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Turning your amazing business idea into a successful assignment requires a name, which can be troublesome as most students need some guidance to have a right brain start! Without a doubt, finding a good business topic is already a part of your success and an excellent A+ grade! Looking through our extensive database of business essay assignments, we have picked 30 best business topics in a wide range of business studies. Thought-provoking, inspiring, and unique, – these topics will be a starting point to motivate you and help in further professional growth and development! As you browse through the article, you can choose from the Business Law and Business Communication to Business Management topics to deliver one’s best!

   Check Our Actual Business Essay Examples!

In order to help you through your topic hunting journey, we want to tell you of several business essay examples that you can look through in our essay database!

  • Analysis of Strategic Management Processes – this business research essay speaks of industrial organization theories that focus on all the pros and cons of the management processes in the modern business environment.
  • Leadership and Management Mistakes – explore the most common mistakes being made in modern leadership styles. It will not only help you to come up with an excellent essay but will also teach you a valuable lesson!
  • Donald Trump & Auto Industry – Business Personality Research – now this is a something for business personality research. A good example of how Donald Trump’s business skills affect the auto industry of such giants as BMW.
  • Business with Humanity in Mind – a little bit unusual business topic essay dealing with cinema and its attitude to people. For the most creative among us!
  • Business Ethics in a Dynamic World – an example for those that want to explore the business ethics with the help of Transforming Experience Framework. Follow the example and use any other business company practice to get the idea!

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Now let us move on to the list of 30 best business topics divided by diverse business fields, so you can find something that fits you best! We have included a brief description, so you understand what has to be included. Just as you look through the list, you will be rewarded with our professional writing tips and tricks to get the best grades!

   Business Law Topics

Business Law is a challenging topic, so it always helps to get some fresh ideas. The trick with any work in Business Law is to choose an issue that is important for your audience. Start with something that you can argue about and support with strong evidence! Here are some topic examples:

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility: Is it my boss’ whim or a way to sustainable competitiveness?
  2. Intellectual Property Law: What is it, and how can it boost competition in the field?
  3. Offshoring and Tax Haven: Prerequisites for business development or unethical business practice?
  4. Outsourcing: Benefits, pitfalls, and response strategies.
  5. The Ways to Secure the Quality of Consumer Products Under International Operation. Studying the challenges of quality control in an environment of globalization and consumerism.
  6. Corporate Culture as a Tool to Win Sustainable Competitiveness in Business. Explore the basics of competition in a corporate medium. Focus on business ethics and culture.
  7. Legislative Levers to Regulate International Cooperation: Do the companies need them? Why? Why not?
  8. The Role of a Corporate Governance in Shaping Business Competitiveness. Study the role of the governance models first! Next, outline the advantages of this approach.
  9. Contractual Agreements: The cases of popular contracts and why do they matter.
  10. Import Tariffs: An effective way to revitalize the national economy or a forced necessity? Are there any alternatives to tariffs on import? What are they?

   Business Communication Topics

Just in case you do not want to focus on all the boring business law issues, check out our list of business communication topic ideas. The most important thing to do here is to make sure that your topic “communicates” to the audience and carries a strong message. It has to be striking and relevant to what concerns the society we all live in. Now fasten your brain’s seat belts, since we promise you a smooth ride!

  1. Being a Member of an International Team: A blessing, a curse, or both?
  2. Negotiations in a Diversified Team: Mission impossible?
  3. Skyping with Folks: Cooperation in digitized workplace settings.
  4. Workplace Conflicts: To be afraid, or to not be afraid of?
  5. “I’m not an FBI Negotiator, but I Know How to Convince People.” Insights into reaching an agreement with everyone.
  6. Workplace Bullying: Why does it happen, and what can I do to avoid it?
  7. Say No! to Being The Outsider: Insights into becoming an effective team player.
  8. When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade: Lessons learned from being involved in the workplace conflict.
  9. The Tower of Babel: Learning to cooperate with limited English proficiency (LEP) peers and colleagues.
  10. When Your Audience is Bored, Blame Yourself: Strategies to conduct productive meetings.

   Business Management Topics

And what about the business management topics? Yes, these are here for you as well! When you have to start with a business management topic hunting, make sure that it deals with an issue you can debate on and take a side. Speak of your opinion, remember of opposite views, and look through our list of the most exciting business management topics to write about!

  1. An Ethical Business Conduct: What is it? Why is it important? And what can be done to promote it?
  2. Strategic Planning: Crafting a roadmap or listing impracticable expectations?
  3. A Workplace Burnout: Is it a person or an organizational problem? Please, cite specific evidence to illustrate your opinion.
  4. Global Business Citizenship: What is it? Why is it important? And can the global business citizenship be a model of corporate social responsibility for the 21st century?
  5. Bamboo Ceiling: Is it a problem in the modern workplace? Should the managers make efforts to break the ceiling?
  6. “Queen Bee” Syndrome: Why do women in a position of authority tend to treat their subordinates more critically if they are female?
  7. “There’s no need to worry about human resources, as long as the number of applicants exceeds the number of vacancies.” Do you agree with this statement? Please, back up your opinion with facts.
  8. There are only 25 women CEOs in the Fortune 500 list. In your opinion, what are the reasons for women being underrepresented in business management positions? Should the situation be changed? What can be done to challenge men’s status quo?
  9. Internal Recruitment vs. External Recruitment: Which option is better? Is there an ideal recruitment approach? Please, back up your opinion with the facts.
  10. Flexible Work Arrangements: What are they? Why do we need them? What can we do to make our workplace more flexible?

   Tips to Write a Business Research Paper

Business Research Paper Writing Tips

For those of you who took some time to read through the 30 business topics, there is a bonus with the geeky tips coming up! Proven by the years of our professional experience, these tips guarantee stunning results and your confidence. It does not matter if you are already stuck in the middle of your business assignment or only starting, just follow these simple rules to make magic happen:

  • Choose an Interesting Topic: The job of writing is easier (and, certainly, much more pleasant) when you like the topic, have some prior knowledge about it, and when you are willing to present it to a wider audience.

Now we hope that the 30 business topics we have told you about have already helped you to come up with a great idea, so half of the work is already done!

  • Create an Outline Before You Start Writing: Outline is a neatly organized set of ideas that have to be incorporated into your essay. I’m never tired to repeat that a presence of a good outline streamlines your writing process and helps to achieve excellent results!
  • Support Your Ideas With a Credible Evidence: Trust is the essential thing in business, so a professional business research writing is not an exception to the rule. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to support the statements that you make in your business writing assignment with credible evidence retrieved from the books, peer-reviewed journals, annual reports, reputable websites, etc.
  • Use Real Life Examples: Since business management is an applied science, abstract examples may seem tedious and even out of place if taken out of original context. Fortunately, international business offers a myriad of cases that are recognized throughout the world, and that can serve as great illustrations for your business ideas!
  • Use the Drafts and Proofread Your Work: Do not underestimate the value of drafts and proofreading because it helps to get rid of grammar mistakes and issues with coherence and logic. Learn to read aloud and remember of topic sentences in each new paragraph!
  • The Format Requirements: Remember about correct formatting rules as you work with your sources and format the text. A little trick is to look whether your source already includes the citation in different formats (some websites do list them!), so make sure to choose the one that fits you! To learn a little bit more about formatting, visit the Purdue Owl Website.

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