Top Controversial Essay Topics in 2018-2019

Controversial essay topics include Mortal Combat
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Before we continue with a list of controversial essay topics, so you can choose the one that fits you well, let me tell you why you should challenge yourself with the task in the first place. Imagine an example that will be valuable in your personal and professional life: you are a parent, so you need to explain it to your other half about why do you think that your children should be brought up in a certain way. If your choice in life is a professional career and you can’t imagine these family issues, think of how you have to persuade your boss that your project (that sounds odd to most people) is worth being a top priority for the company’s success in the long run! Controversial essay writing is one of the best ways to learn how to persuade people and touch on the subjects that are challenging!

In this article, we have prepared a list of strong controversial essay topics suitable for each category of students from the school children to college student researchers and those who want to start a debate on general controversial issues. Let the journey begin!

    Wait! I Thought You Had a Controversial Essay Example…

Well, I actually do have several controversial essay examples for you to check out from our vast database of successful essays written and kindly shared by students and the college graduates. See these examples with our comments to each:

  • Digital Piracy – a controversy is obvious here, but a reason why this is a topic of debate is that some people believe that digital piracy is their right to information and democracy in the modern technology-driven society. Think of bitcoins and the torrents that go against the usual flow of things!
  • The Legalization of Marijuana – With all the heated debates taking place in modern society, legalization of Marijuana is quite an issue! If you are a healthcare student who knows about the dangers, feel free to share your opinion. If you are an educator with an opposite opinion, try to explain why it is so!
  • Recreational Drug Use is Moral – Oh, here we go again! This time we have a controversial essay that speaks of the morality of drug use for recreational purposes. See this example and analyze how the reasoning works in practice!
  • Research Paper About Censorship – A bit similar to the right for information issue, the censorship problem is probably the only thing that has touched all people in this way or another. Sounds like the right topic to work on? Check the paper!
  • Terrorism Behavior and The Media – not an easy topic to write about even though it is controversial. See how the media control issues and biased attitude influence society and the people in it. However, I should note that when you write about someone else’s the wrong attitude, make sure that you are impartial and write about both sides of the issue.

    100 Controversial Essay Topics to Boost Your Creativity

Let us start with the easier controversial topics that will fit the teenagers! Just in case you are not sure what a controversial essay is and what to look out for, just scroll to the bottom of the article to find out and come back to this section again when you are ready to choose your topic. Okay, I do know how smart the teens these days are! 🙂

       Controversial Essay Topics For Teenagers

  1. Is learning grammar more important than practicing conversation skills?
  2. Do schools have a right to oblige children to wear uniforms?
  3. Are dogs better friends for humans than the cats?
  4. Should hooligans be expelled?
  5. Physical education should be mandatory for all students every day of the week. Do you think that it is fair? Why not?
  6. Should teachers have a different approach to students of different ages? Speak of your own experience and suggest ideas!
  7. Are textbooks obsolete? In the age of e-learning, are textbooks still useful?
  8. Should teachers make friends with students on social networks? I know the answer!
  9. Does the Internet influence young people’s behavior in a negative way? Think of cyberbullying and trolling!
  10. Are desktop computers outdated? Why or why not?
  11. Children should provide accommodation and meal for aging parents.
  12. Should smoking be allowed in public places?
  13. Are females better students than males?
  14. Does intellect depend on genetic factors?
  15. Should a teenager be allowed to go to the bathroom without excessive explanation and talk with a teacher in front of the class?
  16. Should doctors receive higher salaries than the lawyers? Any other example and comparison of jobs will do well here!
  17. Is a healthy lifestyle always good for health?
  18. Should fast food be banned at schools?
  19. Should social responsibility be a school subject?
  20. Should children be allowed to sit next to who they choose or is the teacher the one to decide?

Besides, you may explore some specific thematic, but still controversial topics for your paper. Our practicing Geek tutors have shared some actual topic lists that helped students. 

With these topics in hands, let us continue to explore the most questionable topics! 👇

       Controversial Topics For College and School Research Papers

Isn’t science a bit controversial by default? Okay, it is for you to decide! As for me, I propose you another list of topics suited for a college and school research work:

  1. Living in a big city is better than living in a small village. What are the benefits and false assumptions?
  2. Hazardous sports must be prohibited at school. Write about your opinion and explain the reasons for your argumentation.
  3. Should alcohol be made illegal? A perfect example of a controversial essay topic.
  4. Are the Olympic Games a waste of money? Sure not! See how it makes you feel? It is why it is a controversial topic!
  5. Should children be allowed to go to the cinema without parents?
  6. Which special rights should minorities have?
  7. How to prevent teenage pregnancy?
  8. Is animal testing right or wrong?
  9. Should students have Family Value classes at school?
  10. Should school children be tested for drugs?
  11. What is the safest country in the world?
  12. Should the age for voting be raised to 16?
  13. Should the African Union be created?
  14. Does any third party have a right to interfere in the solution of developing countries’ problems?
  15. Who is responsible for 9/11 attack?
  16. Should music texts that promote violence be banned from the radio play and TV?
  17. What is a fair taxation system?
  18. Does religion cause wars?
  19. Bringing up children out of wedlock.
  20. Is marriage an obsolete family institution?
  21. What is the most important subject at school?

       Controversial Argumentative Speech Topics

Here is a list of controversial topics with a focus on argumentation and a format that would be suitable for a speech. After all, a good helpful trick is to think of your work as of a speech. Here are some more topic ideas for you:

  1. Is civil disobedience a valid form of protest?
  2. How does censorship undermine fundamental freedoms?
  3. Can euthanasia be justified?
  4. Are immigration restrictions justified?
  5. Full nuclear disarmament is desirable. Why “yes” or why not?
  6. Are there reasons to believe in UFOs?
  7. Does morality depend on culture?
  8. Are men and women equal at any kind of work?
  9. Can feminism be a harmful ideology?
  10. Which are the modern methods of children punishment?
  11. Can the usage of drugs exist in sports?
  12. Is usage of animals in scientific research unjustified?
  13. Does the government have a right to interfere in the private life of a person?
  14. Is the death penalty immoral?
  15. Religious cults are dangerous for society.
  16. Why is media censorship immoral?
  17. Should drugs be made legal?
  18. Can military actions reduce the level of world terrorism?
  19. Does European economic integration help to expand cooperation between countries?
  20. Should children be allowed to choose between learning styles at school?

If you need something even more spicy and hot 🌶, check out the most critical topics for the 2018 – 2019 academic year below! 👇 They were used for students from top colleges of the US and the UK, so you won’t be disappointed.

Controversial essay topics are assigned for capstone papers, final essays, and theses. Hence, it is critical to ensure that you can pursue your research through the most critical milestones of your syllabus. Here is how Homework Lab Geeks can help:

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       Controversial Debate Topics

This time, our task is to focus on debates that are controversial. It means that it is a situation where a writer has to take a side. Think of it as of “why yes?” or “why no?” debate. See the topic ideas:

  1. Is it ethical to hide the truth from a patient who is terminally ill?
  2. Should we create a world government?
  3. Should sexual discriminators be punished?
  4. In which way does TV have a harmful effect on our society?
  5. Does a person have a right to choose euthanasia? Think of Belgium as of a real-life example.
  6. Will stricter rules reduce the level of crime? Think of the probation and parole system.
  7. Should the church be separated from the state?
  8. Is there evidence that a criminal behavior is biologically predetermined?
  9. Should juvenile criminals be punished as strictly as the adults?
  10. Can advertising be unethical?
  11. Expansion of the network of mass communication will improve the situation in the world.
  12. How homosexuality can be accepted in all countries of the world?
  13. Should a woman have a right for abortion?
  14. Should the death penalty be abolished in all countries?
  15. Are rich states obliged to help the poor countries?
  16. Are genetic engineering experiments ethical?
  17. Should prostitution be legalized?
  18. Should English be the most important language in the world?
  19. Should school education be free?
  20. Should compulsory military service be abolished?

       General Controversial Topics 2018-2019

As a conclusion, here are 20 more general controversial topics that are general in nature and constitute a matter of controversy according to our tutoring and college essays inquiries and statistics. Here is what we have discovered:

  1. Should schools have a fixed schedule?
  2. Is it possible to prevent alcohol addiction?
  3. Should homework be banned? Haha, yes! Sorry, couldn’t resist this one!
  4. How should the university admission process be organized?
  5. What came first – an egg or a chicken?
  6. Do ghosts exist?
  7. Fast food or healthy food?
  8. Is it possible to use a barter system in the modern world?
  9. Can exes be friends?
  10. Does progress lead to regression?
  11. Are the US presidential elections fair?
  12. Should the men get paternity leave from work too? Actually, they do in some countries of the world! Take Sweden, as an example or Spain where fathers can take 13 days for paternity leave and two days for a childbirth per month.
  13. Are men more complicated creatures than women? Depends on who the speaker is!
  14. The UN should protect cultural rights.
  15. Should entrance exams be canceled?
  16. Legalization of weed is beneficial for the economy.
  17. Grading is not an effective tool for assessing students’ knowledge. Same as GPA? Actually, it is one of the reasons why most students need some extra tutoring help and services!
  18. Can corporal punishment at schools be justified?
  19. Do we live better than our grandparents?
  20. Should college students be allowed to use public transport for free?

Alright, just as promised, here is some more information about what a controversial essay is:

    What is a Controversial Essay?

Actually, it is one of the most common questions that we receive from the students – how can one define a controversial essay? In most basic terms, it is very similar to the writing of an argumentative essay when you have to write a paper with a goal of examining a particular issue and choose a particular position to convince your audience about the rightfulness of your position. The difference with controversial essay writing is that it should be a topic that provokes a lot of debates and controversy in society. Just think about the topics that do not really sound easy to you or the issues that make you feel challenged or even angry. It has to call up either good or bad emotions inside!

    4 Unique Tips For Writing of a Good Controversial Essay

You might be wondering why some controversial essays get the good grades and some are just left without proper attention even though you think that they are good enough. Speaking from our experience, four tips are specific to writing a successful controversial essay paper:

1. Be sincere. Choose the position that you actually share and have thought about. Doing so will help you to develop better arguments, find more details, and speak from a personal experience that may support your main idea.

2. Focus on weak sides of your opponent’s position. You may even exaggerate it a little to sound more persuasive. Still, make sure that you use credible evidence and remain true to the amount of information that supports your idea. For example, if you write an essay about “Legalization of Drugs” and believe that one should not legalize them, you may write something like: “Legalization of drugs will not only become another healthcare hazard, but will definitely destroy our social, moral norms, and restrictions. Such society cannot grow and progress.” This is a very simple and basic example, but you get the idea! Use all the creative weapons that you have in store even if may sound a bit too strong!

3. Use an emotional rhetorical question to make your readers believe in your position. Your essay should not resemble an emotional speech, however, such a technique may be used to create a stronger support of your arguments. Let us take “Legalization of Arms and Gun Control” topic as an example. “Would you like your son or daughter to be killed by individuals who misuse the gun control rules?” Of course, this is a strong question, but it helps to receive an idea of how an emotional aspect creates a controversial topic. It has to make people feel!

4. Try to remain culturally-sensitive and unbiased when writing about controversial topics. If you choose to write off religion and sensitive social issues like disability and juvenile crimes, racial conflicts, and immigrants, try to stay true to common sense norms and ethics. Your professor may have a different opinion on your position, so consider the fact with care!

    Should The Students Use Online Homework Help Services?

No, it is not another controversy topic per se because the answer is solid yes and here is why:

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Just before I finish the article and let you start your controversial essay work, I want to remind you always to mind the essay writing format because college professors always seem to look for the flaws in the otherwise perfect essays! Check out the Purdue Writing Lab to learn more about correct formats and the standards of writing! Doing things right is just as important as choosing a right controversial topic, so do not underestimate the task! In case there is a controversial essay topic that you want to see included here or have an idea for another college topic for me to write, leave a comment below!

Wishing you lots of good luck and inspiration!

Readers Rating
Total: 72, Average: 2.6

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