 collapse? Justify your position.
  • Should the ownership of private property be limited? Why or why not? Give specific reasons for your opinion.

How to start an economics paper? How to formulate the topic and come up with valid variables? We created a Complete Microeconomics Topics List to resolve these questions  👌

      👮 Criminal Justice Position Paper Topics

A law student in trouble? Check these criminal justice topics to write an exciting position paper that can engage the audience and make your college professor happy:

  • Capital punishment should be abolished. Do you agree with this statement? Cite specific reasons for your opinion.
  • We should focus on rehabilitation rather than punishment of offenders. Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not?
  • Stringent parental abduction laws should be introduced. Cite specific reasons for your agreement or disagreement with this statement.
  • Employers should run a criminal background check on all new employees. Do you agree? Give reasons for your position.
  • Is there a relationship between socioeconomic status and crime? Cite specific data to justify your opinion.

Too little topics to start? Check Lab’s 100 Criminal Justice Topics and 100 Probation and Parole Topics — created by professional attorneys for the 2018-2019 academic year!

      🏛 Position Paper Topics for High School Students

Finally, here are some helpful position essay topics for the high school students to boost your creative powers:

  • Is school education becoming too commercialized? Why or why not?
  • Is studying a foreign language in school different than learning with a private tutor? How different it is and what can be changed in the school education?
  • Do high school teachers ignore the bullying at your local school? Why?
  • The private tutoring ruins traditional education. Why or why not?
  • Is the correct school diet a way to decrease the obesity problem at schools?
  • Is e-learning limiting physical interaction of students and teachers?
  • The social media VS real life relations in the high school lead to stress and depression among high school students. Why or why not?
  • There is not enough security in modern schools. What can be done about it and when enough is enough?

   Instead of an Afterword…

Even though choosing an interesting position topic is already half of success, you will definitely benefit from being able to tell the difference between the types of claims made in a position paper. Therefore, before the writing of a position essay, see whether the claims you make include and relate to the following:

1. Fact and Definition claim: always a good idea for “definition” and “description” essays.

2. Cause claim: works for “cause-effect” and “problem-solution” pieces of academic essay writing.

3. Value claim: a great choice for “comparison and contrast” essays.

4. Policy claims: fits in “problem-solution” and “how” essays.

I am planning to elaborate more on the types of the various essay claims in the near future, so make sure to follow my tutorials!

   When Nothing Works

I know the feeling when you are done reading through the list, but you are still unsure about how to write your future essay. When you need a bit of professional help and guidance through your assignment, just add your task in the form below and let our skilled team of professionals help you get the homework done just in time!

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Now that we are done with the list of position paper topics, I want to remind you that a position paper is your opinion that has to be explained, based on a particular idea. Remember that if you choose religion or sensitive social topics, make sure that you are careful with your statements. Always proofread your work and make sure that it is not too harsh sounding! It is your personality and a way how the other people will see you. I am sincerely hoping that my guide has been of help to you! Feel free to leave comments and suggest new ideas about what you would like to see! Follow your dreams and keep writing, my friend! May the force be with you!

Readers Rating
Total: 244, Average: 2.3

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